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A Global Solution?

By Jim Kirwan




In the world people die everyday. Ordinary people die all the time and many deaths go unreported due to poverty. Every life is lived between nature’s bookends of birth and death. What happens in-between is loosely called “living a life”.

A recent report from the Institutes of Medicine shows that iatrogenic diseases—"physician-caused diseases"—cause between 230,000 and 284,000 deaths annually in the United States. Why are up to 40% of medical treatments that offer no benefits leading to a death rate higher than cancer and heart disease?” (1)

Perhaps a better question ought to be why are we so focused on killing the people of the world, in illegal wars, at what we think of as an astounding rate: When private-corporations and governments pay mercenaries to slaughter millions in foreign wars, for ever-greater profits. These people make their ‘living’ by killing ordinary people for illicit commercial-profits—through big pharma, unnecessary medicine & criminally addictive drugs and unmonitored hospital care?

The death toll from criminally negligent medical practices leaves the number of war dead far below with 284,000 annually. Is this “Living”?

The reasons for unnecessary deaths vary widely, but in the end the dead remain DEAD and the illicit-profits remain uninterrupted by any need to punish anyone for these crimes against humanity! But that’s how it goes in 2013…where BANKS, WAR & BUSINESS are just Rackets and as such has ‘always been with us’ - so nothing has been done to change anything about all the unnecessary deaths.

In International corporate business there’s a different kind of red-line. This involves exposing the Core of the Transnational Capitalist Class; the corporations they advise and the firms they manage. There are only 161 people in this group. They are known as very prominent individuals. Perhaps less clear is how they each became so filthy-rich upon the backs of those that tend to die anonymously all over the world, each and every day.

The boards of directors of these firms, totaling 161 individuals. They are the financial core of the world’s Transnational Capitalist Class. Collectively, these 161 people manage $23.91 trillion in funds impacting nearly every country in the world…”

“…People from twenty-two nations make up the central financial core of the Transnational Corporate Class. Seventy-three (45 percent) are from the US; twenty-seven (16 percent) Britain; fourteen France; twelve Germany; eleven Switzerland; four Singapore; three each from Austria, Belgium, and India; two each from Australia and South Africa; and one each from Brazil, Vietnam, Hong Kong/China, Qatar, the Netherlands, Zambia, Taiwan, Kuwait, Mexico, and Colombia. They mostly live in or near a number of the world’s great cities: New York, Chicago, London, Paris, and Munich…”

“…Members of the financial core take active parts in global policy groups and government. Five of the thirteen corporations have directors as advisors or former employees of the International Monetary Fund. Six of the thirteen firms have directors who have worked at or served as advisors to the World Bank. Five of the thirteen firms hold corporate membership in the Council on Foreign Relations in the US. Seven of the firms sent nineteen directors to attend the World Economic Forum in February 2013. Seven of the directors have served or currently serve on a Federal Reserve board, both regionally and nationally in the US. Six of the financial core serve on the Business Roundtable in the US. Several directors have had direct experience with the financial ministries of European Union countries and the G20. Almost all of the 161 individuals serve in some advisory capacity for various regulatory organizations, finance ministries, universities, and national or international policy-planning bodies.

Estimates are that the total world’s wealth is close to $200 trillion, with the US and European elites holding approximately 63 percent of that total; meanwhile, the poorest half of the global population together possesses less than 2 percent of global wealth. The World Bank reports that, 1.29 billion people were living in extreme poverty, on less than $1.25 a day, and 1.2 billion more were living on less than $2.00 a day. Thirty-five thousand people, mostly young children, die every day from malnutrition. While millions suffer, a transnational financial elite seeks returns on trillions of dollars that speculate on the rising costs of food, commodities, land, and other life sustaining items for the primary purpose of financial gain. They do this in cooperation with each other in a global system of transnational corporate power and control and as such constitute the financial core of an international corporate capitalist class…

The full, detailed list is online at: and in Censored 2014 from Seven Stories Press.” (2)

Still the most glaring fact beyond all the obscenities remains: None of the people that ought to be dead, are assassinated. Those creatures form an entirely different class of bodies that most believe are just not human. These are the figureheads behind everything! The puppets that carry out the directions of the 161 managers mentioned in the second link. The elites that actually run it all: From trafficking in stolen body parts, sex, drug dealing, assassinations, bombings, death squads, and crimes against humanity, along with all the other major crimes around the planet!

In this case there is one particular individual that has definitely outlived his “use-by date”. That would be Benjamin Netanyahu, of blood-drenched Israel and the Jewnited States of Israel -

Israel said this:

Talks of a renewed diplomatic effort to reach a deal with Iran have caused some unease in Israel and among its supporters in the United States.

As Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu warned against falling for the Iranian charm offensive as “the Iranians are continuing to deceive so that the centrifuges continue spinning,: the pro-Israel lobby is also laying out its red lines for any future engagement with Tehran.”

kirwan: Israel has hundreds of nuclear warheads which they refuse to admit to. They have not joined the IAEA which Iran is a signatory to. They have used Weapons of Mass Destruction against the Palestinians, Hezbollah and in Jordon as well as against Egypt in the 1967 War (all of which were wars that Israel LOST.

Now through AIPAC Israel is laying out red lines for Iran, a nation that has done nothing at all to either Israel or America—but now Israel is telling both Iran and the US what it will accept, as if the only nation in the region or the world is Israel, when Israel has not yet even solidified their own borders as a state.

In a memo sent out on Friday, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) joined the Israeli attempt to throw cold water on the idea that Iran, and its new president Hassan Rouhani, have made a real change in policy.

Pleasant rhetoric will not suffice,” AIPAC states, “If Iran fails to act, sanctions must be increased.”

k: It is not the business of Israel to dictate the foreign policy of Iran, to Iran - especially given the fact that before the sanctions that Israel demanded, Iran’s economy was just fine and growing. Now the Iranian people are living with illegal sanctions that would have killed most other nations—outright. Israel is demanding that another act-of-war - which these sanctions are - should be increased: Just to please the worlds most infamous outlaw state.

“…If Iran continues to advance its nuclear program, Washington should step up sanctions,: AIPAC noted. The memo also called on the administration and Congress to maintain a credible military threat against Iran and to “support Israel’s right to act against Iran if it feels compelled—in its own legitimate self-defense—to act.”

kirwan: Total garbage! The world should demand that Israel shut-up and mind its own business in this moment when global-tensions are flaring against the very real possibilities of another world war! This time the flames are being fanned with nitro-glycerin by Netanyahu & Nero and massive inhumane-death will flow from this unholy union that will spread like a prairie-fire gone wild, unless adults step in and stop this farce from going any further.

“…The lobby’s strong position on the issue and similar views expressed by Israeli leaders in the past days are all meant to send Obama a clear message of Israel’s skepticism regarding the new diplomatic opening with Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is expected to reiterate this approach in his meeting with Obama on September 30 and in his address to the UN General Assembly the next day.” (3)

Just who in Hell does Israel think they are? That Israel can DEMAND sanctions against another sovereign nation which is a blatant-act of international-war. This is the one real ACTION that the world cannot afford to overlook. This goes way past anything that’s been proposed to be done in Syria, over the murder of children killed by chemical weapons, in a psy-op that was meant to justify the Slaughter of Syria, when death everywhere is so cheap as to be abysmally obscene.

Millions of people in Iran will be directly affected by deeper sanctions and there will be many deaths because Iranians are already stretched beyond the breaking-point by savagely-criminal sanctions which the Jewnited States has illegally laid on Iran.

The USI has attacked Iran twice already. This will be the third time in our history that we will have attacked that nation which has never attacked either the US or Israel. If anyone will be going to war anytime soon it ought to be the entire world against ISRAEL until that outlaw place, just as in days of old when From the Halls of Montezuma -To the Shores of Tripoli”- the pirates of a different day were ended by United States Marines. Israel must be militarily forced to obey INTERNATIONAL LAWS,


This brings us back to the point of 'A Global Solution'? There is a global solution that could bring the world back from the edge of global-annihilation. The world should come together and take advantage of Netanyahu’s coming visit to the UN. He should be arrested as the war-criminal he is and has always been. Netanyahu is nothing but a rabid-dog among the leadership of the other nations in the community of nations. He needs to be treated as such by the world ­ when he comes to New York to spew more of his filth upon the bonfires of his vanity throughout the Middle East and the world…

If America fails to lead this effort to condemn this war-criminal, then Nero ought to be globally condemned as well for his treasons in tandem with the Butcher of Palestine. Afterall the image at the top of the article is ‘What it is Today’. America is a just a symbolic trophy caught by Israel and doomed to die an ignominious death as a slave state, unless we end our servitude and end Israel as a state—forever!

In this case the deaths of a few key people could save the plight of the whole planet at this moment, but only if people of conscience act in tandem and with the firm resolve needed to alter the course of human history by ending the illegal reign of both Netanyahu & Nero.

1) Are You at risk for the third leading cause of death in the United States?

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3) AIPAC Draws Red Line in U.S. Talks with Iran





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