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Global Convocation Of Hypocrites


Jim Kirwan


Hollywood has set the pace, the scale and the agenda for

Both the 20th & 21st Centuries.

When I was in Junior High & Highschool I remember the UN had absolutely no credibility whatsoever, anywhere within the United States of America. The 'dues' which the UN tried to force the US government to pay were simply ignored. The whole issue of the UN was considered laughable, by the entire country. Of course at the time there was the Korean War, which Truman called 'a police-action' as it was never declared as 'a war' by the congress. So we fought in that WAR as a member nation of the United Nations, but few knew, because the American G.I.'s did not wear the little blue helmets of later years.

Somewhere along the path, after that 'conflict' ended in a draw: Which still has not formally ended, 'something-changed'. This was promptly ignored by the world, after we were dragged into Vietnam to vindicate the defeated French.

Kennedy then sent in US military adviser's in1960. By the time Vietnam ended fifteen years on, the UN had somehow become a major international body to whom American's were obligated to pay dues to, until 1982, when gun control became a national-issue, via the United Nations. The subject of disarmament, was not mentioned to the American Public at the time. By the Time Reagan became president the disarmament of America by the United nations had already been secretly agreed to: This was kept secret from the American people until the Bush II Era in the New Millennium.

By1995 The UN Commission on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice, under the heading “Measure's to Regulate Firearms,” had moved the topic into the international discussion phase which went from lip-service to global disarmament requirements by Clinton and Bush Jr. and the rest is history.

Eventually everything got lumped into what we now call Agenda 21, which is the global-blueprint for the takeover of the entire planet.

Poverty, nuclear weapons and the environment:

Pope Francis at the UN

The above link contains the Pope's comments at the UN today and it contains nothing but platitudes that totally disregard any and all of the Global-Convocation which has strangled the functionality of the entire planet.

To understand that statement you need to know the truth about how the Vatican came to the place, where they now supposedly 'own' all the lands and resources on this planet.

    Lands stolen by the Norman aristocracy on behalf of the Roman Pontiff were recorded in the Doomsday Book, thus establishing their ownership of the land for all eternity (i.e. until doomsday). The Doomsday book marked the beginning of the Crown Corporation.

  • With Ownership of land comes the possibility of rent, loan, lease and mortgage. The system of usury was established by the Jews at this time.

  • Meanwhile the ferocious blood-letting, corruption and scandalous lifestyles of the Popes continued along with papal military campaigns to seize more lands and wealth for the Vatican. The justification for this wanton murder was heresy and Christians were to consider it a holy duty to murder any who differed from the Vatican dogma.

  • The Crusades were already in full swing, which were Papal sanctioned genocides of the innocent in the name of Christ, along with rape, looting and plundering of their wealth, which were to continue unabated for the next 500 years.

  • Back in Europe, Pope Innocent III, third in a line of Jewish Popes , ordered a 35 year bloody crusade against the Cathars, a peaceful and pious community, who could see through the papacy, setting upon them with a 500,000 strong Catholic Army, hacking to pieces men, women and children until they had exterminated every last Cathar. Heresy, however, wasn’t the main issue here……rather it was the lands and wealth held by the Cathars that had caught the eye of the Holy See. In this orgy of killing, over 500 towns and villages were totally obliterated.

  • In 1184, the same Jewish Pope Innocent III initiated the horrors of the Inquisitions which swept through Europe and lasted for 600 years. Supposed heretics were hunted down and brought before the Inquisitors, whose first task it was to obtain their name and write it down. Once in writing the person ceased to be a human and became an ‘owned property’. The trials were a farce, with no possibility to defend oneself and any who spoke for the victim would themselves be accused of heresy and face the same fate. The accused were subjected to the most hideous tortures to extract a confession, usually of heresy or witchcraft.”


For the representative of the City of the Vatican, inside Rome, to come to the United Nations and to speak to the world about the topics he chose to 'discuss'; is and was not only a massively obscene gesture, because it has always been the Vatican itself that has been the root cause of all the plundering and death of the populations of the world ,since before the failed Crusades were even undertaken.

All of the literal history stands in stark contrast to the Pope's call for a return to that time before the wheel was invented when the entire planet was a veritable paradise that teemed with life and resources as well as boundless promise that was virtually unending: Until the Vatican, the City of London and D.C. Decided to impose their will upon the entire planet that has nearly been totally decimated, no matter where you live. The world that this Pope speaks of has been dead for decades already and yet he speaks as if all we have to do is continue without removing the entirely corrupted leadership of the world, as it exists today—and magically everything will return to the Disney-esque fantasy of which he is obviously speaking.

To be clear the world we're trying to live in has been poisoned, contaminated and radiated to death. Our water is contaminated, the air and the soils of the earth have been polluted to the point where 'life', neither human, animal nor mineral can any longer be sustained.

Financially the world knows it is over $200 Trillion in Debt, which continues to skyrocket ever-deeper into a debt that in reality must now be measured in the quadrillions of worthless dollars. The planet is losing the once vibrant jobs and industries that generated the wealth which brought on this massive global-theft of everything worth stealing.

But thanks to these outlaw private corporations and their owners that have been at this since the Doomsday Book was written, that Golden Goose has been slaughtered millions of times, in millions of places, around the world so that there is now no future anywhere for any nation-state: Until and unless the people of the world rise up and physically take-back everything that belongs to us all, beginning with our land, our money and the futures of our personal preferences that have been officially outlawed by the Global-blueprint that has outlawed anything that would ever benefit any human life anywhere upon this ruined earth...

Politicians keep on talking about what we have and about what the future holds: But there is now no possible future for anyone, any longer, because they've already killed tomorrow and tomorrow and that tomorrow's future; from which we cannot recover without a major restructuring of the forces that control everything to do with the fake United Nations.

That farce of an organization has declared itself to be the arbiter of every conflict on the planet, yet they have never intervened, never charged any of the criminal governments that have been waging all the wars upon the planet since they were created in 1945. Of course the UN is not the only international body that's been guilty of these war-crimes, but to now take the stand that they say they 'represent', is far beyond hypocrisy or hubris. This 'institution' along with all the others, like NATO, the FED, the World Bank, and on and on and on: Must be stripped of their supposed leadership and relegated to the quicksand of history for all their crimes against humanity: Along with every so-called world-leader that paid lip-service to their globally-criminal-actions.

We have to stop talking about all the horrifically obvious global failures and start doing something about everything that we have allowed to go so damningly wrong around the world of today...

Good Luck with that people, because so far you've only earned the contempt of the universe for your cowardice in the face of the real enemies of mankind, which you still applaud, as if they were humans...


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