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The Global War On Rape
The Only Sentence For Convicted Muslim
And Black Rapists Is Castration And Execution


By Jim Kirwan


The only reason anyone actually needs a government, in any so-called nation, is to provide protection from the brutalities and threats of both their respective governments and global-outlaws. That is what “Enemies both foreign and domestic means:) This is why nations create governments — they are not there to protect private outlaws, to promote treason, or to protect themselves while they steal everything we earn—nor should they ever be allowed to protect themselves from the people that are ultimately and always the victims of their endless obscenities around the planet.

I grew up in Oklahoma, back in a time that was still just wild enough to respond with the immediate murder of Rabid-dogs whenever they came into any settled area of life. Apparently today's society has forgotten, if indeed they ever knew about such things: Because almost no one seems capable of dealing with the rabid and disease-infested humans that are invading the civilized world, while almost every nation stands helplessly by while the men, women and children of the civilized West are brutally raped tortured and murdered by savages that should be totally denied admission to any nation, unless those advocating the acceptance of these primitive-human 'animals', to lead the way by taking their full complement of these scum into their own homes first.

Any nation including the USA that does not accept this invasion of their lives, by creatures that have never asked any of the directly-respective governments, to give away their lives, their fortunes and their nations to these savages that multiply like rats.

Any so-called leader that refuses to open their private and public lives to these creatures, totally: Must be deported together with those that survive castration, on their way back to their original point of origin.

In the case of Donald J. Trump with all his hotels, how many hundreds of these creatures will he open his hotels to? He should make them welcome and give them access to his yachts and planes and his real estate empire worldwide ­ just so they'll feel appreciated?

Since they can't do anything for themselves, Trump should feed them at his hotels, At least twice a day, seven days a week. He can clothe them from whichever of his shops that sell clothing to the public that he collects rent from. And don't forget the cars that you've promised all the ugly bastards that you've already ILLEGALLY imported into the United States.

REMEMBER Donald, these 'guests' must be treated just like members of your own family, so that means that you'll be appointing several to them to your cabinet, without titles of course: Why not give them offices right opposite Ivanka and adjacent to Kushner. Mossad might not like that, but the hell with them, Everyone's first responsibility now is to share everything with whoever has anything left, with any demanding stranger ­ and no one including you Donald J Trump, is allowed to complain...

Maybe you could wait to see how many members of the EU upper echelon does this, in order to comply with the dictated terms from the sub-human Sixth Century? But given the fact that the only terms they recognize now are the corporate terms that protect all the strictly private corporate robots that value only Corporate rules wherein the public has no rights at all.

Guess you didn't really think this policy through, did you Donald?

Flash Forward to Reality:

In the new world where only outlaws and their terms have any weight at all: The people in any nation now have no protections from anyone that can demand all that any person actually has: We're all just slaves to the Ashkenazi-Jews, the Criminal-Bankers and the permanent Global War Machine. In fact now we're about to grant the right to declare permanent War against any people anywhere by granting the right to private military contractors, that they've decided can now be allowed to act like nation-states with none of the responsibilities of any state, when it comes to stealing any of the resources of any nation that might stand in the way of total corporate dominance worldwide. And all of this while the military is taking over most of the major parts of the US government.

The ownership of the Opium is not mentioned by name, but this was the point, along with all the mega-important minerals, in the Middle East.


Exclusive” Bannon & Kushner Want to Outsource Afghanistan to Mercenaries


Dyncorp, ex-Blackwater CEOs lobby hard, stand to profit.

Every man woman and child is now directly in Harms' Way, regardless of where they live: Consequently the people of the planet must come together to annihilate these rabid savages in every country they've invaded. We must exterminate these disease ridden creatures and free ourselves from these fake governments that haven't represented the people of their countries for the last fifty years ­ because RAPE, Torture and murder are not “conditions” that civilized people of every color and every basic religion must endure. The people of the planet must demand that the military and police of their nations rise to this occasion, over any and all other considerations, beginning with the overthrow of the EU & America, if this global-threat is not obliterated...