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The Global Invasion of the Musloids


By Jim Kirwan


The Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Sheikh has created a sensation after he issued a new fatwa which permits a man to eat his wife in the event that he is afflicted with a severe hunger and fear of starving. He can now, according to Sharia, Islamic law, eat parts of her body, or eat the flesh so that his hunger is satisfied.

Barbarians: New Rule Says OK for Muslim Men to EAT their wives if hungry!

Sharia Law is at the core of the invasion of Europe, and by extension the rest of the world today. This flies directly in the face of 'civilization's everywhere, wherever this type of barbarity is now rising anew. Apparently it is not enough to punish women by destroying any pleasure in their genitals, despite the fact that women make up more than half the global population. That the obscenity, above, can now dictate the rights of all the women on the planet is a crime beyond imagining...

Beyond this obscenity, what is at issue are the tens of thousands of years that will be wiped out ­ if the world allows this blasphemy to continue to exist. This goes far beyond 'pleasing-refugee's' by changing religions and national food preferences, along with changing clothing practices, all local customs as well as jobs, housing and the ability to just survive the massive influx of the numbers of bodies, in the millions, that are demanding their 'right' to dominate the host countries; while the Musloids' feast upon the soon to be captive populations' with their rape and plundering of the current host families, their former jobs and the homes that are about to be lost to the invasion of the Barbarians ­ across Europe.

This crime must end here and now!

What's at stake is literally the survival of those parts of the human race that have rejected Muslim supra-dominance, worldwide.

This is third time in history that “Jihad” has been used to try to finish their slaughter of all the rest of us.

This is not about religion, this is about a military invasion by whole swaths of humanity, seeking to dominate without cessation, whole countries that have yet to rise-up to defend themselves, from the horror that is demanding 'total acceptance' regardless of the damage done to the host countries that are being forced to abandon their languages, their customs and their chosen way of life to savages that have not the skills needed to survive in Western Societies, at any level beyond the primitive.

The immigrants are seeking “survival” from their former conquerors ­ they say. But what they are demanding, in exchange, is that whole nation states will be forced to commit national suicide, to “accommodate” the currently homeless peoples in their millions.

The real punchline throughout all of what is happening in Europe now, is just the forerunner for what will happen next to USIS, as the U.S. has always been the real target for all of this. If this is not stopped cold and reversed: Then through illegal political-correctness and lawless governments everywhere,then everything that's happening to Europe right now will be magnified at least ten fold, when the same hoards arrive illegally throughout the U.S.A.

The lands in question are part of the global-civilization that has been built over the centuries into what has become a much different way of life from the Barbarian's chosen view of everyday-life. As this is being written the thugs that are bought and paid for by USIS are still doing their utmost to erase all traces of the past they so viciously detest, proof positive that these rabid dogs want nothing to do with anything that came after their own preferences for life and living in this world of today. This is not a matter of negotiating or bargaining because this Mufti and his Sheikhs have no use for women or children beyond providing for their self-aggrandizement or their perverted personal-pleasures.

These two very distinctly different world cannot share the same planet

That much has been made very, very clear.

But there is far more than just the above at issue. The world that the Musloid's seek to steal is composed of the myriad of technical connections that make life possible—anywhere. To keep such huge societies functioning, certain services are required to enable life, of whatever form, to stay alive and functioning: The savages who are demanding food, water, shelter, jobs and money, just because they exist: Cannot provide the skills or the knowledge needed to keep any modern society functioning ­ at any level.

The invader's tend to see a village in Germany of say 250 people, as having room for say 1,500 people: Which the German government then permitted them to invade that tiny village: Despite the fact that the sewage system cannot provide for that many bodies, the same with the water supply that cannot service that many more people, virtually overnight. The food that the additional bodies would require, never mind the jobs that don't exist in the village, or the surrounding environs, make living there literally impossible. Street lights are insufficient, and the new arrivals are in many cases pushing out the locals to make room for themselves ­ multiply this when it comes to settled cities, throughout the nation and the problem's are clearly evident -- aside from whether or not the 'new arrivals' have any of the needed skills to be employable, despite the obvious problem of not speaking the same language.

The types of food available are creating problems of their own, as well as the religious practices that are foreign to the host nation and their people who are BTW - PAYING FOR ALL OF THIS!

Meanwhile the 'government's of the nations of Europe are not listening to the people, but are instead insisting that everything they are ordering “their people” to do, must be accepted without questions, about anything and everything involved with this: Most particularly about the massively exploding crime spree's that are underway everywhere throughout Europe now. The police and the army have already been overwhelmed and there is no official to turn to for any relief from this global nightmare...

The above is just the bare-bones outline of the general problem of the infestation of this savage-disease across Europe and the wider world.

And while this has been going on, the whole of Europe is still being held hostage by Erdogan and Turkey, along with Saudi Arabia, Israel and others while the world waits to see what will happen to all that illegally smuggled oil and the various terrorist forces; together with the constant re-supply of weapons and munitions that keeps the boiling cauldron-of-lawlessness from ever being interrupted...

Living in the Lawless World of 2016

William Blum, Aug 21, 2015 Beginning @ 2min 06sec:

America for two centuries has had basically one overriding goal and that is world domination. At least from the 1890's if not earlier, one can say that. World Domination is something which appeals to both Republicans and Democrats or liberals or conservatives. The idea that 'we the exceptional nation' have something very important to impart to the rest of the world: Our marvelous values,'American Exceptionalism'. Each party believes in that very strongly... They don't argue about that at all, except during a campaign debate, they'll take certain opposing views, just appear different. But in power they have the exact same policy ­ World Domination...

...NATO shares America's desire to 'Dominate the World'. NATO is just an arm of U.S. Foreign Policy. There's no point in making a distinction between U.S. Foreign Policy and NATO Police. They are the same. If the U.S. was not in NATO, NATO would not exist. The U.S. founded NATO. The U.S. is it's main supporter and financial source, there's no distinction between the U.S. and NATO...

...The U.S. has used force against its' enemies for two centuries ~ they've used force against Cuba for over sixty years. Violence is never far removed from U.S. Policy.

Let me summarize something: Since 1946 has attempted to overthrow more than fifty foreign governments. In that same time period it has attempted to assassinate more than 50 foreign leaders. It has bombed the people of thirty countries. It has suppressed Revolutionary Parties, in at least 20 nations... this is a record unparalleled in all of human history”

Given the above facts, against the current backdrop of endless wars around the planet along with our own lawlessness from the BLM & the FBI, in Nevada and Oregon: The people of the world have been inundated with lawlessness on a scale never before seen across the world, in this simultaneous explosion of privatized crimes and the attempted corporate-domination over the entire planet.

With this in mind the continuing wars and crimes coming out of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel and other players right now: Against the lawful attempts to extricate Syria and Iraq from the clutches of the real Axis of Evil in the Middle East led by USIS has become a global-requirement.

As that situation continues to deepen, with lawlessness continuing to grow ever more bold with every passing day: Russia and her allies are confronted with intolerable situations that must very soon be met head on and defeated outright.

In my own fantasies...

I would love to see Russia bomb the truck-pipeline inside Syria that goes straight into Turkey, as the evidence for that is far more than overwhelming. At the same time Israel should be evicted from the Golan and blocked. Iran could then easily come together with Iraq to evict Turkey from Iraq simultaneously. If Russia were to decide to enforce their own No-Fly zone over all of Syria, and punish any incursions by either Turkey, the U.S. or anybody else, because in reality both “nations” are enemies of peace or the cessation of violence in Syria or anywhere else in the Middle East. With Turkey, contained, maybe the Kurds could relax a bit: But something along those lines might give the world the much needed breathing room, that everyone needs now in order to back down the combatants and look for ways to find common ground again?

There is clearly no easy answer anywhere in this morass ­ but if any of the combined nation's could manage to come up with some variant of the above ­ or anything else that might work: Then maybe we might all be able to avoid that cliff that so many are just waiting to find in the middle of their own pathways, to any kind of any future anytime soon.

The current colossus that we're all facing was created, obviously, by so many centuries of lawlessness, compounded by the scorched-earth policies that we've used on nation after nation which produced so many millions of refugees the world over. We have to face this head-on and fight these outlaws with whatever we can to totally defeat them ­ and the sooner we begin that process, the sooner we can all begin to reshape all those freedoms we lost because we just didn't give a damn about how many millions of people fell before our sanctimonious fantasies of:

American Exceptionalism!


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