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Has Trump Lied To Us All?

By Jim Kirwan


There are all kinds of 'lies' ­ and perhaps the worst lies of all are the ones that are made from the blatant lies of omission.

When Trump followed his overwhelming victory that was made possible by the massive support that millions of voters created: Those Americans expected Trump to follow his victory by honoring his words that were so welcome to so many ­ only to have Trump respond this way:

'The Clintons Are Good People'


"She's Suffered Enough"


"She Needs Time To Heal"


"Obama Is A Good Man"

Those were just his opening remarks, in response, to how he would deal with the thirty-five years of criminality throughout this nation.

Words are cheap. The electorate expected Trump to honor the themes of his campaign by pursuing the crimes we have endured for decades which he outlined throughout his campaign ­ only to find that none of what he promised would happen and that we were going back to the same “party-politics” that created the swamp that he had just promised to drain.

The nation has forgotten, if they ever knew this fact, that “Democracy” in reality means “Mob Rule”. That's the literal translation. And it's the direct opposite of the 'Republic' in which every person has the 'right' to their own views and opinions, without being jailed for daring to disagree with whatever the state dictates. The constitution was created to run the Republic, and not this half-assed democracy where people have no freedoms or rights of their own.

What Trump did, when he 'revised' his “stated beliefs” throughout the campaign, was this: He literally announced, by omission, that he was here to kill the counter-coup (without using that term) - that the people thought he was about to begin on their behalf.


America, where are you now? (Pieczenik's coup)

41min 31sec VIDEO


Instead, just a few days after he 'won' the “fixed-selection' that should have opened the door for the legal and unarmed Second American Revolution - the proof of which would have been seen, by initiating the legal steps necessary to prosecute the decades old crimes - that could have begun to free America, even before Trump formerly becomes the 45th president of the United States.

Instead he's chosen to show the world that everything in his fake administration will imitate every other criminal administration to this point in time, and it is this deceit that must be ended before he takes the oath of office.

This is obscene given how close we came to being able to peacefully end this tyranny.

The volume of these crimes alone 'demand' the justifiable rage

of the public be answered, by arrests, across the entire political spectrum,'

not in some distant time after the inauguration,

but by using the time between now and January 20, 2017,

to appoint the people that will begin to break with the

decades of the criminal history of this nation, for the last fifty years!

Both political parties are dead now, because both political-parties

gave the public the shaft, when they were needed most.

And Trump is trying to rebuild both parties

by the appointments he's choosing.

The flaw in Trump is that he has never had to really fight to stay alive: That tends to happen whenever anyone begins with unearned-millions, along with having missed out on serving in the meat-grinder of the U.S. military—because making money was more important than getting swept up in Vietnam. The office of the president is not about being 'a great deal maker', it's about personal-character, skill and the ability to keep one's promises, on behalf of the people, while enforcing the laws of this nation.

What's at issue is our entire way of life,

not just some deal for the get-rich quick or the anointed


The office of the presidency has deserted most of their duties, along with the entire congress & the courts for the past 40 years - to this country and to US citizens ­ which Trump has already begun to backtrack on even before he's sworn in: That was definitely NOT why the people gave Trump a virtual landslide victory. Those votes were intended to give Trump the real strength of the mandate he needed, to stay the course he outlined in his campaign ­ but which he has apparently decided is just too difficult to fulfill.

On December the 4th thousands of mercenary US thugs in Dakota are threatening a massacre of unarmed people that have gathered there to stop the private-corporate take-down of everyone here ­ and Trump has $2 million personally invested in that criminal project. Trump has had nothing to say about that illegal pipeline, or anything else to these twenty-first century- Robber-Barons that have almost finished looting the United States.

So where does Trump stand on The Dakota Pipeline

Nothing is preventing him from going to that site and using

some his supposed skills to defuse

this impending massacre...


Pipeline protesters vow to stay camped on federal land


Once that water supply for 17 million people is contaminated ­

that water is gone forever!

Millions of voters that voted for Trump are still recovering ­ the most circumspect of which are cautioning the rest of us to “wait and see what he will ultimately do”. We don't have that kind of time to waste, because too many of us are looking at the end of our ability to survive ­ unless Trump delivers on what he unconditionally-promised us all - that he would do. He did not say that “he would try” he said that he would do it!

And there is no sympathy in this nation for the Satanic, perverted psychopaths or the twisted-sexual obscenities, that have mandated radical changes in how we treat each other or what we call ourselves in this totally perverted world that was ushered in with LGBTQ under the umbrella of Political-Correctness, in a world where it is now illegal to protect ourselves from the Barbarians of the multicultural outrage that this government & Hillary are still importing by the millions, since the late 1970's. We need the promised jobs, the WALL as promised, but most of all, the public is demanding the TRIALS of the global-criminals that have created the Swamp that Trump is now backing away from “DRAINING”!

If Trump does not BEGIN TO HONOR HIS PROMISES, and soon, then he will very soon discover just how furious the public can become once they realize that they've been taken for yet another ride at the behest of just another criminal - masquerading as “a man of the people”.

Trump's got millions as his own private buffer, what the public is demanding are meaningful actions and permanent changes ­ NOW ­ against this entirely criminal state before yet another month has passed. And we are running out of time as well as patience...

Here's some of the SWAMP from the 1970's that must be answered for:


SPOKEN Before He “Won”!

TRUMP Will REMOVE The New World Order From The White House!

11min 15sec VIDEO



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