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The Global Oligarchy
By Jim Kirwan

Francisco Goya

The birth of the United States grew from some very powerful men, many of whom were connected to some of the Oligarch’s of Old World Europe.

This land was clearly stolen from the native population that was living here when the first colonial adventurers arrived. From then on this place began to take over ever larger stretches of the land which they viewed as “free”. Any resistance by the people who were here was met with force and extermination in the name of “Manifest Destiny”, but initially America practiced Apartheid in the extreme.

It could be said that the colonies were funded by the Oligarch’s and settled by some of the richest former noblemen from Europe. From those early days there was always a conflict between the privileged classes and the rest of the early Americans. In addition there were slaves, blacks and the natives; none of which held the same rank, as the Oligarch’s. Women were not represented at all.

After the Constitutional Convention and the sporadic beginnings of the “new country” ­ efforts were made to try and confront some of these missing components in the new Republic. Some progress was made and yet defacto slavery and segregation still exist here, despite the passage of all that time. From our earliest days the United States was a colonial power that casually invaded other nations beginning with Jamestown in 1607.

Central and South America and the entire Caribbean became very familiar with America and her gunboat diplomacy, which lasted almost 200 years: This for the most part is not discussed in the official history of this nation. The US moved on from that and began to make her own place in the wider-world as a colonial and military power, without much notice from the old world of Europe.

It’s this part of American-history which set the stage here, for our adventures in Oligarchy. Meanwhile what was being taught at home omitted what we in fact did to dozens and dozens of nations for fun & profit. It was this traveling road-show that Marine General Smedley Butler referred to when he said: “War is a Racket” back in the early 1920’s and 1930’s.

The practices the marine general mentioned have only gotten more intense since those early days, but that’s also why most Americans pay almost no attention to the wars we’re continually “fighting” all around the world. We grew up with the false-flag institutionally created wars that were good for American business and therefore these “wars” needed to be kept away from everyday life in America, so as not to disturb the growing of the nation that spoke about Freedom & Democracy, while practicing some of the most violent destructions of so many nations that tried to resist America’s adventurism abroad.

What we inherited was a place that lives in several worlds, not just in one. The first is that beacon of light, a nation filled with hope and promise to “the poor and huddled masses yearning to breathe free”. But the flip side begins with an iron-clad Oligarchy that recognizes no one who is not of the same class. It’s this continuing dichotomy that lives at the heart of this place and that’s what is behind what we must now deal with today.

Setting the Global Agenda

The wider world was thought to have developed many nations: Separate countries that could create their own policies as to how they each wanted to deal with the world. But the United States and later Israel, had already decided that no other country could enjoy the same rights as they did. This is what led us all into this Global Oligarchy where there can only be one ruler, one power, one form of money—and everything else must be eliminated.

While this was agreed to within the secret ruling circle of the ruling elite’s, the rest of the planet actually thought that they still had a right to live, where they decided to live, and in the way they preferred to live their lives. That’s no longer the case. Yet that’s where the Apocalyptic hysteria begins to make itself felt throughout every global confrontation now: Because there has never been a global-unanimity about this most significant of all societal determinations.

When no nation has the right to say “NO” to the Elite’s, which Russia has frequently done: Then the Oligarchy must challenge every attempt to break away from their universal-plan for global hegemony.

That’s what is behind the demonization of Putin and Russia as well as every circumstance which might touch upon any power that is not fully controlled by the forces of the Oligarch’s.

American History has been skewed!

I was very lucky as a boy, because of an accident of time. By the time I graduated from Jr. High School, in 1954, there was still something called ‘The Weekly Reader’. That was a publication that went with Civics classes in public schools. It was a miniature newspaper that brought students news of the nation and the world, which needed to be discussed weekly, in class: Along with the basics of Civics in America.

I left public-school and finished high school at a Catholic private school that tried to instill the principle of “Questioning Everything” into the student body. That was something that was not mentioned in public schools, in 1957, either then or now. But it has served me well throughout the years.

As it happens I was exceptionally lucky - given the way my life was shaped by events in Oklahoma City and beyond. I had been part of the middle class until I started the 10th grade. My old man lost the house in Vegas, one weekend, which radically changed many of the options in life. I ended up in my own apartment early - But that too added to understandings that I wouldn’t have had, if my circumstances hadn’t changed everything at that time.

I discovered a lot about Mulligan Flats, the white trash community where some of the houses were cardboard and many were glorified tin shacks. It was a place where a number of families got together to “own” a single car that was shared among the community. Mulligan Flats was a tribal sort of place that survived on weeds and whatever else that could be scrounged.

There was massive racism across the board in Oklahoma. Native Americans were last on the list. Two of my best friends were among them. Above them were Mexicans, then Blacks and sprinkled over that were the white trash that made up the unseen society in the unrecognized parts of Oklahoma City. That’s where I came to understand exactly why LBJ’s “War on Poverty” could never work ­ because I’d seen it all for years before he ever offered it to the public as his “national policy”!

After Kennedy’s murder LBJ dumped the entire State Department in favor of a bunch of flakes that had been car-dealers and good-ole-boys until he appointed them by the dozen to the Department of State ­ where he swapped career and professional statesmen and women, for political neophytes, who just wanted the money and a chance to get drunk and stay drunk for awhile…

The USA hasn’t had a real Department of State since Kennedy died!

That’s how we came to have creatures like Samantha Power in the UN, (she who is now claiming that we have 40 nations in our coalition of the willing”) but she refuses to name any of them. And of course there’s Victoria Nuland who routinely disgraces the Dept. of State, and the list goes on and on and on…

The Death of the Media

Has forced the United States into a permanent state of Imbecility!

The Permanent Death of the U.S. Border Patrol

14 min Video

USI has over 900 bases in one hundred and thirty countries and that tends to enforce the idea that the Global Oligarchy gets to dictate whatever it wants to call for: Except that in today’s world that “power” no longer has any real credibility as we have not won a war since the end of WWII.

The world has to return to a place where there are many individual nations and where there are very basic international laws that apply to every nation on the earth.

Logic and Reason have been banned from politics, permanently; along with sanity and the willingness to keep any of the pseudo promises that far too many people make every day ­ which is why this will all come apart in the end.

The Global Oligarchy will not win this war, because it cannot be won ­ This ‘chaos’ can only be “LOST by the greater evil”

I just cleared the 75 year mark today and it seems that for most of my adult life these criminals have been ‘running this place’ for far, far too long. It’s time for us to end them all and get back to living again!



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