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Time for Some Hardball

By Jim Kirwan

Photos: Ukraine after the election


k: Poroshenko even looks like a puppet in this official shot!

In suspense, a nation listened to the Ukrainian President's inaugural speech Saturday, hoping for answers to the question: Will there be peace?

"I don't want war. I don't want revenge," Petro Poroshenko said after taking the oath of office. But then his talk turned tough.

He promised to meet anyone challenging Ukraine's territorial integrity with military might. Alluding to a Biblical verse he said, "Who comes with the sword will fall from the sword."

The statement was met with enthusiastic applause.

The country will build the means to do so, Poroshenko said, and re-arming the Ukrainian army must be a priority. "No one will protect us, if we do not learn to protect ourselves.”"

kirwan: Meanwhile the current $4 billion dollar debt for gas that is owed to Russia, with no prospect in sight for payment should be met with an immediate cut off of gas, electricity and water to Kiev so that citizens in Kiev can share in what’s happening to people in the Eastern cities that are being bombed, strafed and starved out of their homes. Hospitals, schools and apartment blocks have been attacked in deliberate and deadly attacks on the civilian population, without warning, sense, or reason.

These actions violate the Geneva Conventions and are war crimes, but since America and Israel as well as NATO & the UN are all involved, no one’s worried that any criminal actions will take place…

Clearly this is a fascist bloodbath being carried out Israeli style, just as Israel routinely has done to the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

This current war is one more atrocity for Israel, carried out by Right-Sector NAZI’s and American mercenaries to back up the war they both started when these same forces made war upon the government in Kiev and overthrew the democratically elected government which is what started this whole illegal affair.

Poroshenko, one of the world's richest men and an experienced politician, took the oath of office in the country's parliament Saturday.”

kirwan: With armed troops present on both sides of the podium.

He was presented with the symbols of high office -- a presidential badge, a seal and a mace -- before taking to the podium for his inaugural address.

His opening remarks left little doubt over the tenor of his speech, as he praised the activists of the Maidan, whose rebellion in the center of Kiev led to the ouster of his predecessor in office, Viktor Yanukovych.

The pro-Russia former President sparked rage from Ukrainians who wanted the country to join the European Union when he nixed an agreement with the EU in favor of closer ties to Moscow. Ensuing street battles resulted in the deaths of dozens.

Poroshenko condemned the former pro-Russia government as a "dictatorship." "The people stood up," he said, declaring his country's new direction toward the West.”

kirwan (the Right-Sector stood-up and the rest is history)

Before at least four European Presidents and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, the man who became a billionaire as a chocolate maker vowed to quickly continue Ukraine's move toward the EU, calling Ukraine's path to Europe "irreversible."

Ukraine's natural place is with Europe, he said, adding that he's prepared to sign an economic partnership agreement with the European Union as soon as its officials approve it.

The agreement is just one step toward Ukraine becoming a member of the European Union. Poroshenko received a standing ovation for the remark.

Ukrainians have reason to look forward to a brighter future, he said. "We are being supported by the whole world." Armed conflict.”

kirwan: Apparently the latest Oligarch is unaware of the opinions in the rest of the world, who have seen the duplicity and deceptions carried out by USI, NATO and the UN, just as was done during the slaughter of Libya and the three long years of war in Syria, which was massively unsuccessful .

But the new President inherits a country with a burgeoning armed conflict in its east. Violence there is taking lives daily, and government troops and rebel fighters are beefing up their might.

The names of the cities Donetsk and Luhansk have transformed into monikers for flashpoints of tension between Russia and the West as the government in Kiev breaks its ties with Moscow to embrace Europe and the United States.

But ethnic Russian separatists in the east and south yearn to stay with Moscow. The Kremlin, holding fast to centuries-old ties, is said to be helping them dig in their heels after annexing the region of Crimea, which before 1954 was part of Russia.

Poroshenko addressed the move directly. The territorial integrity of Ukraine is not up for discussion, he said, and he has taken an oath to uphold it. "I will stand by this oath no matter what," he said…

But there will be no federalization, as many separatists have demanded. Some analysts believe such a move would help cement Russia's influence in their regions…

Putin came face-to-face with Poroshenko. Afterward, Poroshenko announced that negotiations between the two sides would begin Sunday, his second day in office.

But in his address on Saturday, he spoke of the meeting with Putin in more assertive language.

"Yesterday I made a firm statement about it to the Russian leadership in Normandy," he said. "Crimea was, is and will be Ukrainian soil." Poroshenko sets out Ukraine's European destiny, warns adversaries 'It's hell down there': Inside the battle for eastern Ukraine. Separatists, government troops continue faceoff in eastern Ukraine

Apparently Poroshenko is unaware of how easily inexperienced dictators can be eliminated from globally-contested countries. America did away with several puppets; at least two in Vietnam alone. Suffice it to say that USI is not above throwing idiots to the wolves whenever it suits US corporate elites. Nor does this fool seem to have any clue at all about just how deeply into debt his so-called ”nation” will be forced to go, just to have the privilege of becoming part of the EU.

Ukraine’s nationhood is not the question, it is the land itself that is at issue because of its proximity to Russia and the volatility that stealing Ukraine from the Ukrainian people represents: Especially if that theft results in giving Israel exactly what it wants to own, in order to finally start the third world war, which Israel has sought since long before WWI even got started.

No military or political force that is currently “supporting” Kiev gives a fck about Ukraine, or its people. It’s all about how many ways the Ukraine can be stolen raped and BETRAYED.

The EU just can’t wait to finish raping Kiev, along with USI that wants to use them as sacrificial lambs, to bait the Russians, into a premature attack that could lock many more nations into a nuclear war in Europe, as the very least of the things that “Amerika Incorporated” might want to use the Ukraine for.

To everyone involved, except perhaps Russia, Ukraine is nothing but a clay-pigeon: Over-ripe for the killing. Maybe the Oligarch in charge of the latest police-state addition to Europe might want to mull over that fact as he goes to sleep tonight: Because that’s the truth behind all the bullshit that’s being bandied about!

BTW all that garbage about dumping his private empire to run the country is just more crap. He’s already bought into another television station and other ventures, rather than to give away his wealth as “a good will gesture” that he said he made; but he’s already changed his mind about that!

Seems like he and Obamanation will make a well matched pair of puppets, when it comes to which of them will be able to sell out Ukraine the fastest…

Mayhem In Ukraine: Kiev Regime Commits War Crimes


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