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The Global-Suicide of Self-Preservation

By Jim Kirwan


The only true prisons in life are self-created


The White Race in particular has now placed themselves

into this self-imposed position.

We must reverse this problem & take back our lives.


The Jews in contemporary society have chosen this motto

for Mossad, but it applies to the entire State of Israel.


In Europe today the entire world can witness the surrender of individuals and sometimes whole nations, to the political-nightmare that was brought into the world by Political Correctness, in the 1930's in Germany. This attempt to destroy the civilized world has now come full circle in their stated purpose of ending Western Civilization.

Their obscene cause has been furthered and protected by the Jewish State, as illustrated so well in the link above. Thrown out of dozens of countries, over thousands of years, going all the way back to the Ancient Greeks & Romans: And still the Jews are reviled worldwide. Yet the true state of the globe at the moment has become far more deeply divided by what we have allowed to take over our lives, virtually without questions ­ all of this 'now' was designed by those in charge of Israel today...

In the EU as well as under USI nothing actually means anything any more.

The only thing that the people of the earth can ever change, in any of this, will only happen once we all begin to attack and kill the glaring-infections in our societies at their root. The link below is another spin-off from what our inattention has brought to the entire world of today...


New BLACK Chemtrails Reported Worldwide

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this global disease is the fact that people in far too many places want to immunize themselves by refusing to listen, or to clearly act in their own self-defense: Even though that refusal virtually insures the end of them and of those they supposedly love, forever.

There can never be any place that is totally safe from every idea.

And those who seek such places are already dead.


No real person can ever become immune to reality and expect to survive for long—yet this is exactly what most of the EU and a large number of Americans have created for themselves to wallow in—even though that choice virtually insures the total failure of their society and their former way of life.

In brief: 'No one would have ever believed that the people of this world would ever have chosen to embrace their own total destruction ­ yet that is exactly what is going on today.


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