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The Future In Reverse

From Jim Kirwan



Charlie McGrath took the temperature of the situation on the ground in Ferguson Missouri yesterday. To that point he was accurate but the situation must be seen as only part of the national hijacking of the people of the United States: Given the uneven assets of the Police State as they have been applied in flash point after flash-point around the nation—since 2001.

Shocking Truth: If you speak out you could lose everything

For those who remember the history of the violent outbreaks surrounding the introduction of all the supposed “Free Trade Agreements” which Clinton began pushing, there is a definite pattern that exposes the lies behind the “omnipotent” Israeli-police-tactics that are still being used against every American.

In every case the public thought they were facing an overwhelming force which the public could not defeat, wherever these so-called public demonstrations against the Free-Trade Associations were challenged.

From “the Battle in Seattle” where the organized and strategic opposition was effective to the degree that the underbelly of the police state was exposed for who they were really working for: To the FTAA in Miami which depended for their security on the arrest and prosecution of the singer, Michael Jackson, in Los Angeles—to cover up the millions spent in Miami on three days of unchecked police beatings of demonstrators that came from all over the country to Miami to protest the FTAA. The public lost in Miami and that story was buried by the Michael Jackson arrest.

Fast Forward to the Occupy Oakland demonstration where the police actually outnumbered the demonstrators, even though Oakland only had a few more than 600 cops to control that demonstration. The rest of those “forces” came from all over the country to put down the Occupy Oakland demonstration.

It is worth noting that if other demonstrations had broken out in other California cities at the same time, so that only local police could participate because the imported version of DHS would be needed at home to quell whatever else would have been happening—then “the State” would have clearly failed because California had no local component of the National Guard that had been sent into the wars overseas. Add to this the possibility of other demonstrations, had these been planned for, in say New York, Chicago, or Boston at the same time and again “The STATE” would have been caught off guard and would have failed to be able to stop those demonstrations, for the same reasons.

The truth is that the United States does not possess the “overwhelming force” they need and are trying to deceive the public into thinking that they do have enough troops to subdue the entire country: Whenever they decide to crush us. That’s why they needed to get all those MRAP’s, tanks, heavy weapons, drones and the billions and billions of hollow-point bullets to compensate for the FACT that they do not have the troops to keep the entire nation suppressed—and they never will!

This is also why the government has so far not chosen to go to Martial Law—which is why Missouri is still holding at “a State of Emergency”.

Long ago and far away there was a television series called ‘The Prisoner” which was created and starred in by Patrick McGoohan.

The Village” was my ode to the series, but the image does not use the actual village for all the encased faces which the image contains.

The series dealt with a kidnapped ‘Secret Agent’ who was taken to a mysterious “village” that was run by “Number 2”. The series ostensibly dealt with the Question: “Who is Number One?” There were 17 episodes in the series and the program was immensely popular at the time, as well as long, long after it was concluded.

McGoohan’s ability to use our failures to understand ourselves which has ended by allowing our individuality to be taken away by every means possible, was ironically one of the keys to understanding that which had not yet fully happened.

McGoohan tried to deal with the fact that it is we who were and still are behind the nightmares that we’ve created. His last role that I know of was that of “Longshanks” in Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart. He was unique and people like him in their own individual way are still needed to show us more about who we have been, as well as who we can still become if we will stop buying and resist the corporate appetite.

At the same time that ‘the Prisoner’ was playing out weekly on national television, the Trilateral Commission was meeting to reverse all the progress made by humanity to that point in 1973. Wages began to go backwards; women who were still not being paid equally with men for doing the same jobs.

Instead of what we thought was a fact by 1973: We had already begun the reversal of our future. The society now, in 2014, is even playing with debtor’s prisons. The government has now eliminated most of everything through executive orders and full on government surveillance of every minute of every day. We have actually reversed the societal processes and we’re headed back to the 17th century and beyond. For comparisons between the past and the present look further into these two articles, because if we are not careful we may end up being closer to the first century than we are to the 21st century.

If we want to see how far we have fallen already, all we need do is compare what was possible to make before 1973, vs. what we can’t do with the pittance that is paid to most of those who have to work today. A family of four in 1973 consisted of a stay-at-home mom, two kids who could probably go to college and all of it could be paid for by a single job usually held by the father.

Today the medium income of a family of four can do nothing even remotely like that. Today, more likely than not, both parents have full time jobs, just to make the house payments, the car payments and food is still sometimes sketchy. If the children do go to college that has to come from significant “student loans” that can never be paid back. Student Loans are the next huge Bubble that is about to break.

By contrast in 1973, homes cars and education could all be paid for in cash: Nothing like that is even possible today because the nation is over $222 trillion in the hole and going deeper every day. That’s why the .004% has to maintain their shadow-government because they cannot allow the public to see what has become the truth which is the rape of the people and the planet for their own illicit rewards.

America’s Caligula

America’s Caligula Continued

The people I’m referring to in this article are the “Number Two’s”

We know who they are: Why haven’t they been arrested?


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