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Genocide In Ukraine

By Jim Kirwan

A woman stands in the ruins of her café…

As of July 28, 2014 -1,100 dead, 3,500 wounded

With over 300,000 displaced.

These figures are just for the small towns and villages

With the two major cities of the breakaway republics that have yet to be attacked.

And the War on Kiev is only just beginning!

The pattern inside Ukraine is identical to what just took place in Gaza. The attacking government forces paid for by the United States and Israel now consist of heavy weapons, fighter jets, heavy missiles, mortars, phosphorous and cluster bombs are all being used against civilians. This “war” was declared against the civilian population of Ukraine by a rogue government that got just 30% of the vote that supposedly saw the rise of an Oligarch to the presidency.

How can a legitimate country refuse to discuss policies with its own people to the point that it is willing to genocide their own people, rather than to enter into a dialogue to end the death and dying? How can a legitimate government be responsible for the total obliteration of their own country, en mass, rather than to even listen to their legitimate complaints? The only solution that Poroshenko is offering is “surrender or death”: The same choice that was offered to the Palestinians by the Israeli’s for the last 67 years!

At the UN: (2min 25sec) “There is no humanitarian crisis in Ukraine as it is continued to be portrayed by our Russian colleagues.” The US representative, to the UN, questioned whether or ‘if’ there was a humanitarian situation in Ukraine that actually needed an emergency meeting. The United Kingdom blamed Moscow for the crisis. Russia brought the issue before the Security Council saying that the situation there is catastrophic.”

The entire area in Ukraine looked very much like Sarajevo

Just a few weeks ago,

Before the attack. Now it resembles Sarajevo after

NATO did its thing and turned it all to rubble.

And still the international community remains deadly-silent

On Kiev.

There are a quarter of a million people trapped in Luhansk, unable to leave. Food and water are almost gone and electricity is out. Just a few months ago Ukraine had virtually no functioning military forces. Today Ukraine is armed to the teeth with American weapons of all calibers, tanks, missiles, Grad mortars and all forms of heavy weapons with which to slaughter their own people—all of it provided by the United States, along with mercenaries of all stripes, being advised by US advisors and the IDF. The goal appears to be another genocide against any and all Russian speaking Ukrainians, in a carbon copy of the bloodbath that was just unleashed against Gaza.

This time round it appears that it’s America that’s practicing Genocide—which is still a war crime!

Apparently the world can only handle one ‘genocide’ at a time.

But then America and Israel have been living so far beyond all the international laws for so long now, that they can’t be bothered with the inconvenient ‘laws’ that everyone else is supposed to live by.

Israel has finally begun to face its failures—USI needs to be charged for this in the International courts as well for the outrageous chain of lies that they’ve been trying to use to mask this slaughter as a ‘justified’ national policy that will turn Ukraine into another scorched earth place not unlike what NATO and the UN did unto Libya, not so long ago…


There is no difference between Gaza and Ukraine except in the landscapes: The bloodshed, the barbarity and the inhumanity is identical right down to the last detail. Between these two forsaken places tens of trillions have been spent to pleasure these global-parasites who are feeding off human misery and total destruction: Just because they can! This is an outrage against the universe and it will be paid for with failure on a scale as yet unimaginable; when compared with everything that has preceded this!

Again like Gaza there is also a commercial component to this contrived war. This time the goal is to block the rise of Russia in the wider world outside, through Kiev, the US plans to launch a preemptive attack against Russia, rather than to have to face the total failure of the Western hegemonic rule that has been taken for granted since the end of WWII.

Everything the US and it’s flunky European serfs are doing by way of sanctions and sloppy rhetoric has all been to rush the rest of Europe into sanctions and hostile actions, before they wake up to find that all of this will only come back to bite them in the ass, once reality finally takes hold…

How many millions more must die, before the planet finally stands together to end this insanity forever…





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