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Strange, Mysterious German WW2 Concrete Rings
Why Did The Soviets Put A Top Secret Order On These
Rings For Over 60 Years From The End Of The War?


What in the world are these rings? What were they for? Are they related to German flying disc technology?These bizarre and intriguing perfect circular concrete discs were built by Germany during the war in a very remote are in what is now Russia. It is said they were kept secret and confidential by the Russians for more than 60 years after the war ended. These concrete 'disc-shaped' structures are located approximately 170 kilometers to the North of Murmansk. They are located near a small village named Liinakhamari close to the Barents Sea. The bay shown below leads out to the sea.

Their original purpose is still unknown and they remain an utterly intriguing mystery. Why would the Soviets have kept them secret for over 60 years?

This ring is under groundwater...but it is said this location is considerably above sea level.

Look closely and you'll see the third ring in the foreground, deep under the water. These are very large items…

The concrete on all the rings is said to be in superb condition...

The third is the most interesting ring. Concrete quality is in perfect condition from 1943,
nothing has crumbled or splintered off. The diameter is about 15 or 20 meters.

Aerial view of this ring. Notice the size of the cars...

Close-up view...



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