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Getting Down And Dirty


By Jim Kirwan


On Ukraine

On Crosstalk today the topic of Ukraine is discussed but the comments did not go far enough; which is why the stalemate has continued this long.

Nuland’s Kiev”:

Absent from the discussion above were many of the key points that have actually created the current impasse.

The fact that after the coup in Kiev, the War on Eastern Ukraine was started by Kiev and the Nazi’s that have both been supported by the fake-state of NATO, the West, Israel and USI that was not directly mentioned: And all of it has transpired under the intentionally blind eyes of the UN that is supposedly responsible for keeping “peace” not just in the region but in the world.

The entire situation in Crimea was only barely touched on when in fact Kiev has now launched the beginning of a real War on Crimea, based on absolutely nothing. Their claim is that Russia ‘INVADED’ Crimea. The truth is and was that no “invasion’ ever took place. There was an election that Kiev lost and their response to that election, was in the fact that Kiev had tried to turn Crimea into a Russian Invasion. There has never before been a ‘military invasion’ in history where no one was killed. But supposedly that is what USI and Kiev want the world to believe. There cannot be a ground war without casualties.

Since that charge did not spark protests from the rest of humanity; Kiev began to cut off water and power to Crimea. Now they want to go much further under the false-flag that there was a Russian Invasion, when there was no invasion, just a peaceful election which the people of Crimea called for, after the coup that had overthrown their national leadership.

Cross Talk has a discussion about the current situation in eastern Ukraine which they managed to have without mentioning the 10,000 troops from Kiev that have now been surrounded and are about to have to surrender to the Eastern Republics or face capture.

Russia has been helping Ukraine throughout this fake-war and despite their current efforts on behalf of NATO and the IMF, Russia is still assisting Ukraine with money and supplies despite the illegal WAR that Kiev has launched.

The woman in the discussion is representing NATO. NATO is a fake-state and has no dog in this fight. The other ‘agency’ or actor in this charade is the EU assisted by the IMF and the World Bank, who are only there to finish the rape and plunder of Ukraine—by any means possible.

The result of all of these hypocritical-machinations by corporations and global-outlaws is present because they are following the EU position that is being challenged by Greece which is about to be joined by several other members of the EU—primarily because people everywhere are always human-beings first: And nothing that either the EU or the West is doing, is being done to help the very real plight of people everywhere to solve their day to day problems that are killing the remaining societies across this planet.

Austerity” is the exact opposite of any real policy that should have been created to resolve the impossibly huge problems of the fake global-debt, to the world that is now in the Quadrillions. Yet in response to the failure of state after state in the world, “only Austerity’ is ever offered as a way to move forward.

The world is finally waking up to the facts behind the current failure of everything coming from the globally-criminal banks who are still stealing everything, which their owners are demanding, while they call that “the only way to proceed to insure the global-future.”

The truth, as always, waits in exactly the opposite direction

The world could arrest the bankers and their owners worldwide, reset the global debt, and use whatever is seized to make the dying populations whole again. Why have we not chosen to force this to happen?

Code Pink made a start on this yesterday when they publicly confronted Henry Kissinger who has been a war-criminal for his entire adult life, and he’s in his nineties now.

If they can do this, then the world can definitely do much, much more against everyone including John McCain, Obamanation, Cheney, Brzezinski, and the whole boat-load of war criminals that have run this Israeli-War-Crime into the stone-walls of negated-responsibilities which is where we are today.

If Code Pink can do what they did, yesterday, then an awakened American Public could do far more than we have to date.

Arrest Henry Kissinger for War Crimes protestors say

The ‘commenting-public’ around the world, has got to do more than just watch and comment—especially now that everything in reality is pointing directly at either total collapse or WWIII.

The news “SHOWS” must begin to base their programs upon the fact that we are in this global war because for far too long people have not chosen to call events by their real names, just as we continue to let war-criminals and those who prosecute Genocides around the planet, to remain as our pretend leaders, when the truth is far too ugly to bear.

Billions have died because the people in the West have been blasé about ‘the news’. If those who oppose the criminal media were to become active again and tell the world the truth behind the Piñata that the world has decided to embrace as their private chance to reap trillions—then much of this will change and with a real RESET: Then the global-criminality that has been in place since the end of WWII could finally begin to physically fall apart!


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