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Trial & Error
The Hunt For The Golden-Goose!

By Jim Kirwan

Sometimes it pays to take a little time-off and touch base with others who have a different view of this colossally-ignorant policy-decision, at the level of a continent wide screw-up—if indeed that is what this turns out to be?

As we close in upon the announced TRIAL for the entire-electrical grid of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico there are some things I didn’t mention before, which should be considered further.

The first consideration is the most obvious—the COST of any such venture, not just here but in Canada & Mexico as well. Given that corporations comprise the largest component of the business-interests in the US portion of this folly—the monetary loss to the banks & corporations would seem to outweigh any potential false-flag-terror event. Someone mentioned that if such a “lock-down-in-place” were to take place: Not only would no one be allowed to go to work, costing literally Trillions to the nation for every day that such a massive intrusion would cause. Beyond that, the money directly lost would not be welcomed unless the addicted banks & corporate-criminals have decided it would be cheaper for them to do this.

What if the banks & corporations want to downsize their workforces in tandem with the drop of the dollar?

Cheaper? Once an interruption happens, all jobs could come back on line but only pay a fraction of what those “jobs” had paid before. The theory behind this being that “You’re lucky you still have a job.”

Of course most small-businesses would fail. Something that this government has been working to create 24-7, since 2001.

Cuts to welfare, food assistance, Social-Security and Medicare would kick-in along with as many additional-punishments as the Outlaw-Israel-owned-U.S. government could initiate.

The real problem all-round is that the nation is just too big to pull this off successfully. Even if they could, that will trigger massive resistance, regardless of whatever fake-forces they might be able to assign to this obscene “test” and its’ obligatory simultaneous “EXERCISE” which is certain to take a lot more lives than they’ve been able to get before now.

If they could shut-down refineries, damns, city & state functions along with imprisoning the population in their homes, to wait for the Boston type door-to-door invasion-forces to come and disarm or kill us: What would be left “after” the shock and awe” of destabilizing the entire country?

DHS is running this show, and they aren’t equipped to run anything much larger than a bread-box ­ despite the supposedly massive arms build-up they want us to vehemently-fear. The poor in the inner-cities will go berserk and the gangs will enjoy open-season on the public. But by any account, the biggest losers monetarily would be the established corporations and the banks. Government-inefficiencies at all levels will become clear and the political-failure of the government to not only not protect us—but to have designed the whole thing to inflict as much pain and damage as possible on the people who live here: Will be unacceptable!

By all accounts this is an insane-idea. The only thing this mindless-exercise might have going-for-it would have to be the completion of their total wealth-transfer - coupled with the final take-over the country without having to face the well over 300 million weapons that the population still owns.

But to actually try this seems to be a comic-book plot followed by chaos that would leave nothing but colossal-social-disruptions in its wake.

That would be so because their goal is to convince the public that ‘we’ cannot count on anything the government ever agreed to, or the so-called private-sector: When it comes to commitments made, or broken: Such as the contract for privacy the public made with the phone companies who sold out the entire public in February of 2001, by turning over every e-mail, every phone-conversation and all our personal-privacy to the feral-government ­ over 12 years ago!

It’s true that most people are just now learning about this crime. But still—who in the Shadow-world could ever believe that this totally incompetent-bureaucracy could ever get away with anything so outrageously criminal—especially now just as the world is about to end the precarious position of the dollar, along with the total failure of our military-designs upon the rest of the planet?

False-Flags may have worked in the past. But from the Color-Revolutions forward, nothing has succeeded. This does not mean that such a huge-scale-scam inside the North American Continent could ever succeed - in anything like this hostile takeover of three nations ­ without even a whimper!


Too-little-too-late” has been their motto since 911 began. Of course they didn’t plan it that way, it just continued to happen. Just like the 65 year long war that Israel started: It was not meant to keep going for this long, but when they could not succeed in anything, after their war to steal Palestine—then the situation which every nation in the Middle-East now finds itself mired-in was only the natural consequence of so many years to total failure by both US Inc & the military-state of Israel. Israel is not a democracy but a totally military police state that ironically cannot seem to find any way to win anything more from all those decades of blackmail, kidnapping, torture, terror and global-threats that they have never ceased to threaten the world with since 1948!

There are other reasons as well.

Whenever any potential “force” cries “WOLF!” OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN ­ that threat not only loses it’s power but the supposed targets of these bogus-threats finally begin to seriously consider, among themselves, how to just wipe out all those who have been making threats and screaming “WOLF” for the last 65 years!

As I was taking a few hours off yesterday, someone relayed to me something that happened in Northern California when the TEA-Party tried to shut down a military-funeral during the so-called government shutdown that wasn’t. I looked for it today, but found nothing mentioned on the net.

A very formal military-funeral was being held for a recently returned vet who had been killed in the line of duty. As the event was of major importance in the area, several other funerals for other GI’s were taking place in the same cemetery simultaneously.

As the funerals were getting underway members of the Tea Party appeared and demanded that the funeral proceeding be halted—because of the supposed government shutdown.

Two other contingents who support the troops were also there. There were members of Vets on Bikes, and a contingent from Native-American Vet’s who were there as an honor guard for a Native American soldier also killed in the line of duty.

Resistance became intense. The Vets prevailed so that the funerals went ahead, while the Tea-Party reps were evicted from the ceremonies ­ to avoid what would obviously have happened had they attempted to do more than just demand an end to the very serious and formal proceedings…

My friend told me: “The Tea-Party was lucky they decided to leave, because had they continued to try and close down that ceremony ­ all hell would have broken loose!”

In instance after instance, most of them not reported, probably because no one died, there is a tidal-wave of resistance that is not being dealt with around the nation. This needs to be noticed and respected. If it is not and this criminal-action proceeds to try and force this nation to its knees ­ there is little doubt in my mind that the body-count will largely be on the side in uniforms, and not so-much upon the side that will resist them.

The feral-government has apparently chosen to believe “facts-not-in-evidence” which they believe support the idea that Americans, all Americans, have been sufficiently terrorized to just surrender because a national-alert has been declared. This “surrender” could only work if Martial Law is declared. But even then there are certain facilities that won’t be affected because it is still illegal to shut down power-plants, refineries or any number of the things that keep this nation running.

This nation has not been attacked. Nothing has warranted the existence of DHS, as they have not apprehended a single person, who was not a paid-for-FBI or CIA plant, since 911 happened. We have paid for this bogus agency with trillions of dollars since 911 ­ and we have absolutely nothing-at-all to show for any of that huge inconvenience.

The same thing is true of the FBI, CIA and every agency involved in trying to suppress the entire population of this place—yet these threats have only continued to mount. The number and kind of murders, tasering, torture, rape and bodily sexual-invasions supposedly looking for drugs or bombs continues to increase and all of it against a total absence of finding any reason for any of that behavior.

The police-forces here have been trained by Israel in a place that considers every civilian a terrorist. That is what’s being illegally brought back to this country in the name of fake “national-security”.

Police here have a combined IQ of somewhere just above room-temperature, when a minimum IQ for any law-enforcement-types ought to be at least 100. When they murder anyone, the department they work for ought to have to fork over at least $10 million to the families of each of the dead. The cops should each have to pay at least half their earnings as part of this settlement if they are ever to be reemployed.

All Police commanders should always be fired for unnecessary deaths—and very shortly this nation would have only bankrupt “forces” where they once had cops to “protect” the public.

This kind of extreme solution seems to be the only way to force the state to pay attention to what the law already forbids. Even though we have no laws any longer ­ maybe turning each death into a business-related affair might be enough to force real changes in these thugs and those who order them into the society.

We once had a society, but now all we have is a FREE-FIRE-ZONE, where every American is nothing but another target. SUSPICION is now the only criteria which can justify any abuse, any treatment up to and including cold-blooded murder.

PS. If this idiotic government is dumb enough to go ahead with this test on the dates they’ve promised: If they try to use this stunt to shut down the country in their bogus “test of the entire-electrical-grid for three nations”: Then they will deserve all the death and destruction that they do not believe this will produce…

This feral-government thinks they’ve found the Golden Goose

The problem is they want to use it for target practice

Just to see what will happen

If they can kill it!



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