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Galloway 2

By Jim Kirwan


Resistance Rising from Submission’s Restraints

Continued from Galloway ­ 1

Beginning @ 7min 12 sec. into the video

RT: “But I wanted to move on to this “accidental” drone bombing of a wedding in Yemen by the US. Why do you think this would happen if a wedding was accidentally bombed here in America or in Britain by Yemen?”

Galloway: “The even more despicable part of this story is that I promise you this has not even made the news! Neither the BBC nor Mr. Murdock of Sky News have yet reported: That perhaps dozens of “guests” in a wedding convoy in Yemen were destroyed, torn into pieces, from a sofa somewhere in Washington presumably or elsewhere in the United States. Someone ‘pressing a button’ and wiping out a wedding convoy and the paradox is unbelievable!

They are prepared to destroy innocent wedding guests’, in Yemen, in their ‘War Against al Qaeda’ and yet they are ‘arming’ and ‘funding’ al Qaeda in Syria! That’s the point I’ve been trying to make about the Dr. Abbas Kahn story. Britain is up to its neck, as is the United States, in blood and gore in Syria: But they’re on the side of al Qaeda in Syria, whilst they’re wiping out wedding guests in Yemen: Supposedly in a War against al Qaeda! And of course they’re getting away with it; because the so-called mainstream media simply averts its eyes ­ passes by on the other side of the road. And the question you asked me doesn’t even need an answer…

Imagine if Iran had bombed a wedding-party in the United States! Or bombed a wedding-party in Britain? Imagine if the Chinese Navy was in the Florida straits, in the way that the United States Navy is in the South China Seas. Imagine if a president Putin was on the streets of Mexico, agitating anti-American upheaval in the way that John McCain is on the streets of Kiev, agitating anti-Russian feeling!

If you begin to put these paradoxes, line them up: I mean you don’t know whether to laugh or cry: So far-fetched are they and yet it’s really happening.

kirwan: The “rage & outrage” that should have been taking place throughout the US has been totally-blunted because apparently Amerikans are completely immune for feeling anything at all, for any-people other than themselves. It’s been true of the Palestinians, of Egypt, of Lebanon, definitely of Libya and now Syria: And this has been literally true since long before the New Millennium became a fact.

When 911 happened the hearts of most of the world went out to America for the crime that 911 so clearly was. Yet Zionist-Amerika spit on that outpouring of natural-human-empathy by declaring war on Afghanistan instead of on Saudi-Arabia which supposedly had been home to 19 of the supposed-attackers on 911. Americans did exactly as they were told after 911 mainly because “Amerikans” had no idea of who was doing what in the wider-world, just as they have remained totally committed to the Apathy above—alone and isolated within ourselves—in a world that we have ignored since long before most-Amerikans learned to read or write.

All of this was designed to happen just as it has and it will stay this way, until someone bombs an American Wedding convoy on American soil!

RT: “…oh man I’m laughing right now because it is so absurd, the contradiction is staggering ­ I’d imagine that we’d be in World War Three George, if that happened. And speaking of this scenario; Yemen ­ Yemen?

Galloway: “Yeah definitely we would! I mean look at their reaction when (or ‘IF’) a president Putin paid for a page advert in the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times or wherever it was. Imagine if he showed up on Anti-American demonstrations in Canada! Can you imagine it? That’s what European and American leading politicians are doing.”

RT: “It’s the Reverse Iron Curtain George. Speaking of the scenario Yemen now ‘banned’ drones in their country, but the UK government already made a statement that it’s not ruling out

Drone-bombing them in the future! And why is the government already ignoring Yemen’s sovereign decision here?”

Galloway: “Pakistan made the same sovereign decision but it hasn’t stopped Britain and America firing drone missiles at Pakistan and they don’t give a damn about the national sovereignty of Pakistan and more-fool Pakistan, for continuing to describe itself as an ally of the very people that are bombing them! And in the case of Yemen the political situation is a bit less clear, but the Yemeni government’s sovereignty doesn’t add up to a row of beans. These countries will be bombed as in when white-men in Britain and the black president in the United States have their kill meetings on Tuesdays or Thursdays and decide that they’re going to fire rockets at these people.

You remember president made a joke about it. He said that boyfriends, sniffing around his daughters, “you don’t see them coming” just like drone missiles, it’s true! You don’t see them coming until your wife, minus her head, sitting next to your daughter is lying in pieces in front of your eyes you don’t see them coming.

But the hatred and bitterness that they leave behind is sowing ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ for a terrible harvest further down the line! I’ll tell you this. If my family was wiped out by a drone, I would devote the rest of my life and I’d encourage my sons to devote the rest of their lives to getting revenge on the people who had destroyed us.”

RT: “And on thing we can see coming is the wave of Anti-American sentiments in the wake of all these drone massacres George: Let’s wrap this up you’ve got a show on this network now it’s called Sputnik. Talk about what the show is and where people can find it we’ve got a minute left!”

Galloway: “Sputnik orbiting the world with me George Galloway and my wife Gayatri. And we are located in London and I hope people will check it on the website or RT and follow us at RT underscore Sputnik. Follow us on U-Tube and I’m very glad on this and on many other things to be a comrade of your Abby Martin.

RT: “Same to you George, much respect. UK Parliament member Respect Party, amazing to have you on! (1)

kirwan: “This was an amazing video. But there are questions that Americans must ask themselves about. Why is this kind of conversation available on Russian Television or on Press TV in America, yet the same levels of political-honesty are not available anywhere in America, or from American news sources. They are available on the web, but that should never be enough!

Amerikans” have become so self-absorbed that nothing outside themselves seems to matter to the millions that live here now. That’s why Apathy is the Queen of this pornographic-pilgrimage to self-delusion and to their private hatreds that constitute our way-of-existence inside Zero-Tolerance: In this failed place that cannot see the truth of that, no matter how clear it is to the rest of the planet now.

We have to DEMAND real answers to the global and national questions every day: But moreover we can no longer tolerate the hyphenated-Zionists that have stolen this country in broad-daylight.

Many still FEAR the FEAR and TERROR that’s being spoon-fed to anyone dumb enough to listen. We have to stop feeding the fears and “remember who we are”! Americans once knew how to fight when fighting was the only choice, but we’ve forgotten how to stand for ourselves or for those we love ­ when it matters most?

We must shut-down the billionaires and pirates along with the bankers and the traitors that have stolen so much of what our lives consisted of, before we let the fear and terror guard the only doors we had, to the wider-world’s outside…

1) Why MP George Galloway is Killing Blair



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