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A Scientist Talks About German Flying Disc Technology
Part One

By  Clifford E. Stone
Exclusive To

I am aware that Jeff has an interest in the possibility that the UFOs involved in the Washington, DC area overflights of July, 1952 were of German origin.

The historical truths about this issue include 1. The German people are highly intelligent. 2. The Germans were very much involved in trying to developed a so-called, 'flying disc' type aircraft with the assistance of the Horten Brothers. And, 3, They too, were very much aware of the so-called 'foo-fighter' ufos.

The documents below clearly show there was concern that some foreign power could have exploited the knowledge that the Horten Brothers had gathered and was in fact, behind the July, 1952 overflights. While I do not believe this to be the case, the documented history leaves this possibility open for debate.

'ou shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.'  Do or die, this is my quest. I regret if my actions make some people uneasy, however, my quest has been and shall remain a search the the truth. I regret that quest may hurt the feelings of some.



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