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It's All Gone Straight To Hell

By Jim Kirwan


The layers of filth that have buried this nation in bureaucracies-unending has killed this nation beyond redemption.

Like millions of Americans I too watched while the Miranda laws were dropped to make it easier to convict innocent people, while serving to enforce the mandatory targets demanded by the private, for-profit system that owns a great many of the prisons in the U.S. I too noticed that there are no longer any Internal Affairs Departments to prosecute dirty-cops.

In analyzing this years presidential-race: We need to look at the reality within what used to be called “the Just-Us CRIMINAL-system”.

The police in this country, for the last ten years have been torturing, beating, tasering, rapping and murdering people at will, in ever increasing numbers ­ with no 'police' being convicted for any of their excessive behavior. As the death-toll continues to climb, without any responsibility ever being taken by these mindless thugs, that Trump refers to as 'a very necessary part of the solution': We need to demand national changes to what we used to call the entire Justice-system.

If Trump wants to fix this then we have to fire everyone that has one or more of these murders on their 'forces' and reshape the departments nationwide ­ with a mandatory mental minimum IQ that must be above 100, just to be hired in the first place. Most of these so-called cops have no awareness of the U.S. Constitution, which is part of the problem. The other part of this totally deficient police behavior was seen in New York City during a number of the demonstrations there, when citizens went to police stations to get the form to fill out, to make a complaint ­ some were beaten others were threatened with jail, for even asking for the forms.

How many of these so-called “officers” were ever charged for the murderous-chaos they have caused to the people they are supposed to protect. The police in America “protect” only those in the class that Trump is in, from any of the daily-life situations, that the rest of us have to live in. Consequently he and the ruling class tend to see these imitation cops as absolutely necessary to any solution: Whereas ordinary people tend to see them as the major problem that prevents them from ever receiving any help from anything in a U.S., State or local uniform. This has been going on since the late 1970's.

It is this fact that will cause these public-cowards to run when the time comes to have to defend themselves against an enraged public.

Whenever any politician or candidate spouts this crap about how “the policed are necessary”, and how many of their officers are really “doing the right things” - what comes to mind is this:

I dare you, or anyone else, to name even one officer that was ever charged or convicted for whatever they have done on duty or off, in the last ten years.” There was only one instance in Oakland California, which was a murder, on New Years Eve at a BART station and the Russian cop who was working for a feral-federal-agency was sentenced to a few years and then got that reduced to an early release, so he served just about a year for cold-blooded murder!

That goes through my mind whenever I encounter any of these thugs dressed all in black for war, on the same-people, that pay their overpriced salaries, while the rest of us are bordering on homelessness.

U.S. 'cops' have been militarized, armed and trained by Israeli-thugs to treat the Americans they confront as “enemies of the state” - in the same way that Israel treats the Palestinians: That's important because all these 'cops' that Trump defends are trained in Israel. Trump needs to name the number of cops that have actually been charged with any of the blatant murders they have committed in the last ten years? The 'police-chiefs' make soothing sounds, in news-conferences, but at the end of the day none of 'their cops' have ever had to face real trials for any of their illegal behavior, either on or off 'the job'.

Oh ­ and as for that crap about a speedy-trial, good luck with that, these trials take years and most of the accused have to wait in jail, unlike the BART 'officer' who got to remain “at home” for his farce of a public trial.

And why the hell does no one ever mention (in any debate) the 1.6 billion rounds of hollow-point ammunition which the government began buying in 2013, that's continued to roughly 6 billion rounds now? That's enough ammunition to murder every man, woman and child in this nation three or four times over?

Speaking of Israel, here's another major sticking point that no one is addressing. The Clinton's and the Trump family are interconnected through business associations and marriage ­ and that is definitely not good for America.

There are roughly 17,000 hyphenated Israeli-Americans serving in this government.

Every last one of them ought to have all their possessions seized,

and be forcefully deported back to the Israel they have sworn to serve.

If we did that, we just might have a chance of surviving

because they're traitors against us.

On the job front: This nation's government is massively over-employed when it comes to government jobs, and has been since Reagan began the lack of border-enforcement in the 1980's. If Trump were to fire all these excessively created government-workers; that alone would give the public enough of an edge to begin to rebuild this entire nation in a huge and very-positive way.

For the record, the only reason the government created all these government jobs in the first place was to totally control every facet of the lives of every person in this place—and BTW all of that is totally unconstitutional, and always has been. Ironically that would also allow us all to go back to the simplicity contained in the constitution ­ which would eliminate some of the massively overbearing bullshit that we keep adding to the books each and every day. Just look around the cities at all the highrise buildings that were built to house totally unnecessary government offices and workers ­ all of which we are being forced to pay for, while we receive virtually no services at all.

Between all the BS regulations, fees and illegal taxes we could cut the government payroll, by more than half, and bring hope to millions of people ­ just by bringing this nation back into line with the Constitution that never conceived of this overburdened police-state that has been a colossal failure - and that only gets worse, with each & every year.

BTW- There is no “War-on-Terror” and there never was ­ that entire construct was manufactured by Israel, to scare the hell out of America and anyone that might want to defend the way of life that so many once had.

The Clinton's planned the overthrow of the United States from within,

just read the following story:

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement

...which they began working on, over thirty years ago ­ and the vehicle which they chose to implement that was the Politically Correct 'social-program' developed at the Frankfort School in Germany in 1932. That global-nightmare has now become much larger with the addition of LBGTQ, to finish the destruction of the social-order compounded by their privately funded Soros-War against the entire white-race - world-wide.

'The system' has been totally smashed, by the same traitors that are now running the whole nightmare, hence the title of this article. For the full story about just how bad things are, please see the link to the other story today “ Israel Unmasked”.

Everything is now moving at breakneck speed, because we have allowed insanity to take over everything that was once governed by common-sense as well as real people in the offices that control every single thing that any American might every want to do, anywhere in the world of now.

Think about it and stop being polite to the traitors that own this place,

start pushing them around, and don't censor yourself when speaking to any of them: Remember please - they're the criminals behind these problems, make them feel it!




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