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Hatreds Still Cling


By Jim Kirwan


To Obsolete Symbols


There’s no ‘Justice’ anymore; but then there never really was very much of anything,

To the entire ancient concept that can’t really alter anything:

Except sometimes; when we can adjust the way we come to understand events.

When most people think of ‘justice’ today, it’s usually personal, whereas the ancient scales of Justice were created to apply to the society as a whole. “Justice” as a concept was originally created to directly affect how people chose to act in everyday life. In the symbol above, “we’ are the blade and it is ‘we’ who are caught between the rule of Law and the twisted scales of long-dead Justice’.

Since the planet left the tracks of sanity so long ago, the general population has been reluctantly rediscovering why we used to live with established norms: Now that we’ve discovered that every sword tends to have a double-edged blade. For decades now we have been spitting on integrity in all its outworn forms. Those days are coming to an end.

The latest major shift came, when the outlaws began to mandate everything they’ve already totally perverted. What they failed to count on, was that with the global chaos thus produced; literally everyone (owners, bankers, thugs and oligarchs as well as slaves alike) have now become targets, now that we continue to spit upon any semblance of order, anywhere. Ironically the owners of the criminal-mercenaries apparently never saw this coming, as they had overemphasized the chaos and skipped the fact that once the targets were depleted -- It would be they who would automatically rise to become the most profitable targets of convenience; for the angry mobs to single out…

What they overlooked was the example which Hitler set (for today’s would-be-conquerors) when he murdered his Black Shirts, once they were no longer needed. Instead of murdering ISIS, ISIL and the dozens upon dozens of rival gangs including especially the resurging Nazi’s that have been so useful in creating chaos almost everywhere: It now appears that it is far too late to try and stop them now, especially on or near the borders of Russia today.

All it will take to lite the nuclear fuse for WWIII is exactly what the Nazi’s have always done, in every conflict they have entered: They wear the gear and show up as whatever they want to blame: Then they fire on both sides until the real fight begins. The problem this time is that what is at stake is the potential end of the world if they succeed in baiting Russia and USI to attack each other on Russian borders ­ why else would USI-Israel, NATO, EU and the lame UN have allowed the addition of six more nations and armed them to go with the failed state of Ukraine that obviously failed in the task they were supposed to carry out in 2014?

This is the clear and blatant beginning of a nuclear explosion that once ignited will definitely explode far beyond the point where this insanity can ever again be preemptively controlled…

The one thing guaranteed to vanish in the multiple fireballs will be the hatreds that will definitely be replaced with global desolation and the end of humanity.

Congratulations world, you still haven’t learned a damned thing about life or death…


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