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Greta Thunberg Is A Child Victim Of Psychological
Abuse By European Politicians

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Pity Greta Thunberg, the physically underdeveloped and mentally stunted victim of psychological abuse by three unethically manipulative aged men for their pro-nuclear agenda disguised as climate theory, including her grandfather Olaf, a film and radio director and actor of horror stories, UN climate committee chief Lord Deben (John Gummer) and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, a long-standing figure in the World Economic Forum (Davos), which receives generous funding from oil-and-gas powers Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the Exxon-Standard Oil dynasty's Rockefeller Foundation.

Their child exploitation of this delusional girl who suffers Asperger's syndrome was visible for the global news audience to see with her feral snarl, demented outbursts and lack of any anchor in reality, especially the complex facts related to technological transition by the energy sector. (If only time machines could exist, she could be transported back to downtown Los Angeles in 1965 to see what carbon dioxide emission, smog, looks like, instead of the blue skies of recent decades), The hypocrisy of the climate change hustlers was broadcast for all to see in a most disturbing, indeed sickening reminder of how innocent people, and now minors, are being subjected to political mind-control on par with Manchurian candidate brainwashing.

Her drama act was rehearsed in 2018 at the Swedish Parliament, TED Stockholm and the annual UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland. The theatrical exploitation of a manic child was staged as classic reversal of Shakespeare, transferring King Lear's rage to his mild-mannered youngest daughter. As such, it was a grotesque spectacle of grandfather's imposition of career frustration and misogynist (go ask his ex-wife) anger to his progeny, designed to shock audiences. Sadly his intended effect degenerated into a bizarre Howdy Doody puppet act, of Greta screaming out loud against her ventriloquist. Simply put, Olaf Thunberg is guilty of tormenting a vulnerable girl to further his otherwise insignificant stage legacy.

The PC, politically correct, Olaf Thunberg is himself a pawn of the energy sector in Sweden, where 22 percent of electricity production comes from nuclear reactors that are adding to the destruction of the near-total depleted Arctic Ozone Hole, which is the actual cause of atmospheric warming and higher ground temperatures around the Northern Hemisphere, in addition to causing mass kills of wildlife and fish species and rising cancer rates in humans. The ozone loss began in April 2011 just three weeks after the Fukushima reactor meltdowns, and has since been worsened by radioactive leaks from nuclear plants across Europe, Asia and North America, along with crashes of atomic isotope-powered hypersonic missiles.

Sweden's much-vaunted 45 percent share for “renewable” energy is based on hydropower stations that rely on damming rivers, causing reflection of solar rays that melt glaciers. The national consumption of fossil fuels is cleverly concealed by omitting mention of cars and trucks produced by Volvo, Saab and Scania trucks. Wood-burning, of course, is an unmentioned factor in a land of fireplaces and saunas. Since neither major party dares to protest these sleights of hand on the gas pump, Swedes as a whole nation can be written as climate hypocrites, including their Labour prime minister Stefan Lofven, the Mr. Carbon Dioxide who spend most of his adult life as a mechanic in a military vehicle factory. Sweden is a major booster of carbon emissions due to its export of $9 billion in foreign export of motor vehicles powered by petroleum.

As for Miss Thunberg's much-publicized trans-Atlantic yacht journey, due to fear of flying, that voyage began in Plymouth, England, which begs the question of her mode of transportation from Sweden to England, surely not by walking or riding a methane-emitting pony. Let's wish her clear sailing back to holier-than-thou Europe and a comfy spell of rest-and-recreation at a sanatorium on Magic Mountain. Meanwhile, the residents of North America should celebrate the sanctimonious miss's departure by lighting up charcoal in the barbecue pit for a marshmallow roast. Fare thee well on to a shrink's couch and good riddance!