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Fukushima fog Hanging over the Tokyo Olympics
is topped up by COVID - Year 9 Post 311

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Accidents happen. Or instead of mishap, let's call the present cough-cough epidemic another blow-back for homicidal maniac Shinzo Abe's NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) warfare operations. His Cabinet's research funding for development of the HIV-Coronavirus-mTB chimera now grips a stunned Japanese public much like sarin fears did during the Tokyo Subway gassing, that earlier mass murder arising from Abe's WMD team inside the Aum Shinrikyo front group of a quarter-century ago. Weapons of mass destruction have a way of slipping the leash to wreak massive harm on their demented creators, as we've seen in the weapons-grade plutonium bursts at underground sites in Haramachi and Hirono that triggered the reactor meltdowns at the TEPCO Fukushima No.1 nuclear station on March 11, 2011.

Ground Zero aka Fukushima Prefecture was the center for Japan's atomic bomb research and production since the late 1930s, the world's earliest sustained effort at enriching uranium to achieve a fissile reaction for the purpose of mass murder. A lifelong supporter of weapons of mass destruction, Shinzo Abe inherited his passion for extermination policy from his maternal grandfather Nobusuke Kishi, the prewar finance supervisor for the puppet state of Manchukuo and supporter of his much-revered Unit 731 chemical warfare and research in lethal virology, the direct predecessor of today's COVID-19, created with funding from the current Japanese education ministry.

The early stages of the Fukushima uranium mining was initiated by Bund-Eine, a joint R&D project of militarist Japan and Nazi Germany, at uranium-rich Mount Uzumine near Sukagawa in southwest Fukushima Prefecture, as seen in my on-site video. One part of that futuristic project was to refine thorium-uranium fuel for a flux-reactor jet engine to enable a bomber to deliver the payloads over Washington DC and New York City. A bold conception of total destruction of millions of civilians in a few seconds has its more sinister peculiarity in the relishing of one's victims gasping and convulsing under toxic compounds, chemical or biological.

Addicted to reveling in mass death

The thousands of horrific deaths in Wuhan, South Korea, Iran, the USA and Italy is a cheerful thought for a demented mastermind. The fact that "his own" Japanese people are being killed by radioactivity and the coronavirus is of zero concern for Kishi's grandson Shinzo, and to contrary a source of sick pleasure. He revels in mass death as did his grandfather who eagerly read field reports of Japanese soldiers writhing in death throes from the releases of hantavirus and bubonic plague over Changde and other Chinese cities, where tens of thousands of local civilians were exterminated as part of a research study. That was in preparation for a biological warfare against San Diego.

Listed as a Class-A war criminal, Kishi was enlisted into John Foster Dulles's Cold War and the CIA covert biological weapons drops across the Yalu River in the Korean War. The good die young and the bad guys go into politics, as did Kishi and his grandson Shinzo Abe, both prime ministers. What about the man in the middle? The current prime minister's late father Shintaro Abe was the foreign minister who financed the creation of Aum Shinrikyo, the cult involved in shipping 20 tons of sarin precursors from Volvograd to North Korea and onto Japan during the Yeltsin years. As the quarter-century mark of the Tokyo subway gassing approaches in mid-March, watch for my eyewitness recollection of that monstrous event and its political background, including Shinzo's evasion of justice in the aftermath. The A-bomb, bubonic plague, hantavirus, sarin and other chemical toxins, and now bio-engineered COVID-19, that's a dynastic bequeathal to humanity!

Zombie Olympics

At this point along the depopulation curve with the bio engineered HIV-COV-TB hybrid on the loose in Tokyo, where the water supply is radioactive and other related disasters loom darkly, all I can say is: Welcome the Zombie Olympics! The bestially corrupt International Olympics Committee deserves a whiff of their own rotted stench before they drop to the pavement. Don't bother to save their carcasses when gasoline and a match will do inside toxic Tokyo, which is arguably worse than Wuhan. Have a nice cruise aboard the Corona Princess on Tokyo Bay! Enjoy the all you can eat radioactive sushi as if it's your last meal.

What we've learned about the Fukushima nuclear event over the past 9 years:

-1. Higher Radioactivity levels in air, water and food is accelerating the nation's population collapse to its lowest level in 25 years. Mortality due to heart failure, lung cancer, brain seizures, dementia and suicides related to mental disorders (all directly linked or largely attributable after-effects of the 311 disaster) are accelerating since population decline began precisely in 2011. This drastic reversal of the historical trend of population increase is a sure indicator of a pervasive Fukushima-caused health threat across Japan. There is no such thing as "partial" or "just a little exposure" since the radioactivity levels inside the Tokyo Metropolitan region; since you're either exposed or not. Legal settlements for the costs of serious health damage to foreign visitors are certainly not going to be awarded when Japanese law courts have been foot-dragging on more than 30 lawsuits against TEPCO for property damage, lost income and health care for Fukushima residents, while the government has been delisting entire cities and towns inside the most affected zone from any relief or compensation. Attending the Tokyo Olympics will probably be far costlier to young athletes than coronavirus over a shortened and painful lifetime than the mere price of an airline ticket. Run, swim, leap, wrestle and die, young hopefuls.

-2. Relocation of the Olympic Marathon out of Tokyo. The decision of the International Olympics Committee (IOC) to move the Marathon, the premier event of the Olympics since the Battle of Marathon, to Sapporo in the northern island of Hokkaido was driven by the concern over unusually extreme midsummer heat in Tokyo. The record summer temperatures in Tokyo (as well as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, are one of the lasting effects of new Arctic ozone hole, which has radically expanded since April 2011, due to the destructive effects of nuclear isotopes on highly unstable ozone in the higher atmosphere. Contrary to the official citation of "climate change" as in the mantra of that nitwit Greta Thunberg, the world's nuclear physicists are well aware of this effect but are being forced by government laboratories to remain silent (as leaked to us by several insiders, who are obligated to keep their identities secret or risk their physical elimination). Radioactivity has modified the Earth's weather systems, causing life-threatening wildfires, aberrant storms and temperature extremes.

-3. Enormous Solar Flare as Likely Cause of 311 Quake. The most probable cause of the Richter 9 earthquake and tsunami off the coast of northern Japan was a coronal mass ejection (CME) that erupted out of the sun on March 4, 2011 (East Asian time) and struck the Earth 3 days later. As one of the most powerful solar flares in recorded history, that CME released enough electromagnetic energy to trigger the Richter 9.0-plus quake at its epicenter, a volcano 7 km below the sea surface off northeast Japan. CME events unleash a neutrino stream passing through the Earth's core, along with free protons and electrons impacting the rock structure with an electromagnetic charge along the fault-line. The disruptive effects on unstable rock structures could also spur magma movements in the geological strata under volcanoes, especially at the juncture of the Pacific plate and Eurasian continent. A high-energy solar flare is a more convincing cause of the 311 regional quake than a nuclear detonation far below the sea surface (possible only by loading a warhead into a bathyscaphe).

-4: Arctic Ozone Hole Expanded by Fukushima Disaster. Worldwide temperature fluctuations and fragmentation of the northern ice cap were caused by widening Arctic ozone hole in addition to heat from radioactive fallout on the ice surface and over glaciers, both resulting from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. During a 2013 flight over the Arctic region, I snapped photos of shattered ice floating on the waters off the northern coast of Greenland. The floating blocks and millions of ice shards showed none of the curved edges from a melt, meaning that after a year of thinning and tritium and deuterium (radioactive heavy water) had initiated the "crazing" and cracking process. By contrast, climate change theory has been stretched beyond all limits to account for these Arctic events. The opening of that radioactivity-caused ozone hole soon became visible in unprecedented southern sightings of the Aurora Borealis at the latitudes of Michigan and northern England.

-5. Tokyo Water and Soil as Health Threat. A 5-year field study by a Kinki University research team showed without a shadow of doubt that several rivers flowing through the Japanese capital are highly radioactive and depositing toxic silt on riverbeds and inside Tokyo Bay, where islands are the major venue for 2020 Olympic Summer Games. A science-based environmental movement of 4,000 Japanese citizens has collected soil samples from 3,400 sites in 13 prefectures of northern Japan, and with local food and water samples, which show dangerous levels of radioactivity since 2011. My readings taken around the watershed of Oku-Tama Lake (Tama-ko, inside the Tokyo Metro district) indicated a system-wide radioactivity threat from Tokyo's water supply.

-6. Nuclear Weapons Production Triggered Meltdowns. My findings during exploration on 12 research visits into the 30-km Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone found evidence and local accounts indicating that the Fukushima reactor meltdowns were originally caused by gamma radiation released from two destroyed underground nuclear-weapons facilities concealed inside nearby conventional power plants in Haramachi north of Fukushima No.1 and Hirono, Iwaki City, to the south. These military-related weapons facilities were collapsed by the 311 quake, and began bombarding the MOX fuel reactors at Fukushima No.1 in a large-scale chain reaction, which had the potential to trigger all the reactors along the coast of Northern Japan, which is why the three hot reactors were flooded with seawater. In addition a tritium-extraction plant conceal inside a dam upstream from the Fukushima No.2 nuclear plant also contributed to beta radiation releases.

- 7: How Stuxnet Virus Shut Down N-Plant Systems. The destruction of the underground nuclear-weapons plant at Haramachi cut off that conventional power plant's electricity supply to TEPCO No.1, causing a temporary shut-down of its computer control systems. In the 20 seconds required to switch on the back-up generators, the Stuxnet virus penetrated and shut down the Fukushima plant's computer system, thereby preventing the hot water drainage pipes from being closed. As a result, the tsunami rushed into the plant unimpeded, destroying the equipment in reactor buildings and blocking access to emergency crews. This factor left only a handful of nuclear service companies as possible sources of Stuxnet insertion, including GE-Hitachi, Westinghouse-Toshiba, French AREVA and the Israeli nuclear security firm Magna. Stuxnet was created in Israel. (This Israeli link could explain the disinformation about an underwater nuclear-blast as trigger of the Fukushima earthquake.) Every one of these tech providers must have had some knowledge of how TEPCO was hacked by the Israeli team, yet failed to report the security breach as mandated by the IAEA.

-9 . Tritium on the Pacific as Cyclone Generator behind Wildfires. The sighting of box-shaped tritium-deuterium fog along the Fukushima coast in summer 2013 frightened residents along that shoreline. Contrary to logic about density and flotation, the heavy water did not sink but traveled in fog-belts, which glowed pink when exposed to midday sunlight, across the Pacific to the coast of North America. The beta-ray emitting marine layer off the coasts of British Columbia, the Pacific Northwest and Arcata-to-Sonoma coast of northern California is the best explanation of wildfire outbreaks and lightning strikes besetting the Pacific seaboard 2017-2019.

-10. Global Ecocide in a World losing Insects and other Species. Silence looms over vast swaths of North American forests and meadows in a radioactivity-caused ecological disaster more extensive than the DDT-linked "Silent Spring" described by Rachel Carson. The silence has spread to wildlife biologists and an environmental movement in nuclear denial. Over a short spell, predators dependant on an insect diet, including songbirds and lizards, have been disappearing in what adds up to a major extinction event, with knock-on effects devastating to pollination of crops worldwide, bringing on mass starvation over the coming years. The present locust infestation is a good indicator of loss of birds, lizards and other predators of underground larvae, which normally prevent infestations.

Conclusion: Attendance by individuals, national teams, corporate sponsors and spectators in the Tokyo Olympics is consensual participation in genocide and ecocide, an endorsement for nuclear power to exterminate all living species. All participants in the Olympics movement suffer the Stockholm Syndrome of "voluntary" cooperating with your own kidnappers, and thereby share the legal liability for ensuing deaths and medical costs. This is not an exaggeration but a hard cold fact.

The sponsors of the Tokyo Olympics include:

- GE, which build the MOX-fueled reactor 3 that exploded at Fukushima, triggering multiple Earth-environment disasters;

- Atos, a major public-relations agency for the nuclear power industry;

- Mizuho and Sumitomo-Mitsubishi bank groups, major investors in Fukushima operator Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO);

- LIXIL, a building contractor specialized in water systems involved in the government's Fukushima "reconstruction" aka public-relations sanitization campaign;

- NTT, involved in a joint venture with TEPCO for "renewable power", a code-word for nuclear-sourced fueling for electric cars; and

- ALSOK and SECOM, security and surveillance providers to the nuclear industry.

The Evil perish from their own crimes

From Proverbs 14 - The bad will get what they deserve, while the good shall be be rewarded for their deeds. A fool will believe anything; smart people watch their step. Sensible folks are careful to stay out of harm's way, but stupid fools are careless and act rashly. People with a hot temper do ridiculous things; the wise remain calm. Ignorant people get what their folly deserves, but the perceptive are rewarded with genuine knowledge.

What begins in evil comes to a bad end. With that, let's raise a toast of communion for health and happiness to be restored in the wake of these catastrophes of radioactivity, coronavirus, locust swarms and brute mass murder. Let the criminals eat cake and breathe in the radioactive air perfumed with coronavirus, while we break bread and pass it on to share among sensible folks with hearts of goodness. The meek shall inherit the Earth, so smile, friends. Go ahead and laugh because their loss is your gain.