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Global Death
And the Future of the Human Race


By Jim Kirwan


This Is the beginning of the Global Extinction of the entire world,

by design which was very deliberately planned, for centuries.

Real Truth: WW1, WW2, WW3, Zionist NWO Agenda & Palestine Conflict Exposed:

One hour, 19min, 05sec VIDEO

This is now being done in public,

but the nations most directly affected have thus far refused to understand

that they will be murdered if they refuse to do anything to stop this:

Where they have lived and worked and dreamed for centuries.

This is the extinction event for the planet that's been planned for by USI & Israel. Watch the video above. Listen to their plans and study the videos in the link below for confirmation of their plans for the extermination of Europe.

There can only be one reaction from all the people whose countries homes and lives are being brutally invaded in Europe now, that will be replicated in the USA. The threats in this cannot be overstated: It must be stopped and those that ordered this crime must be arrested or they will face death in the streets of the world. This cannot be overstated. It must be stopped now and reversed ­ IMMEDIATELY or there will not be a tomorrow for anyone in the white race, or in the “Western World”.

With Open Gates: The Forced Collective suicide of European nations

However, there's a hidden lining in TPP

Which the DWO refuses to notice or even plan for.

The Dying World Order has overlooked the fact that if these barbarians succeed in stealing the world through total corporate control over every country: Then there will be no jobs worth having and without jobs to 'occupy the herd', then there will be no money and no one will be able to buy anything: Only the black-market will survive because everything else will soon be forced to close in the fourth world places that will replace the current states of Europe. while all those corporate schemes of global-wealth will just go up in smoke!

The 'guests' in Western Europe “don't like the food”, so what are they going to do about that? Can these 'guests' grow, process or provide food for themselves, on the lands in the nations that they are determined to take-over? They say they're bored, might they want to clean up the places they have soiled with their bodily wastes? Can these 'demanding-invaders' provide anything for themselves beyond satisfying their own bloodlust's compounded by their instinctive desire to rape torture and murder the people that opened their countries to them?

Can these 'guests' provide water supplies for themselves, or can they produce their own fuel to use in their stolen cars? These creatures are not fully formed people with any ability to care for themselves and especially not for the huge families they supposedly want to create ­ 22 children per family ­ on no money, no resources and no meaningful work that anyone could or would ever choose to pay for? How does that work?

Most of these 'men' have grown up raping, torturing and beating the people around them. They're thought processes are already irrefutably formed, and clearly most of them have no skills at all. These same men are advocating their “marriage” to young European-girls. They want to turn 12 year old's into mothers for their breeding programs that they want to initiate as part of their domination over the entire continent of Europe.

But a mother of twelve years old can do nothing for a child that she gives birth to, consequently that “baby' will be stunted for life: The new life created in this way will only be a body to be used and abused: How is this conducive to creating a basis for 'founding a dominant society', when most of this new population is barely above the mental level of the most primitive apes and they are certainly not human in any respect?

Finally In this new arrangement the 'guests' have decided, because of their overwhelming numbers, that they will decide what happens in their “new homes”, who can live where and on what, while they proceed to murder rape and torture the population, at will, that made their change of country possible in the first place?

But Where will the money come from” to keep all these unwelcome parasites alive, just to 'carry-out' their designed destruction of the entire human race? I think they're dreaming big, because they believe their own fantasies, what they have not counted on is that the Europeans might actually wake-up and decide to kill them all, instead of waiting to become further enslaved by them than they are already, courtesy of the non-governments of Europe that ORDERED this invasion in the first place, on direct orders from Zionist Israel.

Here's another aspect of how these amateurs have been

priming the world for their grand arrival.

The corporations are buying power cheaply. They bought the entire US House of Representatives for just under $200 million. This is what the corporations paid Congress to go along with “Fast Track,” which permits the corporations’ agent, the US Trade Representative, to negotiate in secret without congressional input or oversight.

In other words, a US corporate agent deals with corporate agents in the countries that will comprise the “partnership,” and this handful of well-bribed people draw up an agreement that supplants law with the interests of corporations. No one negotiating the partnership represents the peoples’ or public’s interests. The governments of the partnership countries get to vote the deal up or down, and they will be well paid to vote for the agreement.

Once these partnerships are in effect, government itself is privatized. There is no longer any point in legislatures, presidents, prime ministers, judges. Corporate tribunals decide law and court rulings.”

The Reinsurfment of Western Peoples

But of course everything is far worse than that. No jobs, means no corporate profits, which equals no markets anywhere for anyone to bother stealing. But since these lawless fools have never worked, they've never really understood the 'need' for jobs, education, health care, or survival on any level.

These same re-treads from the ruins of the Robber-Baron era have never understood how even the Old World Order worked, or why it was once so successful that it actually was the envy of the planet.

Once the real invasion of Europe begins to deepen, that will turn the whole of Europe into one giant version of 'The Lord of the Flies' where the only thing that matters is their bloodlust, rape and murder of those that are being forced “to take-them-in by the thousands, soon to be millions”, until the 'undocumented savages' end up turning on themselves as they will be forced to end all this, in total savagery. amid their scorched-earth polices for the whole of Europe—if that is—the Europeans themselves don't immediately arrest and prosecute the entire leadership of the EU for this never before contemplated surrender to the psychopath's that have targeted the whole planet.

These Muslim extremists and the creatures that paid for them, must be tried in public for attempting to murder the world with their totally impossible rules that require citizens to surrender everything including their lives to total strangers, by law-less decrees from so-called “governments” that have come to hate their own citizens...

The 'wars' in Europe in the past led directly to these kinds of scenes,

from the times of Francisco Goya, when all actual laws were suspended or destroyed.

But compared to the international obscenities of 2015 & soon to be 2016,

what will be committed under Sharia Law in the absence of current law: Will lead to beheadings, crucifixions, burning the accused alive, not to mention public whippings, stoning, torture, multiple rape and sodomy: All the usual garbage advocated by USI's latest creation, “ISIS”, with which they plan on replacing everyday life with pure terror worldwide: Along with the destruction and desecration of the entire history of the planet...

We have so much to thanks Israel for: But once the world begins to fight back, one of the first targets will be all of Israel, as well as all their criminal agents in the United States.


2016 looks like it will be the year of Global-Extinction


This is what the world gets for outlawing private thought: Embracing censorship, political-correctness and zero-tolerance in a world that must never be subjected to anything that might 'disturb' the sleeping slaves, while forcing the people of the world to live in abject poverty.

The Image above is called

The Price of Prosperity”, from 1966

And that 'price” has only increased in the 49 years since it was created.

Russia has acted in Syria to begin the push-back that's needed now more than ever before inside both the EU and the USSA. But if the Europeans do not follow Russia's example and either kill or evict these savages from Europe, by force, then the world will be clearly doomed and we shall deserve that violent death, if we fail to openly reject everything that has been forced upon the world, over most of these last fifty years...


Humans have known for most of recent history that we only use roughly ten percent of the human brain. Some have wondered what would happen if humans were able to access more of our brains than we currently use?

I've been digging into that topic recently and I've discovered some very interesting 'possibilities'.There's a real quest involved in the study of some of these theories: But the essence of the study is that our lives revolve around the acquisition of knowledge and the many ways that we might some day be able to pass on that knowledge, which some call wisdom, to the next generation. Quite a few believe that the purpose of life itself is directly involved in discovering how much more we can each come to know, so that the breadth of knowledge can be passed on to coming generations.

In every field the current masters of any craft, art, or field of study usually begins with what has already been discovered in the past: So whatever we are able to add to the past directly could benefit coming generations, provided we know what we have known about the history and the examples from the past ­ which is what is being destroyed on purpose, by the new barbarians: In much the same way as the early 'Christians' burned the Alexandrian Library, in Egypt, to eliminate all the Pagan knowledge that had been gathered in that place.

Another similar event took place in Baghdad when the United States looted the Baghdad Museum of 7,000 years of human history, and historical objects that were about to shed more light on the mysteries and secrets of the past, which the current barbarians wanted to keep secret.

But this all fits together in the end because 'TIME' is the measure of existence for human beings, while it's polar opposite CHAOS,can only measure IGNORANCE: That pretty much describes these animals that choose to dress up as humans while they lecture the world about obscenities that were left behind by the seventh century—to which they want us all to return...

Think about it because very soon you and I will probably be forced to choose between going backwards to before the Dark Ages, or we can take our chances and fight to exist in a world where freedom and knowledge are valued over arrogance and ignorance each and every time...



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