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The Good The Bad & The Ugly


By Jim Kirwan


Nightmares ~ DEAMS

The Good”

The depth of history is finally being realistically discussed

in light of Daesh & the actualities behind the facts.

Finally we can all see who wants to end the fighting along with

who is determined to keep this war going.

Instead of cooperating to reach unified and realistic solutions

the global-war-machine is demanding no-end-ever to anything in Syria

No recognition of the 2 to 4 million Muslims that have died

throughout the region, for a fantasy that's over 100 years old.

CROSSTALK: Talking Syria


There are revelations discussed here, behind the fake-global realities which have not here-to-fore been covered in the West: But which are explored In the words of a witness and an unwilling participant in the bloodbath in “Paris: “During the Night of Hell”. This interview is pivotal toward understanding what has really been going on throughout the world, since what was designed to both end WWI and guarantee the need for WWII, that was always part of everything that happened in Versailles” became a fact in 1918.

Terrorist leader said, "Don't be afraid, you'll die in a few minutes" - Paris attack survivor

The Bad”

As always this evil is represented by the Western failure to confront reality

To admit their own agenda or that they are using the current fighting

to force 'Regime Change in Syria”

Despite the fact that there's no qualified person

that could “lead today's war-torn Syria” anywhere:

As there are only US-Israeli puppets waiting in the wings

to pick Syria clean, just like they're still doing to decimated Libya.

These points are part of the CROSSTALK link as well.

& The Ugly”

The third part of this 'comment' is of course the 'ugliest part of the global fact-sheet that's remained the same for over a hundred years: Which is, that without any acceptance of any-responsibility, by any 'nation', there will never be an end to the fighting—which is why nothing has changed...

This paragraph remains almost unspoken, yet it remains the clear outcome from the the CROSSTALK program for today... Listen twice and see if you don't agree about how much this 'conversation' elicits from the program moderator and the guests...


November 20, 2015: Russian Warships from the Caspian Flotilla Launch 18 Cruise Missiles on Terrorist Targets in Syria


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