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Who's Behind the Global Crash

By Jim Kiran


Who Is Jared Kushner???

Watch the first four minutes of this video

k - The key to Kushner's “invisible power” is directly linked to his direct connections to the Israeli Deep State; which makes what he does appear to happen, as though he has no power of his own. Since Kushner is acting as the front man for global-corporations and global-banks, that control the Deep-State-Military: What he “does” then appears to be seamless; while he moves all the pieces behind the scenes to finish the murder of what's left of the Disunited States.

George Soros is the Secret Financier behind

Kushner backed start-up Cadre

Jared Kushner is the biggest surprise of the 2016 election. Best I can tell he actually ran the campaign and did it with no resources”

Google CEO Eric Schmit to Forbes Magazine.

Jared Kushner at the helm of a newly unveiled office

called the American Office of Innovation

Begins @ 7min 58sec, the same topic, ends @ 8min 46sec.

In an ironic twist, one of the production companies current films

is called The Purge: Election Year”

The tag line reads “Keep America Great”, the same slogan Mr. Trump plans to use for a 2020 presidential bid.

Vanity Fair picks up the narrative from there to close @ 11:00 minutes.

What follows is the conclusion of this segment, wherein connections to Hasidic Judaism are discussed - that concludes @ 17min 45sec by noting:

What makes Jared Kushner's whole Antichrist campaign, if you want to call it that, very interesting and unique, is his ties to technology”.

As we've projected that the Anti-Christ will have access to high level tech.

What we see is the connection to high-level tech industry in Israel...

@ 8min 13sec.

The U.S. Ministry of TRUST is next, which is horrific as that will be headed by the president's son-in-law!

This closes @ 20min 23sec.

The informational portion of this video concludes

@ 140min 06sec