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Life Is A Gift

By Jim Kirwan


Personal FREEDOM is intrinsically interwoven with personal RESPONSIBILITY, because personal freedom is not freedom FROM responsibility: It is that freedom which can only come with the acceptance of personal responsibilities, to nature and to everyone else, with whom we share life on the planet that makes personal “freedom” possible.

To this end the billions of “laws” that have been made, remade and extended over the millennium, whether religious or secular: Are an anathema to what living our individual lives was supposed to be about. Ergo: “The society that governs least governs best”.

Since we left the nomadic life and began to pursue the agrarian ‘security’ of raising crops and herding animals, people have always been the targets of those seeking absolute control over the mass of global-populations and the world, for economic and psychological power, by the few, over the rest of the planet.

The most important method for control by the few over the many has always been maintained not by encouraging the possibilities that life presents, to everyone alive, but rather by forcefully implanting masculine-control over “any and all permissions” that are either denied or allowed”, according to the current artificial states.

This negative view of humanities’ ability to govern ourselves is what has imprisoned men and women for countless centuries. It began with man-made religions that sought to control people and with threats that would be carried out in the hereafter. When religions began to fail in their artificial control mechanisms, the modality moved from religious control over individuals, to total control by states and nations thru secular interests which brought the owners power into being; That’s a perverted power that had not previously been part of any human-equation. That paradigm can easily be seen in what happened to the Roman Empire in the First Century A.D. Since then, this negative control mechanism has dominated over everything that was initially meant to set humanity free.

This story takes place less than 20 years after the death of Jesus Christ, in the first century A.D.

The false power of the negative, as illustrated above, is using “permission-oriented police-states” to finish turning the entire planet into a global-sewer of inescapable discontent.

People were never meant to be controlled or slaughtered like chattel: Each of us came here with special gifts, from birth, which most of us have lost, long before puberty arrived.

When Courage is trumped by Fear

When was the last time that any government anywhere encouraged its people to “Be Creative”, to “Reach for the Stars” or to “use your individual talents to “leave this place better-off than you found it”? Ironically the last government that attempted to do this, for and with his people, was Gadhafi’s Libya: And everyone now knows what happened to Libya and Gadhafi…

The causes for the current situation have been many, but with the approaching global-crescendo that will thin out the numbers of slaves, and the survivors that will no longer be burdened with so many cowards any longer. Primarily because the current carpet-baggers that have stolen the remains of this planet will all be dead, but so will the billions of creatures who refused to choose life over unending-slavery.

Whatever happens; after whatever takes place; is that ‘whatever survives’ will be back in the Stone Age of the Nomads where life was simple and dependent on actual creativity and human innovation, as well as that personal richness that comes with being able to live life to the fullness it was meant to have… but that’s extremely doubtful: Given the level of global nuclear weaponry that will most likely be used, in the next global-confrontation.

In the meantime be good little slaves and never QUESTION anything that anyone else orders you to do: Just “Do whatever you are told to do and shut off whatever is left of your mind completely”: That’s the only way to survive here, amid the murderers, that are roaming our streets pretending to be cops.

Whatever you do, don’t ever challenge any government, anywhere: Because you just might be able to help end this global-crime before we all become victims of our own mindless fears…

Just an idle thought on a Thursday morning while waiting for the day to begin.


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