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Fukushima-Linked Wildfires, Rossby Waves
Spurred Hurricanes And Mexico Quake
Smoke And Ash From Western Fires Throw Six And
A Half Years Of Accumulated Radiation Into The Sky

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

The wind is edged with burning frost. Awakened by the electric sky, the serpent shakes off his coat of dead skin, unloosing scales of hot ash and sparks, setting fire to the helpless land, and then leaps into a glide on feathered wings on a steep dive into the depths through the silent underworld, plying through crevices to the buried lake where his shrill scream unnerves his faithless minions, who quiver under their sheets like field mice in nests of straw. The ancient stones rattle. With a toss of his tail, the mighty one veers into the dark passage toward his throne under the sea. I am the Planet Shaker with fiery power as immense as the stars, who asks for so little from my pathetic peons, merely the sacrifice of your overflowing multitude of hungry children. And after this task is done, I shall return to El Norte to seize in my claws a harvest of skulls from those thieving fakers, los Kali Fornicators who despoil my land and poison the waters. For all this is mine, the realm of Quetzlecoatl!
Futile protestations to the contrary from the arrogant global warming cult, the fact should by now be obvious to all that the primary driver of Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, along with the spark for the Mexico earthquake, was not carbon dioxide but instead the untrammeled power of radioactivity in the atmosphere billowing out the Fukushima reactor meltdowns of 2011 in addition to Hanford and Diablo Canyon. After more than six years of radioactive releases from the blown-out Hitachi-GE and Toshiba reactors, the knock-on environmental effects are being manifested over North America and the Caribbean region with killing force.
In the spring and summer of 2011, the earliest impacts of the Fukushima reactor explosion and plumes of radioactive smoke knocked Planet Earth off its axis and that wobble drove the northern jetstream southward over most of North America. The protective layer of ozone over the Arctic region was burned away by radioactive isotopes in less than three months, and many more regions of ozone in the lower stratosphere have started to thin, allowing unfiltered passage of solar radiation and cosmic rays to the Earth’s surface, raising temperatures on the ground and oceans. None of these mega-shocks are due to carbon dioxide.
Radioactivity as driving force for disasters
The disastrous geophysical events of September 2017 have revealed additional effects of radioactive contamination, including a dramatic surge of wildfires and lightning strikes in the western U.S. and Canada, and the southward push into Mexico of long-frequency electromagnetic Rossby waves in the jetstream that cause the formation of hurricanes and also trigger earthquakes. Combined, radioactivity from the forest fires and the jetstream provided the driving force for the Chiapas Earthquake, which rocked Mexico City, as well as the near-simultaneous occurring Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Franklin and Katia (the latter hitting Mexico).
The new normal of radioactivity-driven extreme weather events promise many more shocks to come in the prelude to the termination of life on Earth. The public has never heard or read about these dangerous phenomena because meteorology and Earth sciences have been dominated by the close-minded cult of climate change/global-warming theory to the exclusion of all other causal factors.
Genuine science, in contrast, is based on impartial observation of Earth events with psychological openness as to their possible causes. A barely studied aspect of environmental degradation since the start of uranium enrichment in the late 1940s due to national security paranoia, the ignored threat of radioactivity has by now been greatly amplified by the nonstop escape of nuclear isotopes on an unprecedented scale from Fukushima.
Wildfires and Rossby waves
Here, the Chiapas-Mexico City Quake and recent the series of hurricanes are attributed mainly to two direct causes:
- first, the super-heated forest fires in the western U.S. and Canada, which triggered unprecedented clusters of lighting strikes, including powerful positive-charged bolts affecting ground current while spreading radioactive isotopes along the edge of the jetstream, which reached Mexico and the Gulf Coast;
- second, the southward push of radioactivity-powered jetstream into Mexico, with consequent stretching of long low-frequency Rossby waves, which generate hurricanes and tropical storms, and as explored here released the the electromagnetic energy that triggered the Mexican quake.
Arising from the Cherenkov Effect related to radioactivity, the shape-shifting green glow of the Northern Lights and the Luz Verde luminescence over Mexico City before and during the Chiapas Earthquake were the death dance for climate change theory.
Unholy Trinity: Wildfires, Positive Lightning and Seismic Energy
More than six years of radioactive rain and fallout resulted in the bio-accumulation of radioactive isotopes and hot particles in the vast tracts of forest along the Pacific Coast of the U.S. and Canada. This fire season of late summer-early autumn has seen 10 million acres (6 million hectares) go up in smoke, double the area of previous annual burns. Radioactivity has added volatility to the heat energy released by fire and smoke, as shown in ground-level temperatures above 100F (38C) in the once cool summer climes of the Pacific Northwest region.
The dense haze added to the public health threat since breathing in radioactive particles is a vector toward lung cancer and destruction of the human immune system. How serious is the risk for residents in the Pacific Northwest? The federal government and state authorities do not monitor air quality for radioactive isotopes, due to the official support for the global nuclear industry and the Department of Energy’s collaboration with Japan’s secret nuclear weapons program centered in the greater Fukushima complex. Three successive U.S. presidents, starting with George W. Bush, have kowtowed like cadet samurais to their master Shinzo Abe, while Americans at home and throughout the Pacific are being picked off by Fukushima-related cancers and heart failure. The inexcusable betrayal of the public trust goes a long ways toward explaining the lack of data and the deliberate suspension of health measures to limit damage from radioactive exposure.
Round-ball estimate instead of hard data
To assess the radioactive smoke threat to health, one would need roughly accurate figures on nuclear contamination of American forests. There are none in the “democratic” USA or Canada in stark contrast, for example, with research done in communist-era Ukraine following the Chernobyl disaster. In Kiev, more than 100 km from Chernobyl, a study of local parkland indicated 137 becquerels per cubic meter along the forest floor. (A becquerel, or bq is a unit of radioactivity measurement based on 1 nuclear decay event, meaning the release of a neutron or proton from a nucleus, per second.)
Before proceeding, it must be noted that the Kiev figure is quite low, far below levels in Japanese forests at a much farther distance from Fukushima, although a mitigating factor is that Ukraine is relatively flat compared with the mountainous terrain of Japan, which is similar in altitude and humidity to the Pacific Northwest. Clouds gather around mountain peaks, releasing fallout in the rain, and thus many hilly regions of Europe were more contaminated than parts of Ukraine much nearer to the fire-damaged nuclear plant.
To get even a vague idea of the situation in the Pacific Northwest, my spot readings of tree trunks and leaves in Japanese forests ranged from a minimum of 100 bq up to 1,000 bq, and ground levels in the debris were about the same. This would roughly amount to about a minimal 100,000 bq per cubic meter (on slopes wherever the debris layer is relatively thin). Even at one-hundredth the Japanese level, the American forests would have significantly high levels.
The strong probability is that Cascades and foothills of the Rockies are more contaminated than Kiev, by a factor of at least 100, due to radioisotopes from the TEPCO meltdowns carried by the jetstream plus smoke from millions of tons of burnable waste from Tokyo’s 23 tall incinerators. (In an earlier article, I mentioned peering through a jetliner window at an airborne stream of black soot flowing across the Oregon-California border from the direction of Tokyo, when the dosimeter measured around 2.40 microSieverts, a dangerous level.)
There are 10,000 square meters to a hectare, so the debris on an average hectare of forest floor in the Pacific Northwest, based on the Kiev low-ball figure, would contain more than 1.3 million becquerels, and that is not counting the tree foliage, truck bark and root systems. Again multiply by 10 million hectares, to arrive at 13 trillion bequerels as a minimal threat estimate for the air that’s available for breathing for up to 30 million residents of far western North America. And that’s still a low estimate.
Government sabotages public health
What is telling about federal and state policy toward radioactive contamination is that these measurements, which require monitoring equipment and trained staff, should be done by the EPA and the Forestry departments, or at least the National Park Service. To the contrary, President Barack Obama ordered the shutdown and removal of federal radioactivity monitoring stations along the West Coast. The failure of his EPA and DOE officials to monitor Fukushima contamination on the USA was not just a monumental environmental crime (most of the songbirds are gone by now), it can soon be designated as Stage 2 of mass genocide. Instead of receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama should have been honored with a Nuremberg Trial.
The present moment is not the time to quibble over the White House defense of TEPCO because the focus of this analysis is not public health but disclosure of the key role of airborne radioactivity in promoting other types of catastrophes.
Iced Lightning
Before proceeding into the subject of electromagnetic forces augmented by radioactivity, there are two lesser points to note:
- First, that prior to the Chiapas temblor, Mexico was battered by Hurricanes Franklin and Katia, indicating here again a correlation between the 2017 storms and seismic activity; and
- Second, the Chiapas Earthquake, which occurred where the Cocos-Mathematicians Plate subducts under the North American plate, moved the fault line northward by 10 meters, adding pressure to the North American Plate that extends through California and the Pacific Northwest, which are overdue for a major quake.
In regard to Fukushima contamination of North America, the timing of the 311 meltdowns was terrible, since springtime is when the Arctic vortex begins to break apart, leaving the ice cap vulnerable to wind-borne radioactivity contamination. In past articles, I have presented aerials of the fragmentation of the ice cap caused by pockets of tritiated water trapped inside the ice and thinning of the ice sheet by radiation (heat) from wind-deposited nuclear particles.
The destabilization of both the Arctic cold-air mass and the northern jetstream led to a series of extreme weather phenomena, including winter hurricanes and flooding in the U.S. The radical tilt of the Earth’s axis, due to the nuclear explosion in Reactor 3, resulted in the southward drift of the Aurora Borealis, with its green glow becoming visible as far south as England and the state of Michigan. The jetstream’s consequent southward push carried radioactivity into the lower 48, especially along the Rocky Mountains (where similar fracturing occurs on frozen lakes) as far as northern Mexico.
In the summer of 2017, the northern jetstream further bulged covering the middle reaches of Mexico. (This unprecedented expansion indicates that TEPCO has quietly started dumping huge amounts of tritiated water laced by radioactive particles into the Pacific Ocean, with some of that lethal content picked up by the jetstream.)
The lopsided jetstream (shrinking over Russia but swelling over North America) increased the area of contact between the troposphere (lower atmosphere) and the jetstream moving eastward in the tropopause, the higher colder layer. This boundary between the troposphere and the tropopause (between 10 and 13 kilometers above sea level) is crucial to cloud formation, precipitation and generation of lightning bolts.
Throughout this summer and autumn, the surge of wildfires in the wetter forests of British Columbia and Washington State, send up not only heat and smoke but also huge amounts of water in the steam to form dense clouds. Near the boundary of the two tropos, ice forms inside the clouds, and these frozen crystals polarize the electrical charge in and around the clouds. As a result, thunderbolts with a negative charge are emitted from the bottom of clouds, and an opposite charge or “positive lightning”, is released above the cloud, fewer quantity but with more powerful energy levels.
The lightning strikes from clouds rolling southward ignite more forest fires. The combustion cycle in summer-autumn 2017 is double that of previous years, with up to 400 wildfires in British Columbia and more than 60 huge merging conflagrations in the western states.
In early September, San Franciscans were stunned to see more than 1,400 thunderbolts in a single day, and soon thereafter, due to the overhanging jetstream, Southern California was blasted by 40,000 lightning strikes. Again, those negative thunderbolts were matched with equal energy by positive lightning, which can strike far away from the source clouds “out of the blue”.
So what been happening, due to energy from the jetstream and atmosphere, is a net increase of electrical charge and electromagnetism on the ground, passing through the “wiring” in the earth, especially along seismic fault lines. Much of the voltage is accumulating along fault lines parallel to the North American Plate, which was heavily impacted with northward pressure from the Chiapas Earthquake. So the Big One is coming to California and/or Oregon, sooner than later.
One warning sign that West Coast residents need to be aware of is the Jolly Green Giant, because when he appears over your head, there’s only as little as one day to prepare for a shaking. Hours prior to the Chiapas quake, a green specter hovered over Mexico City, created by electrically charged radioactive ions in the clouds, further energized by the ground current. The green glow comes from the Cherenkov Effect (which was discussed in my earlier article on the Mexican quake).
Jetstream backed up
In August 2017, the jetstream became backed-up over the Eastern U.S. due to slowing from a high-pressure dip of the jetstream further along, in the mid-Atlantic region (where the string of hurricanes were generated). The blockage forced the jetstream to turn back on itself, toward the southwest down through Florida and Texas, causing a dense high-pressure zone. It was this intense high pressure that stopped Hurricanes Harvey and Irma (hurricanes are low-pressure entities) from making forward progress following final landfall. Thus Harvey and Irma dropped most of their rainfall over a limited land area. The flooding was not due to global warming but to the radioactivity-affected jetstream.
Rossby Waves: Long and Low
Rossby Waves are very long undulating electromagnetic waves formed inside the jetstream by the Earth’s rotation, or the Coriolis Effect. These low frequency waves were discovered in 1937 by meteorologist Carl-Gustav Rossby, partly due to the proximity of the jetstream and the Arctic to his native Sweden.
The effect of these very long and shallow waves is most noticeable where the high-pressure zone related to the jetstream meets the low-pressure zone over warmer ocean waters (in relation to the U.S., that would be the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea).  In recent years, researchers have started to study Rossby vortex waves, which play an important role in forming hurricanes and their eye walls.
What happens is that when the jetstream reaches the boundary with low-pressure zones, the Rossby waves attenuate, or stretch, sometimes morphing into vortexes that initiate the swirling motion (both cyclones and anticyclones) on the surface of the ocean. Hurricane formation is a dynamic consequence of the Earth’s rotation, a part of the astronomical waltz of the solar system (and galaxy) and not global warming from carbon dioxide as the science-illiterate mainstream media and deceitful “science” administrators would have you believe. When will we moderns learn to trust the revolutionary dance of the Sun, the Earth and the Moon, instead of trying to reduce everything to straight-line Newtonian earthbound gravity?
The southward thrust of the jetstream over the eastern Atlantic ended with the release of Rossby waves, forming the vortexes that created the series of hurricanes. What the jetstream birthed, it also killed with its high pressure over the southern coast of the USA, which slowed and prevented the inland progress of Harvey and Irma. This grand procession of cycling winds has nothing to do with a slight increase of carbon dioxide nor is it affected by tiny variations in gas ratios.
Long waves break loose
The final phase of Rossby waves is the common denominator for the serial hurricanes and the Chiapas-Mexico City Earthquake. As the jetstream over North America plunged far to the south and started losing its force past the boundary with a low-pressure zone, Rossby waves broke loose as an free-floating electric charge. Angling toward the Earth’s surface, this charge is influenced by electromagnetic field line and therefore “seeks out” ground current in the rock below, and in this particular case it followed a fault line to join the electric flow toward the seismic cluster below the lakebed under Mexico City.
False reading or accurate premonition?
On the day prior to the September 7 Chiapas temblor, seismic monitors rang out warnings in Mexico City, which led to the evacuation of some buildings. After an anxious pause, as the earth stood still, municipal emergency officials attributed the scare to a false alarm cause by some unknown technical glitch. That was a mistaken assessment. Since after the massive 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, the capital has been equipped with advanced seismology equipment, which has been augmented in recent years with low-cost high-tech sensors. It is now standard for quake-detection systems to include devices that measure ground current and electromagnetic variability.
On September 6, those sensors picked up a spike in ground energy, no doubt from electricity flowing from Rossby waves to the ground below Mexico City. The voltage would move along the fault lines to the bed of Lake Texcoco upon which the city is built and then along the westward fault, where the North American and Pacific Plates impact the Cocos-Mathematicians Plate (on the south). The epicenter was located at Gulf of Tehuantepec, more than 1,000 km from Mexico City.
The Richter 8.1 quake was the result of massive pressure locked underground near the juncture of three tectonic plates, but the long key that opened this lock was a jolt “out of the blue” originating from low-frequency Rossby waves that were transformed into an underground electric current.
Quetzlcoatl’s warning cry went unheeded, and Mexico City paid the price in crushed bodies and spilt blood. State bureaucracy and ill-informed science, which has sunk to the level of a cult that cannot comprehend the complexity of this planet’s inner workings but instead worry about a less than 1 percent increase in carbon dioxide over a century, are to blame for the erroneous assessment of the accurate alarm.
The missing hurricanes

Genuine science has no need for selectively cherry-picking numbers and modeling based on dubious data taken inside urban heat islands, nor does it require hocus-pocus about the Goddess Gaia. Spare us the witchcraft and the hockey stick.
So let’s crack one other puzzle with empirical science rather than remain mired in dogma: Why since the hockey stick prediction (of a sudden rise in global mean temperatures starting around 1997) has there been fewer hurricanes, and not more as projected by the climate change cult? Why has there not been (final) landfall of a major hurricane in the 12 years between Wilma and Harvey? (Landfall, a term misused by the news media, means that the hurricane terminates inland and not just brushes past land.)
The most plausible explanation is based on the long-term effects from the 1986 Chernobyl fallout, whose radioactivity releases began the process of decentering the northern jetstream. Its effects on the jetstream and Rossby waves were gradual and subtle yet shifted the jetstream over the Atlantic just barely enough to keep the unloosed Rossby waves from reaching the warm oceanic corridor that is the cradle for hurricanes. No cumbersome and unconvincing global warming theory is required.
Chernobyl radioactivity releases were much smaller (and less geo-strategically positioned) than Fukushima’s nuclear explosions, fires and multiple reactor meltdowns on the western Pacific near the northern jetstream. (Much of the Chernobyl radioactivity swirled over Scandinavia into the Arctic) incrementally shifting the strong annual flow pattern of the jetstream, whereas Fukushima radioactivity hit like Thor’s hammer.
The end of climate change theory
So let’s lay climate change theory to rest once and for all as a failed myth, along with its underlying desire to return humankind to a pre-industrial past of forest dwellers in the Dark Age. A global climate tax is not going to rescue the global environment from any of its present crises, especially when nearly all remaining species are facing imminent extinction from genetic disorders due to radioactive exposure. A correct diagnosis is required, leading to the shutdown of nuclear energy plants, a ban on nuclear weapons and long-term storage of radioactive waste, an expensive proposition that will not get any cheaper by delay or wasting funds on climate change modeling.
As demonstrated by the duality of opposition between the pro-nuclear (climate change theory proponents) and pro-coal (so-called global warming deniers) factions, both of which are actually corporate lobbies, basic assumptions and mindsets toward energy resources need to be updated by genuine science.
There are still two major untapped sources of relatively safe energy, which are to exploit the Coriolus force caused by the Earth’s rotation (jetstreams and ocean currents), and tapping the non-visible spectrum of solar radiation especially the electromagnetic bands, which can augment and perhaps surpass the potential of photovoltaic power. Instead of leading to a trap of expensive panaceas and pessimistic inaction, science should enable our societies to think positively and find creative solutions to our life-threatening crises so that as many species as possible, including our own, will survive the catastrophe looming over us.
Science journalist Yoichi Shimatsu has conducted 12 field research journeys inside the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone and has researched the impact of radioactivity along the U.S. Pacific Coast.