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Get Out of Jail Free-Cards

Jim Kirwan


The United States has several built-in-passes to accommodate the totally criminal operatives throughout the system. Most of us have failed to study how that works:: This includes the FBI, The United States Department of Justice, the Supreme Court and our illegal operatives at the United Nations and throughout the U.S. Government at virtually every key position ­ they are all CRIMINALS ­ they must be charged & removed for what they've done.

Unless and until those key traitors are removed from their fake-positions we can never obtain the freedoms so many actually believe they are fighting to achieve. Here's one more major-case in point that must be rectified. Think about this totally corrupt system and how it is being applied to those imprisoned, without trial, in Oregon and Nevada.

I thought that not enough people were following this, but there are now quite a few more that are determined not to let this go unanswered...

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