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The Global Threat Is USI

By Jim Kirwan

Strategic Blunders

Crosstalk today is bringing up major points about why the world keeps missing the point in every conflict that continues to haunt the planet. But when the guests on RT mention the past there’s a huge contradiction that must be corrected.

Since the beginning of the new millennium commentators around the world have focused on every situation as if we were all still living in the fake black & white views of the twentieth century. Case in point: All the leaders of Iraq, Syria and Libya are still portrayed as “evil dictators” according to the unchallenged Western interpretation of the word “dictators”. That is a flat out lie!

Saddam was a dictator.” But his enemies were those few who challenged his authority, not the people of the nation of Iraq. The West seized on their own interpretation of the term “dictator” as if that was reason enough to kill him and to destroy Iraq completely—which we did.

In Libya the West applied the term ‘dictator’ to Gadaffi, along with all the obligatory negatives which the West formally attached to that man who was a gift to all of Africa and the potential world that resisted the Rothschilds banks, the oil worshipping US and the gold starved nations of the world. In reality Gadaffi offered hope through peaceful changes: Which if he had been able to survive, would have literally changed the world for the betterment of humanity. Instead USI controlled the debate to cast Gadaffi as a despot, a tyrant and brutal dictator which was the furthest thing from what he actually was.

Similar things are still being done with Assad in Syria, to this elected president over his people, who are still adamantly resisting Western Regime Change that no one except USrael is interested in. This is not just in Syria—but throughout the regional regime changes which are our minimum requirement throughout the Middle East now.

RT and others need to get the depth of the history ‘right’ if anyone is going to be able to understand what’s being done and what needs to change. Regional Regime Change has always been our only public policy! That’s not as crazy as it might sound: Because Americans have tended to see the world in Black & White only. This is a lie and a fantasy that must be challenged, each and every time it surfaces.

Americans today live in an artificial world where we are told everything is perfect. In the Middle East, in the past, people were not murdered every day as part of life. What’s happening now only came about because of US interventions throughout the region.

The West’s fake labeling of “dictators” vs. leaders or presidents, is not how they are viewed by their own people and never has been. So long as we continue “to get it wrong” when it comes to the leadership of independent states, wherever they are because Americans have no knowledge of what it means to live in the complex world of the Middle East, or anywhere else where realities are disguised­ then everything we continue to do will fail.

The fact remains that the West does not need to interfere with established governments—just because USI wants it all. What all of these missteps clearly show is that the world cannot function as part of a one-world state. That’s the fantasy of the global oligarch’s and the would be dictators who are currently scrambling for the scraps of the Global Colonial Empire which Israel has called on USI to create.

Meanwhile: The US is determined to see the world as only one state: The United States Incorporated with 219 slave states worldwide, that serve only them. That’s the significance of the gold fringe on the flag at the top of this article…

Yesterday I mentioned the formal announcement of the takeover of the United States by the U.S. Army (AOC) in a document that describes the end of the United States as a nation and the unmentioned dawn of permanent Martial Law.

The 101 Year War

This ‘game-changer’, while it could be horrific, also has a silver lining embedded in everything that it’s trying to threaten with world with. That potential would involve the end of the internet as a minimum requirement for USI to make good on their threat to end the USA, as this nation has existed since the beginning.

The ‘silver-lining’ is about the end of the internet. Once the Goggle Generation realizes what’s about to happen if they don’t become active—then this criminal takeover will succeed in doing what has so far not been impossible to do. Once this real threat becomes clear to the goggle-generation techies; they’ll become energized as never before and that could finally spell the end of USI as we’ve all come to know and hate it; throughout the new millennium.

This is because almost no one in the Google Generation can even imagine a world without the internet and all their ‘stuff”, which will come to a screeching halt. If the U.S. Army takes over the Internet as part of their takedown of the United States: Then what’s coming next will have to be Martial Law which no one can tolerate, under any conditions.

The global corporations were not only not-threatened during WWII; they were all exploding into never before seen profits. Look at what happened to IBM once they got the contract to keep track of the Nazi prisoners or Ford Motor Company who was producing Nazi trucks. The point is that WWII was GREAT for corporations! In the New World Disorder with the end of business as part of the takeover; there will be no more business in Amerika because no one will have a real job to go to in USI. Add to that the global paranoia which USrael will seek to initiate and we will have the end of business as usual, because US customers will all be in lockdown or in prison.

Limited manufacturing will only be maintained to support the Oligarchs’ standards of living because there are only 85 people in the world that need to be totally placated: All the rest of us, under the takeover, will just be road-kill.

As far as the military-industrial colonial empire is concerned; all of their needs will be met by the slaves that were once the employees of the same corporations that made trillions from global-wars. Under the terms of the new-employment, corporations won’t need to pay anyone. The downside is that with the collapse of Amerikan enterprise only foreign corporations will have real customers. USI will make certain that no foreign countries will be able to survive here in their new habitat of sanctions: Those foreign corporations too will begin to go the way that Amerika’s failed enterprises will have fallen into, once the military takeover begins.

The key to everything now is the internet and the people that use its ability to tell the truth to billions of people simultaneously, who at the moment still don’t know what’s happening. But they damn sure will once the USI takes Amerika off the world-wide grid.

Imperial Colonialism - the new thought on the block?

This primitive throwback actually threatens all corporate activity since unlike WWII; there are no “other places" in the world for successful corporations to go, to find the profits they’ve become addicted to.

USI policy is the created chaos that threatens both the internet and the real background knowledge which the net now brings to this almost permanently threatened world. Under their latest declaration against the world, part of their targeting has always included the shut down of the world-wide-web.

These Regional Regime Changes are only the latest stepping stone to global control, amid the insanity of these pretend scenarios that are living in mindless fantasies that can’t possibly come true. The proof of this will surface once these global shadow-armies try to bring on their Impossible Imperial Dreams of Full Spectrum Dominance to every corner of the world today.

Part of the proof in the fallacy of their dreams can be seen in this map that shows the number of US bases which surround Iran. The same Iran that we have attacked three times, but who has not attacked us even once. Iran defended themselves in 1979, which USI has never forgiven them for—hence these 46 military bases, all of which are within range of Iranian and Russian missiles become the fact.

How many places can such “solutions” be used?

There isn’t enough money in the universe to maintain this kind

of massive global fire power worldwide.

So what are we playing at?

All these prefabricated lies that are being told by the West to the world must be openly discussed: Because the lies are so huge that they can never offer anyone any workable solutions to anything: Either now or in the future.

Global Governments Have Failed Worldwide

These things are true because the only real threat to the world has always been Israel and their mercenary enforcers, the USI.

USI was born simultaneously with the criminally created Federal Reserve System which is owned by Israel, and has been since 1913. It’s been this way for One Hundred and One years now and it’s time to change it all. We must end these delusions permanently because if we don’t, most of us will die in whatever they decide to do …

P.S. Just imagine what could happen if the world of older warriors could actually be joined by the Google generation in a unified assault upon this global enemy that wants to kill us all?


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