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Great News is Coming!
Bye-Bye Silly-Con Valley

By Jim Kirwan


Of course “GREATNESS” all depends
On exactly how & where you see these events unfolding

Tech Execs See Shift From Silicon Valley to China June 27, 2012

The one business story that has most captured the world's attention for at least the last three years is the rise of China as a formidable rival to the U.S. While in the past those stories have mostly focused on matters finance and trade, the emphasis is increasingly shifting to the notion of China as a technology powerhouse. Now a new survey of global executives claims the center of tech innovation will shift from Silicon Valley to China in a mere four years.

Polling 668 business executives based in Europe, the Americas, the Asia Pacific region, Africa, and the Middle East, KPMG's 2012 Global Technology Innovation Survey found that 44 percent believed the world's tech innovation center of the world will soon shift from Silicon Valley to China.

"China's anticipated parity with the U.S. tech sector shows the significant challenge facing the United States to retain its position as an innovation leader, as other key countries will continue to take steps to boost technology innovation and attract tech entrepreneurs as well," said KPMG partner Gary Matuszak.

In terms which technologies will lead the global innovation shift, cloud computing appears to be the space that most are looking to for significant growth.

"It is clear that technology leaders in countries where technology innovation is thriving believe that the cloud represents a technology tidal shift. They are placing a huge bet on cloud," said Matuszak.

In fact, just about a year ago I myself had an extended meeting with Gartner Japan president Nobuhiko Hidaka at the firm's Tokyo office about IT research and trend analysis. According to Hidaka, the sector that will dominate the future of technology in Asia, even ahead of mobile, is the shift from personal computers to the cloud, a view shared by many tech execs in Asia.

And while the idea that Silicon Valley will be overtaken by China anytime soon is unrealistic to most observers stateside (only 28 percent of the U.S. survey respondents thought such a shift is underway), there are small signs everywhere that the world is preparing for China's ascendance.

Just yesterday the New York Times launched an account on Weibo, the popular Chinese equivalent to Twitter. The paper's first news post to the site linked to a tech story about Amazon in English. The Chinese version of the paper is expected to launch soon at (the address currently only shows a login page).

Additionally, earlier this month Capgemini’s annual World Wealth Report revealed that Asia now has more millionaires than North America. "It is significant that for the first time this year there are now more high net worth individuals in Asia-Pacific than in any other region," RBC Wealth Management head George Lewis said in the report.

But despite the survey's focus on China and the supposed shift away from Silicon Valley as the world's tech hub, the majority of global executives participating in the survey still cited Apple as the world's No. 1 innovator, followed by Google and Microsoft. So, if China plans to take over the reigns from Silicon Valley by 2016, the country certainly has its work cut out for it.”,2817,2406373,00.asp

The story above is two years old, and the prognostication was for a takeover within four years. But time has been speeding up in keeping with the strides China has been making while the US continues to fall further and further behind.

China Silicon Valley has recently launched an event of “Silicon Valley Mayors’ Delegation China Trip” in order to further promote the concepts of “Innovation,” “Growth,” and “Green”, all of which are commonly shared by both Silicon Valley and China. This Trip will bring with it innovative ideas, growth momentums, and green city enthusiasm from Silicon Valley and will also benefit from the wisdom and creativeness of Chinese entrepreneurs and government officials.

Members of the delegation will include mayors from Silicon Valley cities as well as developers and representatives from Silicon Valley enterprises. We will visit Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou (or Shenzhen). A number of exciting events are being designed for the trip, including meetings with local government officials, breakfast/luncheons with investors, Smart City discussion, and meetings with CEOs from top local high tech companies.

Your sponsorship will not only help to make this exciting event happen but also will increase brand exposure for your city and your company.

The Silicon Valley Mayors’ China Trip is planned to leave San Francisco for China on June 16, 2014, and return on June 27. Mayors will visit Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen during this 11-day trip. The details are as follows:

Beijing: Arrival on June 17 (Local Time)

June 18 Morning ­ Chinese National Officials and City Officials of Beijing Municipality Meet with SV Mayors: During the meetings, SV mayors will listen to the general introduction to the “China Dream” policies, and provide suggestions and recommendations as to how Silicon Valley can be involved in the development of China.

June 18 Afternoon ­ Visit the Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Education: During the meetings, SV mayors will introduce the invention promotion and encouragement policies adopted by each of Silicon Valley cities and to discuss the possible cooperation among the parties.

June 19 Morning ­ Zhongguancun ­ Silicon Valley Innovation Round Table Conference: During the meetings, SV mayors and the representatives from high-tech enterprises will visit the major high-tech enterprises located in Zhongguancun, and will have meetings with the CEOs from the major high-tech enterprises.

June 19 Afternoon ­ Free Time.

Shanghai: Arrival on June 20

June 20 Afternoon ­ Meetings with City Officials of Shanghai Municipality

June 21 Morning ­ Visit Shanghai Free Trade Zone: During the visit, SV mayors and the representatives from high-tech enterprises will take a tour in Shanghai Free Trade Zone and will have meetings with the officials of Shanghai Free Trade Zone and representatives from enterprises located in Shanghai FreeTrade Zone to discuss the local policies and the development of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and the possible cooperation among the parties.

June 21 Afternoon ­ Sino-US Financial and Venture Investment Conference: Representatives from Silicon Valley financial institutions will introduce their successful experiences of providing funding support for innovative companies, and will discuss the possibility of establishing a platform for financial communication between Silicon Valley and Shanghai.

June 22 Morning ­ Free Time.

Wuhan: Arrival on June 22

June 23 Morning ­ Meetings with Officials from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and from Hubei Province and Wuhan Municipality. To listen to an introduction to Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Developing in China (“OCPD”), and to discuss the possible cooperation between Silicon Valley and Optics Valley in Wuhan.

June 23 Afternoon ­ Silicon Valley and OCPD Innovation Round Table Conference: Silicon Valley mayors and representatives from high-tech enterprises will introduce the successful experiences of Silicon Valley and roles and responsibilities of government and private enterprises in the development of Silicon Valley.

June 24 Morning ­ Meetings with Mayors from Cities Around Wuhan: SV mayors will learn the development of the third-tier cities in China from introductory report made by city mayors in China. SV mayors will also introduce the successful experiences of Silicon Valley and to promote the city-level communication.

June 24 Afternoon ­ Free Time

Shenzhen: Arrival on June 25

June 25 Afternoon ­ Meetings with City Officials

June 26 ­ Visit Tecent, TCL and BYD. One of the similarities between Silicon Valley and Shenzhen is that both embraces multiple well-known high-tech enterprises. Hopefully, the visits and face-to-face discussions will encourage the outbound investment by Chinese companies.

June 24 Afternoon ­ Free Time; Fly Back”

In talking with many friends this is what happened in industry after industry across the old USA. In my own case I tried to print a major project only to discover that no American company could print my project at anywhere near the costs of the Chinese, in Singapore or Taiwan. The quotes I got were from companies who could do the job for one-third the cost of American printers and their quality was higher because the state had furnished them with the very best equipment.

In industry after industry under the direction of Clinton’s NAFTA polices: Americans lost our automotive, steel, and heavy industry to the “developing nations”. We have, since that initial slaughter, also lost manufacturing, clothing, furniture, light industry, textiles, and virtually anything that required skilled employees to do the jobs.

Amerika’ still has Aircraft manufacturing. Most of our weapons systems have been outsourced to a great degree and even our pink-collar jobs have been given to prisoners. Creatures locked away in US private prisons: Because ‘employers prefer to pay almost nothing to “employees”, no benefits, no worker’s comp, no medical ­ just slave wages instead of real salaries ­ Sounds Great, if you’re the filthy-rich bastard that owns the company, the bank that funds the transaction or the traitors in the government that all get kickbacks to make sure this get’s done: ASAP!

So, when you read what is written in the second article above, you have to KNOW that your job is headed straight for China, You’ll be getting that severance package notice on your desk within months: Because it’s almost OFFICIAL, the JOBS IN Silly-con California are going straight to Red-China and all those Amerrikans that have been ruining Northern California into the communist ground with their Zero-Tolerance policies. But all of them will soon be unemployed!

Yes Virginia, sometimes there is god!


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