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The Global Odyssey Is Ending

By Jim Kirwan


We’ve conquered every land, many times over, destroyed most of the treasures that were part of the universe and now we’ve run out of every frontier that once held promise for the fumbling human race.

The human race has become a curse upon this planet and yet we still refuse to even marginally attempt to mitigate any of the massive damages we continue to do.

The final round began when the Old World Empire succeeded in reaching the West Coast of North America, but only because that meant there were no more unspoiled lands left to rape and conquer.

What should have happened could have involved exploring the oceans or the depths of the universe itself: Instead the human race continued to focus on the artificial creations and the physical mechanisms by which they believed they could absolutely control, to achieve full spectrum dominance over every other being on the planet. In this endeavor the ‘fake-leadership’ has behaved like a pack of dying Lord-of-the-Flies children, still totally absorbed, with the games they’ve created to dominate all the life that’s left on this planet and now that’s finally coming to an end.

Everyone here is only here for a very short time and by the time most people realize that, it’s almost over; regardless of whatever status you thought you might have attained, or any of the “powers” you thought were yours.

In this case “IMPOTENCE” seems much clearer than the POWER derived from “letting go”.

The one thing everyone has in common with everyone else is that every single one of us will die. What matters really seems to be what we have each done or refused to do, with the little bit of time that we’ve chosen to live on this planet.

All of that seems very far away for most of us, in the closing days of 2014, but as long as we continue to breathe then at least there are choices about what we will do with whatever’s left to act upon.

This is Part One of a three part series that is meant to outline the Odyssey that, like it or not, we have each chosen to be part of in what we live in each and every day.

The human race has lived upon this earth for over 50,000 years. Most of that time is still shrouded in mystery. We have almost no idea of how many different civilizations lived here. Just as we have no idea of just how those formerly existing societies came to vanish. What little we do “know” about the current epoch has also been skewed to favor the nightmare that is predicated solely on “business”. To grasp what we need to know now we must look back and explore what little we have been able to grasp about that which preceded what we think of as the modern world of today.

Behind the shroud of history lies the fact of the maternal society that preceded the current paternal world which began its existence by declaring war on Women and Nature with the existing version of the Judeo-Christian ethic. The Four Horsemen is and was the founding image for this totally fear based world which has still not been exposed for what has always been: The unchallenged global-Conquest, global-War, global-Famine & global-Death.

On the parts of the planet that we were told about, before there were formal religions in place, there were shamans who ‘advised’ local tribes in exchange for sustenance amid the darkness of the global-mysteries of life on a primitive world.

Most of that early world was transitory, surviving as hunter-gathers that followed the herds as the world began to emerge from the ice ages. Then we went from the nomadic world to the beginnings of the agrarian age of settled living, farming and the beginning of city-states. All the while the role of societal advisors kept on changing until the ancient Shamans had become priests in the new religions as their positions changed from simple advisors to regional mystics and official advisors to the leaders of the first warrior races in the world. Somewhere in there formal religions replaced the visionaries and mystics with the business of formal religion. From that point forward the human race began to grapple with Conquest, War, Famine and unwarranted Death ­ unsuccessfully.

This negative that advertises itself as the one and only real-positive in the world, has ruled the planet through the battles over which religion is the strongest, ever since. In that process “the business” which has always been behind most of the global religions, has tended to escape any real notice. This most contested choice has remained the source that has killed far more people than all the world’s wars combined, since the beginning of time itself.

The answer to this hate filled message comes in the love of humanity and the pursuit of innovation: The wonder of the universe and the joy in living a fulfilling life... This is video that’s about three minutes long.

If we go back in time to the beginning of the first modern-global conquests’ of the planet under the British Empire, we can see how it is that we’ve come to be entangled in the global-quicksand where we are today. That empire crushed the life out of their children almost from birth. Isolated by boarding schools, abject child labor, the horror they brought to anyone that tried to focus on humanity, personal skills or any serious emotional context for any life: Then we can understand both the ‘HOW” and the “WHY” of the way the world lost its way, between living and surviving in a world dominated by “business” and “WAR” in every aspect of life: Classifying women and children as chattel and at all levels as only useful tools. The Poor Houses and Debtor’s prisons, child slavery, the routine torture of anyone who was not born into the ruling class: It was all there for the world to see. But the fact that the Dickensian era came and went without real notice speaks to how imbedded the world had already become at that time. Today, despite the mumblings, we are actually only repeating the same crimes that were rife, first in the Spanish Inquisition and then at the peak of the British Empire all over again.

All that twisted evil survived in the Empire in their secret societies like Skull & Bones and many other cults that were made out of the first officially recognized barbarians, who appointed themselves, as the leaders of that early global Empire and beyond. That series of crimes has survived right up to the moment in the latest form of the same evils in United States Incorporated and Zionist Israel that have picked up that ancient cudgel and are still using it to try and kill off 95% of the global population.

Most of the most grievous crimes against the society have gotten lost in the global emphasis on corporate personhood that is rapidly becoming corporate nationhood, along with “business” in general, that replaced the most obvious flaws in “Empire” with the false-promises of unending wealth and global power that’s about to be crushed beneath the total collapse of the entire financial game that was never real to begin with.

End of Part One


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