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An Ode To Gabriel

By Jim Kirwan


In the Year 2525 ­ If man is still alive

This will be what’s left of Israel’s Middle East & the world,

Unless real-Americans decide to change it!

Back in the days when San Francisco still had coffee shops and bars where people delighted in conversations and interaction with each other, I met Gabriel Deckter. He changed my life because he forced me to clarify what I thought and most especially what I needed to do,

If I wanted to change anything about this world we share.

Gabriel was Jewish. He was the son of a Rabbi and a school-teacher. Gabe was also directly related to Midge Deckter ­ a woman of some note who personified the dark-side of politics in the U.S. at that time.

Lately I find that I keep thinking about what killed him when he was only 55. He’d gotten a chest X-Ray from General Hospital in the city. The doc missed a very tiny spot on one of his lungs. Within a few weeks that spot burned its way through his lung and into his spinal column. Within a few months Gabriel died from Brain-Cancer.

Such a tiny speck really, almost invisible to the naked-eye and yet that killed my friend, in an eyeblink compared to the length of the life he’d lived. As a teen-ager he was sent to Israel, to become familiarized with life in that place. He cut the introduction short and returned to the States, vowing to have nothing to do with that place or that religion again.

Gabe wasn’t perfect, none of us are: But he had a mind that was brilliantly-original and he forced people like me to begin to use our own minds, along with every other skill we might’ve had, in ways that could be understood by others: Especially when the task that faced us was important. It was Gabriel that opened my eyes to the true-crimes of Israel, from the ground up. If he were alive, he’d probably be in the forefront of this coming showdown between the global-savages, the Fed and the Rothschilds’ global-bankers vs. “us”.

It occurs to me that the world today is not unlike a human brain that has been infected by the smallest of pretended-nation-states. If we don’t excise this cancer it will kill the world; just like the brain-cancer that killed Gabriel. Israel may be physically small—but their evil-stench has infected the entire planet and we must act against them with everything we’ve got.

I have no use for the creatures that occupy positions of power in the government or in “B’ness” today. But if Gabriel were alive he’d probably say: “Why don’t you tell your readers to send some links to those that are “supposedly in-charge” of anything from government officials to those corporate dictators of everything that’s bleeding us all dry”?

That might work, especially for those that actually think that “contacting a congress-creature might do some good.” If enough people did this with the work of those they find intriguing, at least there would be an outside chance that “the untouchables” might begin to realize that not everyone’s asleep any more!

Posthumous-Gabe: “Hey kirwan, remember what a few of you did to and with the national-media to the pirates that took-over the SF public-library? I know they’re much filthier now than they were then—but if you don’t try this - then you’ll never know what could happen - Right?” (1)

He would have been right. We did a lot of damage but we lost in the end, after four long years because we ran out of money and were scattered all over the country—but not before we cost them millions and actually did change some of the most grievous crimes. Just a handful of citizens got mad and applied that anger, together with others inside & outside the system, to change what was being shoved down the public’s throat each and every day.

So there it is: If you see something do something! Hell that’s their own phrase! If you read something that you think might be able to change the way the world is headed now, in the real world: Bombard the self-appointed criminals in government or the private-corporate-world with some of the simpler-truths that can be easily digested?

Don’t let the bastards win without knowing that at least they were in a fight and that outcome could actually take away their cushy lives! (2)

Whenever anything goes viral, it can have a major impact, for awhile: Even on those that believe they are immune to all the laws. Only we can ever-change that fact, because we are all that’s left of what used to be a place just filled with individuals. You might remember some of them? They were the people that did not cave-in to traitors, to bandits or to common-thieves—much less to pretend officials that are demanding that we unconditionally-surrender to that cesspool in the Middle-East called Israel! (3)

In any case you might have some fun trying to figure out how to get your message through to those that will soon join us as targets of this Police-State. The criminals that will not rest until they own everyone and everything for their owners: These are those people that don’t ever share and who will of course kill the minor-leagues just as soon as they believe that we’re not really capable of doing anything to them…

Why not show them, yourself and everyone else,

Just what you can do,

And how determined you are to end the global-farce

On the Evils of fake-Israel?

This is what Israel is doing to the U.S., through their control over everything to do with media, films and music today. Not content to destroy the arts, Israel is using its powers to totally co-opt anyone and everyone that has been “left-out” in order to make a place for themselves by using life & death as nothing but sheer entertainment ­ no prosecutions have been mentioned, because these sub-animals are on the same side as the ski-masked thugs who claim to be cops… (4)

And closer to home there is now “The Knockout Game” ­ a wonderful pastime brought to us again by Israel. Teaching kids to blindside anyone to “knock them out” with a single punch! They call it a game, but people have died, others have been severely injured ­ no arrests have been mentioned and no one is apparently being charged with a crime ­ say “THANKS Israel!” for another really challenging way to occupy the mindless while destroying the society at the very core of our being… (5)

Damnit people wake the hell up!

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