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Going Back To The Future
By Jim Kirwan


To rediscover how the global-society could actually change itself.

Many of the native tribes of North America discovered over the course of 5,000 years, how they could structure their world in order to avoid the kind of barbaric cruelty that the world of 2014 cannot seem to master.

This was researched and written about by Paula Gunn Allen in her book “The Sacred Hoop” published by Beacon Press in 1986. Her research reveals some very relevant aspects of native life, in the make-up of many of the Eastern tribes in North America. These details are still being ignored today.

Women were chiefs in many tribes. While men were the War Chiefs, women had equal say over when and if the tribes were to go to war. This proved to be a true advancement in the quality and longevity of life for those tribes which had chosen to live in that way. It had taken the native people a very long time to come to this way of governing their lives. This hierarchy gave native people the ability to break out of the circle of masculine violence which most other civilizations have become victim to, throughout recorded history.

I mention this because of this comment that comes to us from Philip Pullman on Pg. 283, in The Golden Compass, the first book of his trilogy: “Dark Materials”

There are two great powers that have been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over furiously between those who want us to know and those who want us to obey and to be humble and to submit.”

The end result of this continuing war over how we choose to live our lives has rarely been satisfactory. Given this fact, the world must rethink the way in which people choose to govern themselves: Because in today’s world the planet is being threatened by maniacal individuals in patriarchal society —the leadership of which are now at death’s door.

They will die very soon. Our problems will not stop because they will be dead—far from it because they are leaving our destruction to their followers who must not be allowed to continue this obscenity for even one more day.

The one thing that is clear to almost everyone now is that the world has failed to get past the current primeval-savagery which is taking us all back to the caves. If we are to survive we cannot allow over-amplified masculinity to literally destroy the world again and again and again. Men and women are equals. Yet men and women remain different from each other, but are equally as necessary to living a successful life, as breathing.

It is clear that the world needs to examine new ways to structure the society if there is to be a way out of this labyrinth that we have created for ourselves.

It takes both to produce children, and without women there will be no “next generation”.


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