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Watch For Government Lies About Zika

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  - The suggestions from big Pharma, big agra business like Monsanto to control Zika by spraying pesticides and by releasing MORE GM mosquitoes or forcing a useless vaccine on us,  will only serve to spread Zika.

Bill Gates behind the GM mosquitoes ie his money funded the research for GM mosquitoes and the spraying of pesticides will not stop the outbreak.  Nor will weakening our immune systems by yet, another useless vaccine help control Zika.

One thing that will help is to stop importing illegals in large numbers and housing them together closely.  This is the thing that spreads disease quickly.  The GM mosquitoes may cause other diseases to appear when Aedes mosquitoes are killed off the other species will increase in numbers. As for Pesticide spray, we remember when Rudy  Giuliani over sprayed NY City and even the salt marshes where marine and migratory birds were sprayed.  There was so much spray in and around Long Island Sound that it permanently wiped out the Lobster industry.   That was Summer 1999 and now 2016 the Lobster Industry in the Sound is still gone, dead.

Most lobster men have sold their boats and equipment and moved on to other jobs.

What needs to be done is surveillance and testing the blood supply for Zika.  We allowed so many illegals to come in without health screening and after keeping them in immigration centers they were bused and sent by train, planes etc to all corners of the US but especially to areas where we are now finding Zika cases and or microcephaly, such as Brownsville Tx.  Most of the areas where we are seeing Zika and or microcephaly are inhabited by illegals from Central, South America, Caribbean, or from Africa.  

If we allow the government to scare people into accepting forced vaccines, pesticide spray of the environment or release of GM mosquitoes it enriches these corporations behind the aforementioned Zika cures that aren't cures.  They only serve to break down our immune systems. We in the US have never been exposed to Zika and will need our immune systems to fight off a new virus.

We need to make sure that the truth gets out and that the government of the US and Canada does not use this disease as an excuse to develop and force more vaccines on the public. We have to be careful that the publicity around this illness is not being used by the government to force more vaccines, more GM mosquito releases or more pesticide poison spray of the environment.

The real culprit here, open borders and Obama's come-on-in policy.




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