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Global Dispossession


By Jim Kirwan


American’s chose this symbol to embrace their privatized-future for themselves. On top of this: The Empire, thus empowered, has created millions upon millions of the Dispossessed from all the wars in Africa and the Middle-East that are now flooding into the nations that destroyed their homes and their lives with illegal and repeated invasions of over seventy nations: Mostly done by USI, Israel and NATO, along with France, Britain and to a slightly lesser degree Germany and others.

The world keeps trying to call these people “migrants” but a migrant is someone who routinely moves from one area to another, annually. Some want to call these people Refugee’s: But that term assumes that a refugee is fleeing from some horrible accident: None of this was accidental. All of this has clearly been the unmentionable and most massive part of The War of Terror on the people of the planet. This “War” was introduced by the Republican Party in 1978, long before most of us were even aware of what was coming…

But the real problems that America is facing now, will be how she deals with Severe Dispossession here:

Which she has caused around the world today.

“This awaits all of us who make it into our twilight years…”

And around the world

Women everywhere are directly subjected to this:

In every place that’s beginning to feel the reality of

Global Dispossession

The above are just some of the costs that we all

Will be paying for in blood and tears

Until we finally decide to call these crimes what they are:

The Global Dispossession of the Global population.


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