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Savage Muslim Crimes,
Mutilations Destroying Germany, EU

By Jim Kirwan


The invasion of Europe was celebrated on New Year's Eve in 2016 - this began with hundreds of rapes, violence and open attacks upon the people in Europe. Over the last ten months these attacks have expanded and are being covered up by government controlled media, in numerous Western European counties. The police and the media were ordered not to arrest or to even charge the barbaric-migrants with whatever they have done to the same populations that had been ordered to accept millions of undocumented-migrants, in Europe.

As the numbers of savage-crimes and mutilations against the civilian populations continue, the corporate leadership of Europe continues to force the population to accept everything that is being done to them, in the name of multiculturalism and open borders.


"In Germany 200,000 crimes a month are committed in this way"

All of this was clearly denied, and totally ignored by the global-media, in service to the private-corporate controls over virtually everyone in Europe from December 31st of 2015 until now.

Yesterday in a one hour interview on Rense-radio, Dr. Leonard Coldwell explains to the world,
exactly what has been happening up to the moment.

This is the difference between the Chaos on the ground, in Europe and the Balance that is being globally destroyed around the world.

In numerous countries in Western Europe Dr. Caldwell would be arrested

for crimes against the state for what he says in this interview.


The people of the planet have chosen to remained unaware. To alter this fact, this release can allow us to understand the depth of these global-crimes against humanity, especially the women & children of the world, that have been targeted in this primitive and barbaric attack upon the human race.


Wherever criminals run-free, Humanity is being exterminated.


This tape below lasts about an hour
Listen - Dr. Leonard Coldwell On The Horrible Muslim
Mutilation, Rape & Death Of Germany - We're NEXT

Hillary's Muslims Vow To Make
Raping White Women Legal

The leadership of Merkel, that led to the surrender of Germany is discussed below.

Blind Faith in Global Leaders



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