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Green Glow Over Mexico Quake...Hotter Hurricanes
Caused By Fukushima Radioactivity

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The eerie green glow in the night sky above Mexico City before and during the Richter 8 earthquake is not as mysterious as the news reports suggest. (see video links) The greenish light is of the same hue as the Aurora Borealis in the years since the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns of spring 2011. In previous articles, I’ve pointed out that this queasy g;pw arises from two sources: radioactive isotopes of argon and the Cherenkov Effect.
There is an uneasy feeling among many observers that the Mexico City temblor is somehow linked to the near-simultaneous arrival of Hurricanes Harvey, Katia, Irma and Jose. That suspicion is correct, even though the correlation will never be admitted to by climate scientists or seismologists from NASA, NOAA or weather station hooked on funding from governments invested in nuclear energy and atomic weaponry,
Instead, once again, comes the deafening “mantra” of climate change theory and human-caused global warming, which has locked mental shackles onto the numskulls of the news media, which refuse to research or even ponder that nuclear contamination from Fukushima just might be the actual driver of weather volatility rather than carbon dioxide emissions.
Quetzlecoatl of Mass Destruction

The Quetzlecoatl Verde hovering over the ancient Aztec valley of Mexico can be interpreted as an omen of an impending global cataclysm, which in truth is happening with the daily releases of Fukushima contamination, which has destroyed much of the protective ozone layer seven kilometers over our heads. Since the 2011 Fukushima reactor meltdowns, six (6) huge ozone holes have opened up: over the Arctic Circle, Scandinavia-Baltic, off the east coast of Japan, the eastern Pacific off the US-Canada west coast, and, of current significance, in the mid-Atlantic. As the expanding ozone holes come closer to merging, the residual atmosphere will be blown away into space, ending civilization and indeed life on Earth.
Against this impending threat of extinction, the high priesthood of official climate science led by NASA are just so reminiscent of the Aztec warriors who were paralyzed at the arrival of the conquistador Cortez, powerless and speechless before a momentous force incomprehensible in their limited worldview. The reality of apocalyptic destruction of the environment, as repeatedly disclosed in my six years of field research at Fukushima and the U.S. Pacific Coast, has arrived to the southern shores of United States in brutal grandeur that will not be denied. Notably, the two nuclear plants in South Florida were quietly ordered to shut down. The fear is palpable, and it is not because of wind damage or rain.
So let us examine this almighty evil descending upon an ignorant and complacent humanity, lulled to their doom by those “scientific” hucksters and corrupt bureaucrats left behind by the deceitful Barack Obama and his voodoo-science gang at the Department of Energy, EPA, NOAA and NASA.
O stands for Obama and Ozone Holes
Radioactivity from Fukushima aloft on the northern jet stream has burned away much of the ozone over the Northern Hemisphere, making Earth dwellers vulnerable to ceaseless bombardment by cosmic rays, solar ultraviolet light and nuclear particles. Up in the higher altitudes, a flood of cosmic and solar radiation excites the radioactive isotopes from airborne releases out of Fukushima. Those excited ionic gases are visible in the Dancing Green Dragon of the Northern Lights, which can be seen as far south as England and Michigan. The radioactive isotopes have not just vastly expanded the Arctic ozone hole, they also push the jet stream farther southward as far as central Mexico. (The downward drive of the jet stream accounts for the cold front that blocked Harvey and Irma.)
In the sky above Mexico City, the downward stream of free electrons and the nuclei of protons was the source of the strange green light, created in a process known as the Cherenkov Effect. Normally blue, the bizarre light from nuclear particles can also appear to be green-hued when the atmosphere is saturated with vaporized water, as was the case with the clouds over the ancient lake-bed that is now Mexico City.
The Cherenkov Effect, an oddity of science, occurs when electrons and protons exceed the speed of light. In water, photons move at only three-quarters of its velocity in a vacuum. So instead of a clear light (glowing white), there appears the ghostly luminescence of passing electrons. This same Cherenkov effect was seen at Fukushima during the explosion of Reactor 3 on March 14, 2011, with sparkles of blue scintillating in the radioactive steam escaping from the punctured reactor vessel. (A fact at first denied by the science establishment, but proven in subsequent video releases.)
Electromagnetic Boosting of Cyclonic Forces
It is this same downpour of electrons and protons that provides the massive electric and electromagnetic forces that can supercharge the ground current passing through seismic faults, triggering an earthquake like the big one that just rocked Mexico City.

Most people by now have heard about HAARP and its similar effects for weather control and seismic warfare. That was a new subject back in the aftermath of the Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake of January 17 1995, which my reporting team at The Japan Times Weekly convincingly showed to be triggered by man-made “telegeodynamics”, or long-distance geo-engineering. Again, that was back in 1995 and today, 22 years later, the science authorities living off government research grants are still in denial and running scared from their unforgivable scientific crimes against humanity and the environment.
The subtitle for that cover story of the July 1, 1995, edition of the Weekly reads: “How to trigger a quake and change the Earth’s climate.” In the two decades since then, Fukushima has proved to be thousands of times more powerful than any array of long-frequency radio waves, and we are now seeing some of those effects in the string of hurricanes hitting the Caribbean and the southeast coasts of the USA.
Mindless Mantra of Climate Change Theory
The brain-dead media hacks who chant the mantra of climate change are casting blame for hurricanes on warmer Atlantic waters due to dissolved carbon dioxide. Let’s see about that ridiculous claim with an elementary school science experiment: At room temperature open a bottle of plain water and a bottle of soda water, then insert a thermometer into each. You find the temps are exactly the same. Soda water has a hundred times more carbon dioxide and related carbonic acid than a cup of seawater, so according to climate theory, every can of Coke should be boiling hot. The public is being told absurd nonsense and should be throwing overripe tomatoes at those charlatan stage magicians posing as newscaster and “climate experts”.
For the next grade-school experiment: Leave the temperature-controlled indoors and go outside and lie down under the summer sun. Within five minutes, does your body feel warmer? Do not stay outside more than an hour without sunblock or you may well suffer a bad sunburn and heatstroke. Research findings: Radiation is hot, carbon is not.
The Atlantic waters are warmer than in the past century because there’s a humongous Fukushima-created ozone hole above that ocean, letting through massive daily flows of solar and cosmic radiation along with radioactive fallout. For more than a decade, there haven’t been many hurricanes despite the climate scientists’ hockey stick prediction in the 1990s; at least not until now, six years after the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns. Like a kettle of cold water over a fire, the oceans cannot heat up instantaneously. It takes time to boil water, and to raise water temperatures in a basin as big as the Atlantic six years is fairly quick, indicating that Earth is under a seriously dangerous cloud of radioactivity, primarily from Fukushima contamination but also from many other nuclear sources, which release their reactor heat into the rivers and seas.
A Dark Age of Disinformation
The present Dark Age of public ignorance of the actual scientific causes of Earth calamities is the result of unprecedented censorship and disinformation from the globalist corporate regime centered in the UN agencies and government-funded programs, including the COP climate change agenda and its hidden sponsor, the IAEA, the UN’s pro-nuclear watchdog over the energy industry and all policy related to nuclear. Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have shown how the mainstream media have pushed the fabricated global warming and climate change theory instead of inquiring into the actual causes of weather turmoil.
The news media and climate change experts are not just smugly predicting a high death toll, they are inhumanely hoping that Irma and its companion Jose will reap a huge number of deaths, on a level that Harvey fell short of. These mouthpieces for a planned nuclear future have shown their utter ruthlessness and contempt for human lives, indeed they revel in unholy joy at mass extinction.
Despite an hour of discussion over climate change, as an example, Al Jazeera aired unfounded opinions from lackeys of the UN COP climate change cabal. Notably, Al Jazeera is owned and censored by a gas-producing sheikdom that makes billions from supplying natural gas as a “clean alternative” to coal mined in the northern industrial economies, as if their gas is not made of carbon. Perhaps that’s just another jihadist tactic out of Qatar, the main financier of ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood, who showed no concern about carbon dioxide emissions on the two times the World Trade Center was blown up.
Here, I shall not belabor the case for radioactivity causation by picking apart and demolishing the few other theories about the Green Mask over Mexico, including the suggestion that the scary light was caused by compression of underground minerals by the quake (The light appeared before the quake and the soil of Mexico Valley is inert volcanic silica devoid of the metals and rare earths required to create a natural semiconductor).
If on the other hand, the ghastly green came from the headlights of a UFO coming to transport would-be immigrants to Mars, certainly it is not for a DACA tuition-free education. So board at your own risk. Extraterrestrial coyotes taking your child to a better future off-planet, oh yes, and some peasants are actually naive enough to believe the aliens rather than their own public school system. It’s hard to blame them when one recalls what the Aztec high priests did to children on top of their power pyramids. Some things never change, since the superstitious priesthood just moved north across border and now wear white lab coats at top universities and government research centers.
Yoichi Shimatsu, science journalist, is former editor of The Japan Times Weekly and field researcher inside the Fukushima exclusion zone, who reported on the ground extensively on the Loma Prieta Earthquake and Kobe-Hanshin quake.