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And Obama Just Plays Golf

By Jim Kirwan

The world is being blown apart in every area under attack but

Our Muslim leader

Plays golf rather than defuse the situation in Ferguson!

US President Barack Obama returned to the golf course shortly after declaring himself “heartbroken” by the brutal murder of American journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIL militants.

A grisly video posted online Tuesday and later confirmed as "authentic" by the White House shows ISIL militants decapitating James Foley in Syria.

Obama spoke to Foley’s parents Wednesday and told them “we are all heartbroken at their loss and join them in honoring Jim and all that he did.”

Hours after the phone call, the US president addressed the world on the horrific incident and vowed that the United States would eradicate the “cancer” of ISIL.

But as soon as the cameras went off, Obama headed to his favorite golf course on Martha’s Vineyard where he is on vacation, drawing criticism over what many said was a callous indifference to the terror act he had just denounced, according to The New York Times.”

Whether it’s renewed fighting in Gaza or the choking Humanitarian Convoy in Ukraine: Whether it’s the afterbirth flooding into Europe from his illegal-sanctions or the ultimate price the world is about to pay for the sacrifice of Syria—to stop ISIS & ISIL—both of which were created by Israel & USI: Just like the continuing occupation of America in Ferguson - none of this has any real importance for the criminal in the Tarnished House.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah”

The world is being given the middle finger again, by our most treacherous traitor, by whatever name he calls himself today.

He “deplores” everything but does absolutely nothing about anything going on today

He should be lynched, on that golf-course!

In Ukraine, apparently Russia has had enough of Kiev and even USI has lost patience with Kiev’s inability to deliver or to perform to the point that the Porky’s parliament is about to resign en masse. The fake Ukrainian army is nearing revolt and it’s clear that almost no one is in charge anymore, of the outlaws that are continuing their blind siege on both Lugansk and Donetsk.

At least the delay of the convoy has ended, and the trucks are rolling into Ukraine: If they’re bombed or attacked then Russia will have to act, not just react, because of Putin’s promises: “Vladimir Putin and his three promises - that there is no way that Russia would ever allow the Russian speaking peoples to be invaded, butchered bombed shot or harmed in any way by Kiev?...”

Yesterday in a stunningly accurate assessment of the current situation in Ukraine, Paul Craig Roberts said this:

The continued slaughter and destruction of the Russian populations in eastern and southern Ukraine will eventually demoralize the Russian people and undermine their support of Putin’s government for failing to halt it. The Russian government’s acceptance of the slaughter makes Russia look weak and encourages more aggression against Russia.

If the Russian government intends to resolve its problems in Ukraine and to forestall Washington’s ability to further erode Russia’s political and economic relationships with Europe with more sanctions, the Russian government will have to turn to more forceful measures.

In Ukraine, the Russian government has two alternatives. One is to announce that the ongoing slaughter and the unresponsiveness of Kiev and its Western backers to Russia’s efforts to end the killing with a diplomatic settlement has caused Russia to reconsider the provinces’ requests to be reunited with Russia and that any further attacks on these territories will be regarded as attacks on Russia and be met with a devastating military response.

What Russia Can Do About Ukraine

Our golf-playing jackass in the Tarnished House continues to ignore America and the world, but the rest of us must start taking action against both Obamanation and his entire cadre of traitors both here and abroad.

Gaza is not going away and neither will Eastern Ukraine, the failure of the EU or rest of the planet that has been under siege for the last 20 years. The death toll in both hot-spots where Israel is making her demands has passed the point that qualifies them for global genocide ­ and no one in the international community wants to take any action against either USI or Israel ­ yet!

Why do have a “leader” if he never takes any responsibility for anything that happens either here or overseas: All this is coming directly from United States Incorporated and Israel’s rabid megalomaniac’s who scream for “WAR, WAR, & Lots More WAR”?

We need to throw a neck-tie party for Obamanation

And his entirely corrupted administration

On the golf-course that he loves best of all! kirwanstudios@sbcgloba;.net


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