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Fukushima Radiation In Central Illinois

From: Vic & Cindy Connor

Dear Jeff...
I live in Normal, Illinois and weíve had thunderstorms off and on for the past 36 hours and have received about two inches of rain.
I just measured the radiation of this rain. It is from 158% to 316% above normal!
This is the highest radiation Iíve measured in the two years Iíve been using my Inspector +.
Our normal in house radiation is 0.12 microSieverts per hour.
My wooden deck averaged 0.50 microSieverts per hour, 316% above normal, and
my trampoline averaged 0.31 microSieverts per hour, 158% above normal. These were both about two minute readings.
It makes sense that the trampoline bed is lower, because the rain water pretty much drips thru it, but the wooden deck will accumulate the radiation as the water soaks into the wood.
This is an FYI, and no need to reply. You are the only source of info Iíve found on the Internet that is continually covering this worst man-made disaster of modern times.
With great respect,
Vic Connor


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