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Guess Which Group Voted Strongest Against Brexit


Brixton, a borough of south London, registered the highest per-capita vote of any UK neighborhood AGAINST Brexit and in favor of staying in the EU.

Here is a description of one of the more famous landmarks of multicultural Brixton…

The Masjid ibn Taymeeyah, or Brixton Mosque and Islamic Cultural Centre, is located in Gresham Road, close to Brixton Police Station. The mosque has facilities for both men and women and space for 400 worshippers during prayer.[53] Opened in 1990 it is one of the oldest mosques in South London.  The mosque provides religious, social and financial support to its members.

The mosque made international headlines when it was reported that Richard Reid, the so-called "shoe bomber" had attended the mosque. Abdul Haqq Baker, chairman of Brixton Mosque told the BBC that Reid came to the mosque to learn about Islam but soon fell in with what he called "more extreme elements".

Zacarias Moussaoui, who was convicted of conspiring to kill citizens of the USA as part of 11 September 2001, terrorist attacks, made his initial steps into radical indoctrination in Brixton Mosque, where he met Reid, though he was expelled from the mosque after he turned up wearing combat fatigues and a backpack, and pressured the cleric to give him information on joining the jihad. Abdullah el-Faisal, a radical Muslim cleric who preached in the UK until imprisoned for stirring up hatred and later deported to Jamaica in 2007, was associated with the Brixton Mosque and began preaching to crowds of up to 500 people, but was ousted by its Salafi administration in 1993.


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