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The Future

By Jim Kirwan


Will “the Future” have a human face, or will we individually begin to look more like “conquest”, without a mouth, wearing the serpent consuming its own tail inside the crown upon our silent heads?

War and Famine follow this burning Flag of all Nations, which is punctuated by Death as the fourth rider in this Apocalyptic vision called “Again & Again”.

When we crossed into 2014 we thought we left behind the ruin of what we have allowed this world to become. Yet we have continually failed to deal with all we’ve allowed to be created, with our money and our productivity that was stolen from the world. 2014 will bring the climax either-way to this continuing and age-old battle for the survival of the human race. Of this there can no-longer be any doubt at all.

At the core of this nightmare there remains a real cancer that we have always failed to address. John Kaminski wrote about that today.

His article is thorough and needs to be read in full, by anyone that cares at all about whatever ‘the future” holds for any of us. Kaminski touches on virtually every aspect of these problems that have besieged the human race for virtually all of human-history. The article begins:

Americans have lost their right to privacy and all their other Constitutional rights because of the malignant influence of Jews on every aspect of American life.

For the past one hundred years, the creation of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by 13 Jewish families, has resulted in the destruction of the American economy and the well-being of the vast majority of American citizens. The dollar has lost 95 percent of its value and a multi trillion dollar debt has been created that can never be paid off. Today, millions of people face starvation and ruin directly as a result of these criminal Jewish deceptions.

For the past one hundred years, a Jewish construct known as the American Medical Association has unilaterally suppressed healthy remedies for diseases and instead fabricated new illnesses that now ravage the American population. These medical maniacs now distribute debilitating pills and shots that produce diminished brain function and lifelong addictions designed to shorten lives.

Ubiquitous childhood vaccinations guarantee that the average IQ will continue to plummet.

For the past one hundred years, through their manipulation of public opinion by means of their mass media, Jews have organized and triggered a constant string of wars based upon false information resulting in millions of unnecessary murders of innocent people and untold misery for everyone in the world ~ except for that small percentage of very rich cynics with offshore bank accounts who do their bidding and are complicit in this ever growing spectrum of Jewish crimes against humanity.

For these and myriad other reasons, Jews need to be banned from holding any positions of responsibility in government, education, media and any other field that provides them with an opportunity to inflict upon their unsuspecting non Jewish victims this exploitative and homicidal mania that is the hallmark of their shameful and universally loathed history.” (1)

We lost control over the way we lived our lives in 1973, when the Trilateral Commission was formed, to crush the human race by taking the profit out of working for a living, for most Americans. The balance between those who create whatever is to be marketed and those who supposedly provide employment; has never been more out-of-proportion than it is today. The wages paid to those who “work” have been falling for ordinary people steadily since 1973, while the profits from our real labor have reached epic and never-imagined heights for the Outlaws that now own our entire way of life.

In the unlikely event that there will be “a future with a human face” the balance between labor, creative-ingenuity and the profits in every endeavor must be restored. Every aspect of our lives today has been radically changed. What we have allowed to happen to us, cannot be allowed to stand.

The global-scenario began in the 20th Century quest to steal everything that could be stolen in the days of the Robber-barons. Their greed and arrogance forced the shut-down of their empires after the excesses of the global-depression which ended with the Stock-Market Crash of October 29, 1929. The monsters of that failure were scattered but not defeated, as they retained the wealth they had stolen, to stay powerful. After that generation died out, their successors tried again and again until they found the traction needed during the Clinton administration, to remove the last of the chains that had been put-in-place in the 1930’s.

Thus the way was paved and open for the current massive takeover of global-banking and commercial-global-interests through the rise of criminal free-trade-agreements that began, under Clinton, with the fast-tracked-introduction of the first “Free-Trade-Agreements” that are about to conclude their rape of the planet with the TPP.

The rights of individual-nations are now almost totally gone. Given-away to the Money-changers and the New World Order, in the name of a “global-fairness” that is grossly-illegal and savagely-destructive of anyone that tries to run an honest and profitable-business on their own. This also just happens to end all personal freedoms of thought, movement or expressions of anything that might challenge anything they continue to do to us.

The ramifications of this massive change in the way the world does business has been altered, without any voice from ordinary people anywhere, to create private-for-profit-corporate-nation-states, where corporations were never-before allowed to go. The same thing happened to virtually the entire world once corporations were allowed to copyright plants, trees and even parts of the human-genome. This is what allowed Monsanto and others to “OWN” parts of nature, and all of certain artificially created seeds, in order to control the food supply of the entire planet.

This happened because we allowed corporations to obtain the same rights as people, but without any of the same responsibilities that people everywhere have always had to consider. If this had been stopped; then corporations could never have had the chance to even dream about creating private-for-profit-corporate-states ~ in the way they have now completed that process.

Under TPP every thought, deed or creation of any person is no longer their’s: To either create or profit from. Everything will shortly belong in perpetuity to a private-corporate state with total power over everyone living in whichever state anyone might exist in.

The world has already been divided into ‘Districts’. The US has already been divided into the first ten of the 83 districts in the “new-world”. These same “districts” correspond to the existing 10 districts of the Federal Reserve. The same ten-districts are what control the new military-districts for the UN and NATO which also serve as the ten military-regions that will replace the 50 states in the old United States. These regions are marked by Roman-Numerals and have been planned for decades to replace the states once the New World Order takes complete control. It’s interesting that the first ten regions begin their contiguous-plan which includes 83 regions in the world.

Take a look at the map below, and then check on the rest of the 83 regions beyond North America? Why did this start with the USA?

When we began our colonial-quest to conquer this part of North America, we gave no thought at all to what we did for over 400 years to the natives that had lived here for thousands of years before we ever arrived.

The New World Order, unless they are terminated, will be doing to the world what we did to Native-Americans, to Central and South Americans or what Israel is still doing to the Palestinians: Except that what will happen here will be happening to the entire planet in the name of greed, gore and conquest that will wipe out seven-eighth’s of the population of the planet ~ if Israel and the New World Order have their way with us ~ this year!

The fracturing of this nation is already beginning to be forced by a piece of legislation that seeks to force terms upon the USA and the would-be-imposter Emperor here, through an agreement that offers nothing while at the same time it dictates impossible-terms to Iran that will force America to fight a war for Israel: On Israel’s terms that no one except Israel wants: Regardless of the price or the outcome of the war that will follow.

Dear Senator Schumer,

I have read the text of the draft legislation that was introduced today under the title “Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2013.” You are prominently named as a supporter.

The bottom line of this bill as written would remove any real negotiating authority from the U.S. government by specifying in advance the terms of an impossible settlement. At the same time, the bill outsources any decision about resort to military action to the government of Israel, by committing the United States in advance to support any military action by Israel.” (2)

This continuing war for human-survival is what’s at stake today. This battle should be seen as whether-or-not any “future” for anyone, can or will continue to even have a human-face at all.

Think about it!

1) The Battle for Human Survival ­ John Kaminski

2) Serving Emperor Netanyahu?



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