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Full Spectrum Dominance

By Jim Kirwan

Yesterday I wrote “Loser’s Never Win”. Some thought the article was just a rant. That opinion failed to take into account the possibility that what I was saying was true. The proof of these ‘truths’ is in the fact that every statement made can be proven beyond the shadow of any doubt.

To discern the difference between ‘a rant’ and the conditions that we’ve been living under for the last fourteen years ­ requires physical-proof that what was said in that article is not true. Anyone who still believes that the statements made were exaggerated or were outright lies needs to be able to prove that point of view, with examples to the contrary…

Loser's Never Win!

This morning there’s an article that clarifies some of the lies we’ve all been living with, globally, when it comes to the security of every other nation who thought they were cooperating with the now broken United States: Only to learn that in reality all their secrets now belong to the psychotically driven insanity that is called Israel

Press TV has conducted an interview with James Fetzer, Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota Duluth, to talk about Berlin’s recent decision to set up counter-espionage measures after reports of Washington’s spying.

What follows is a rush transcript of the interview:

Press TV: First of all, I’d like to get your thoughts on Germany’s counter-espionage measures and also if you may explain why the United States did not agree to a no-spy treaty with Berlin?

Fetzer: Well, the situation actually is not merely alarming, it’s catastrophic. If the reports we have from Richard Silverstein and from Stew Web, which originate with an Israeli security expert, are correct namely that there is an NSA [National Security Agency] satellite facility in Jerusalem and that Israel has access to all American intel which can include all the way down to launch codes from American missiles.

If I were a foreign country under this set of circumstances, I would undertake an immediate cessation of any intelligence-sharing with the United States, because if the United States has it Israel has it, and that means that every other nation cooperating with the US has its intelligence resources at the disposal of Israel, which is only going to use them and exploit them for the benefit of that nation itself. The situation is extraordinary.”

kirwan: The reason for the reality of this global fear of Full Spectrum Dominance, hinges upon this revelation which is at the black heart of this global-deception for any nation in the world who ever did anything with the broken United States: Because that means that Israel has access to everything that any country did or tried to do, no matter how insignificant. It’s more than telling that the U. S. has still not reacted to the treachery of this revelation.

Israel is behind everything that’s happening today anywhere on the planet; much like the image at the top of the page. The entire world is being gripped in the bloody claw of Israel and always has been since even before they murdered JFK.

Press TV: Professor Fetzer, Germany is obviously not the only country that was targeted by the US worldwide espionage program. Do you think what Berlin is doing now could set a precedent for other countries to follow suit?

Fetzer: Absolutely. There is no doubt. No one can any longer, no nation can any longer have any confidence in the security of their intelligence shared with the United States.

The United States has been compromised and there is a succession of presidents who have to have known this to be the case. It apparently originated with George Herbert Walker Bush, but was obviously therefore been known to Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and to Barack Obama. They and their vice presidents and their military chiefs should be held responsible. If all of this is correct, it is the greatest act of treasons in the history of this nation. Individuals like admiral [John Marlan] Poindexter, General Alexander Clapper and the rest should be imprisoned, taken to custody, and prosecuted for betraying the nation’s most important secrets.

This puts the whole [Edward] Snowden episode into an entirely different light, because they have been lambasting him for revealing the NSA surveillance program, but what they are not themselves disclosing is that all American intelligence is now compromised with Israel.

It’s a disgusting situation. I could never imagine such a treasonous act in my entire life and I say that as a former marine corps officers who cares deeply about these matters.”


Everything about global affairs has always been about lying, which is why Israel is so good at what they’ve always done.

But the people in this perennial Stazi State of War, that’s taken over this Republic, prefer not to know anything about what’s really going on—anywhere else. This critical failure to seriously explore the massive volume of lies has become the only thing this former nation-state now does in the world must be clarified. This failure will kill most of us much sooner than anyone at the moment seems to be able to imagine.

To unlock this nightmare the public must reexamine everything we thought we knew about the shitty little non-state of Israel. Everything Israel has done, supposedly with the full cooperation of the USSA, has all been nothing but another pack of lies. There is no “special arrangement” written down anywhere. There is no real cooperation with Israel: There is only blackmail, murderous attacks upon our government and our military forces, whenever that is convenient for Israel: The USS Liberty, the bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, 911, the slaughter of the Branch Davidion compound in Waco, the Oklahoma City Bombing and every other military attack on every place that we’ve illegally invaded or destroyed since 911.

The only reason Israel has nuclear weapons is because they stole that technology from the United States and other nations. In fact everything that Israel has done in the world is directly attributable to their theft of technology, weapons or intelligence generated by the rest of the world.

Israel is the state of lies incarnate and has been since the Kazars masquerading as Jews were evicted from ancient Carthage. The time to evict all hyphenated Jews from this nation is at hand and must be done if the world is to survive!

No nation on the planet can be allowed to break every law, every international convention and every human right as their chosen path to achieve Full Spectrum Dominance!

Think about what would happen if the United States and Israel were to be forced to militarily-withdraw from every nation that both USI and Israel are currently occupying! That would be the beginning of a new kind of peace that this world has not known for millennia…

The choice is clear either the world condemns Israel and USI now, for all our crimes against humanity or we will all face extermination.

Regime Change Now!


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