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Gaza In Syria

By Jim Kirwan


For the last week the world’s rabid-dog of Israel has been silent!

The reason for this global-obscenity is because for the first time the entire world can now see the results of Israel & USI’s continuing war polices against the Palestinian’s: This time it’s been against the Palestinian-refugees inside Syria. This situation has been going on now for over a year. The number of the Palestinian-refugees inside Syria is approaching FOUR MILLION PEOPLE.

Why has the entire world remained so silent for so long?

The reason for the global-silence is because the truly global-criminals that are doing this to the Palestinians, are the same Israeli and USI forces that have kept the people of Gaza imprisoned for the last 66 years. The Palestinians that managed to escape from Gaza to Syria are now suffering as not even the Palestinians inside Gaza have been forced to openly starve to death. Look at the city of Damascus above, and then try to tell yourself that this is in any way “survivable” (1)

Netanyahu should be lynched and the Amerikan leadership should be charged with global-war-crimes.

Add to this the fact that Netanyahu has not said a word for the last week? Could it be that this is because Israel and USI are about to do something even more unspeakable to force the world into the next level of global war?

This represents the plight of FOUR MILLION REFUGEES: That’s 4 million more refugees than those residents who still fight to survive inside Gaza. And there are more refugees inside Lebanon and Jordan as well—protected by Hezbollah; and if the world doesn’t act soon, we will all become more road-kill under the treachery of USI and Israel. This war crime and the direct consequences of it are far beyond obscene.

The entire UN came together to offer assistance to the people in these camps inside Syria, but thanks to the current War-on-Syria the promised aid cannot get through, to those that need massive help.

What you can see in the images at the first link below are the all too-human casualties of our global-blood-lust for power and illicit war profits throughout the world today.

What most Americans still refuse to see

Is that we, as a nation, are Israel’s next victims

Of their global-campaign to rid the world

Of ordinary people - everywhere!

YOU have been WARNED!

The United States has been blatantly attacked by the fake Department of Homeland Security, from within our own borders. Their supposed troops have been trained in Israel to treat Americans like the people in Gaza and this includes the four million more refugees from Palestine inside Syria as well. But there’s more:

In the video below from Bloomberg News, we see that the Army is giving away 13,000 MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected) trucks and the lion’s share are going to U.S. law enforcement agencies. These trucks are estimated to cost $500,000 each and weigh 20 tons. The trucks were built to “save U.S. soldiers from roadside bombs in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars,” according to the video details.

Ask yourself the following question….. why on Earth would US local law enforcement agencies need trucks built for war?” (2)

Couple this with the unthinkably-huge ammunition and weapons purchases made by DHS, in just the last two years. If this doesn’t convince Americans that this fake-government is at war against the people of this country, then nothing will. The truth is that DHS is nothing more than the IDF in drag… (3)

The entire planet is now under siege from Venezuela in South America throughout Africa and the Middle-East. We’re using drones as well as every mercenary force we can employ to murder, torture and subdue millions of people world-wide.

In particular we are now determined to force Syria to follow Libya into oblivion, to comply with the illegal demands of Israel, in which US, UN & NATO military force is being used to crush country after country and all of this is totally illegal according to International laws. (4)

US polices keep changing by the hour now and can no longer be depended upon, by any other nation as well as our own, as anything that could ever be globally-trusted anymore. The USA is owned by Israel, outright and whole world knows that now. These constant changes in national and international US-policies are clear warning signs that the old USA is in its final death-throes as a former power that can never again be taken seriously as a global power again.

Ironically all those who currently purport to ‘speak’ for this nation belong behind bars or in federal prisons awaiting execution for their crimes against humanity and the world. These outlaws are not Americans anymore—most of them are just soulless Outlaws that will join whoever has the most to offer them, and none of that has anything to do with loyalty, honor or any law at all.

We’ve become a paper-tiger and we’re about to be tested across the board inside the complexities that are now unfolding throughout Syria and Ukraine—as these global-flashpoints are changing hour to hour, as this is being written.

1) Syria’s Starving Hordes

2) 13,000 MRAPS Patrolling US City streets ­ VIDEO

3) DHS is IDF in Drag

4) Ukraine: Another Piece in US-NATO-EU Neo-Con Puzzle



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