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Friends Of Jihad In CIA-FBI Intimidate Vegas Victims

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense


After sustaining injuries from gunfire, the Las Vegas victims are being threatened into silence by a rogue FBI, which remains fixated on overthrowing a duly-elected President on behalf of their Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatari paymasters. Any attempt by local police at investigation into the multiple-gunman shooting spree is being twarted by federal henchmen, who are allied with the Obama appointed former FBI director James Comey. What’s now happening in Vegas is not just a heavy-handed cover-up of a heinous crime against the public, it’s the continuation of a war against patriotic Americans by the Salafist Muslim sponsors of terrorism,who are now increasingly focused on regime change in Washington D.C.
The FBI gag order on local police officers and military personnel forbids these heroes from discussing their pursuit of gunmen inside a dozen hotels and restaurants, and not just a fictional lone gunman at the Mandalay Bay Resort. Gunfire occurred at the Tropicana, NYNY, Excalibur all near the Mandalay Bay; at the Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, the Aria and Paris hotels; and restaurants including Hooters, Gilley's, Al Baba, Hollywood Planet and a hamburger stand. The censorship of comments from  local police is a sure sign of a high-level official cover-up on behalf of Washington politicians who are in bed with the sponsors of terrorism among the oil-rich Arab monarchies.
Even more appalling is how FBI agents are interrogating the gunshot victims as if they ware enemy nationals and deleting their smartphone photos of that night’s bloodletting. Hundreds of wounded survivors are discovering to their dismay that supposed federal “protectors” have a lot to hide about their role in the assault on the Route 91 country-music festival. It’s taking a darker turn with thedisturbing case of a woman who escaped injury near the stage but died mysteriously five days afterward, possibly to prevent her from posting more proof of multiple shooters on social media. The target in this rogue FBI-CIA censorship is the truth about what happened and who were responsible for that horror night of October 1.
The FBI’s heavy-handed censorship, threatening tone of interrogation, and sheer hostility toward injured civilians have nothing to do with effective counter-terrorism and indicate the opposite, that the FBI-CIA nexus has been colluding in partnership with Islamist terrorists. Their cowardly duplicity has put the entire blame onto one of their own, the ambushed agent Stephen Paddock, who is an associate of the Volant military contractor group, and was gun-running to ISIS supporters in an FBI-CIA sting operation similar to Fast-and-Furious. This ill-conceived counter-intelligence plot was sussed out all along the terrorists, who double-crossed Paddock and then perpetrated the Sunday night massacre to their message to Washington FBI HQ and to Langley.
Before scrutinizing the chief spook behind the cover-up and his path of destruction during the Pizzagate scandal and the DNC hacking reprisals, the recent findings on the Vegas Job need to laid out, based on the testimonies gathered at rense radio and other online sources uncompromised by the corrupted intel agencies.
Jihadists in Deseret
The world community knows full well that the Obama-era CIA and Pentagon, using funds from Saudi, Kuwaiti and Qatari sheikhs, trained and armed ISIS militants to carve out a right-of-way for a trans-Syrian pipeline. It’s also no secret that, following the failure to establish that planned oil-and-gas route, the Syrian and Iraqi counter-attack against ISIS bases was purposely delayed and sabotaged to allow the Caliphate’s fighters to transit into an artificial “Kurdistan”, where 1,000 CIA and Pentagon trainers have been transforming the Peshmerga militia into a regular army, as was done by the Clinton CIA with bearded gangsters in Kosovo.
Since the Iraqi Kurds cannot trust and have no use for Salafist cutthroats in their midst,  the Vegas shootings strongly indicate that ISIS fanatics were being flown to Nevada for encampment inside vast stretches of desert designated as USAF gunnery ranges or easily melded into the 10,000 plus Muslim Arabs living in the city of Las Vegas.  This non-assimilating enclave, of course, is part of the massive and malignant impregnation of the nation with a mix of rank and file Muslims (90% of who are fighting age males) and hard core ISIS jihadi extremists, all brought in and placed in Any Town America by the hordes or treasonous sellout - and VERY profitable - businesses called 'Refugee Resettlement' groups usually operated by allegedly 'charitable' and 'religious' organizations.  These resettlement businesses are often run by Christians (and Christian Zionist groups) who are only too happy to place their own Islamic executioners in the heart of communities all across America.  It's sheer insanity…anything for a buck.
The presence of ISIS inside the American heartland can also be inferred from the stationing of Saudi Air Force intelligence officers and Special Forces in Nevada throughout the entire month of August supposedly for training at the Tonopah bombing range outside Las Vegas. Contrary to this ruse of air-support combat exercises in hardship conditions of 115 degrees F heat, the Saudi military team rented out the entire 289 rooms of the W (the Whatever/Whenever Hotel). formerly the Sahara of the Sinatra era. Those rentals included 84 suites costing $1,400 per night. Money buys silence.
The W on The Strip is owned by the Mormon-connected Marriot group. (Background: The occult wing of the Oxford Movement in Victorian England cultivated both the Mormons and Salafist Muslims as fraternal secret societies that favor polygamy, pederasty and divinely sanctioned violence against  mainstream religions, including the major Protestant denominations.) One of those Arab airman was arrested for raping a young American boy, an incident that was swept under the State Department’s shag carpet.
It should be shocking that a mere month prior to the military-style assault on the Route 91 Harvest Festival teams of Saudi strategists and ISIS commanders could openly case The Strip for the planned paramilitary strike. The elements involved in their military-science research included line-of-sight firing lanes, angular ballistics, areas suitable for ground-level gunfire, communications, codes, insertion-and-exfiltration routes, decoy possibilities, logistical support and secrecy rules for their local Muslim collaborators. In a town with more than 10,000 Muslim residents, many working in the hospitality industry and devout worshipers at eight local mosques, there was no shortage of accessories to the murderous crimes.
Their bosses, those arrogant provincial sheikhs, can order the slaughter of Americans with less pity than they have for sheep. That’s because mutton is halal or clean; whereas infidels, especially Christians and Americans, are deemed to be haram or evil filth. This "moral" dualism, however, is rife with hypocrisy. The American evils of vodka orange, shisha pipes packed with dope, strippers, prostitution, transvestites and glitzy fashion for street walkers is great fun because all the joys of life are forbidden at home, and so Las Vegas is the earthly  paradise before going to hell. Hard to blame these pent-up Arab yokels, with their baggage of dumpy hooded wives, noisy obese children and boredom from the lack of real-world challenges when the oil industry doles out a monthly allowance. Gangster movies and cowboy epics are also most amusing in their fantasies about: shooting up the damned town like a gang of outlaws riding out of Dodge. These guys are immature imbeciles.
Get Your Kicks on Highway 666

What makes these sons of shepherds so dangerous is that the Pentagon gives them weapons and a license to kill. That’s because the Defense Department budget depends on charity from those overfed Jabbah-the-Hutts in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. It gets even more degrading when defense contractors like Lockheed and Boeing get down on their knees before their Arab benefactors with less qualms than aspiring actresses told to service Uncle Harvey. (Pardon me for sounding like an anti-Semite, but what is it about Jews and Arabs obsessing over their weenies, not just Harv Weinstein but also Anthony Weiner?) So this is how far the National Security establishment has degenerated in faraway lands: Too bad we lost Syria, so let’s send those disappointed ISIS boys to have some fun on Route 91 as consolation.  
Now twist that crazy kaleidoscope a half-turn to come into focus: The coddling of Arabs sponsors of terrorism is treason. Donald Trump’s purge of the Clinton-Obama corps of  traitors obviously needs to go into several more rounds to flush out the residual murderers in high places and some of them deserve the gallows so that the USA can become a decent nation again.
Before leaving the theme of Sin City, a bright neon arrow that points to Saudi involvement is the choice of restaurants where customers heard gunfire on October 1: Hooters the balloon company; Gilley’s cowboy theme bar where well-endowed blondes wear skimpy tops and suggestive leather chaps; a burger joint that offers char-grilled lamb patties; Henderson’s Ali Baba Lebanese cuisine; and hooker haven Planet Hollywood. . . all the sleaze and cheese that Arab men fantasize about during the annual fasting period. Instead of paying the bill out if their own salaries, the desert cheapskates enjoy the booze and the company of babes on the Royal Saudi Defense budget. So how is it that politically correct multi-ethnic feminists of the Western world have the temerity to tell decent civilized men to be nicer to those moral retards dressed in sheets and sandals as if they were John the Baptist? (note: I have a lot of Arab friends who will laugh harder at these familiar facts than you infidels.)
The Luxor Triangle
How can anyone be so certain about professional military involvement? When information from the Las Vegas police radio scanner is superimposed on a map of The Strip, it discloses that the Triangle of Fire from machine-guns at the Tropicana/Hooters and New York New York hotels passed through narrow spaces between structures onto the concert venue over a distance of more than 300 meters. Sniper techniques were applied to machine-gun fire is a method that emerged out of U.S.-supported jihadist tactics during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s.
Narrow lanes of fire at long distance make it practically impossible for undercover cops and hotel security on the ground to use pistols and other light arms to suppress the gunners. Triangular fire to block escape of trapped adversaries is a standard military maneuver. By comparison to NYNY and Hooters/Tropicana, the wide-open and unimpeded Mandalay platform made it easier than shooting fish in a barrel, which explains why that hotel was chosen for their double-cross of the Paddock and the Volant-CIA-FBI sting operation. (Those who are unfamiliar with Volant LLC defense contractors can get up to speed at one of my earlier articles on Paddock’s career in intelligence work.) That looser gunfire was to prevent access to Las Vegas Boulevard by concert attendee and also police cars from city center.
The gunmen avoided entering the Luxor or firing on its pyramid-shaped glass shell, because it was used as no-man’s land separating the intelligence team that double-crossed and executed gunrunner Stephen Paddock, from the military regulars firing machine-guns from Hooters (behind the Tropicana) and New York New York, at the farthest distance from the concert. By using that physical vacuum between squads, the ambush plan against Paddock could not leak out prior to the FBI’s expected sting operation. The scorpion was killed by the wasp, and the FBI sting was stung to death. Another point about the Luxor, the police spotted a “device” in an RV in its parking lot, which was either a false alarm or a ploy to evacuate the place, thereby crowding the Mandalay and NYNY to facilitate the gunmen’s escape
The reconnaissance and prior planning paid off in a nearly flawless paramilitary operation. The devastating machine-gun bursts from NYNY and Hooters laid down cover fire for snipers rushing onto the grounds of the concert venue. The pinned down hotel undercover cops at the concert (two were killed) could not prevent the snipers from picking off the dispersing concert-goers. That light infantry squad moved in from behind the Tropicana Hotel and along the perimeter of the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport. Several witnesses reported seeing a gunman directly in front of Gate 14 of Terminal 1, which looks directly onto the concert grounds and the Mandalay across Las Vegas Boulevard.  
Alien Force from Area 51

LV McCarren airport figures in this drama in another most-unusual way. In the wee hours of predawn, after firing had stopped and the wounded were hauled away, a planeload of combatants were spotted boarding a plane operated by Janet Air, the “private” airline for secret flights to Area 51, Tonopah gunnery range and other USAF facilities in Nevada and beyond.
With the LV Met police so spread out over a dozen shooting sites, and the FBI caught flat-footed by the ISIS double-cross of agent Paddock, a USAF Special Operations Group apparently rushed over from one of those bases to reinforce the counter-attack This intervention would account for the longer than one hour delay in breaking into Paddock’s 32nd floor room. The SOG group would have brought along a bomb-disposal unit with heavy-duty blast shields, thicker body armor, and stronger helmets and eye protection. One witness reported seeing three armored vehicles and a white man carrying a submachine-gun behind the Bellagio, which is consistent with police radio reports of shooting at the front entrance and perhaps inside. Very likely that military team was waiting for the gunman to drive out the service ramp of the hotel rather than risk rounding the lake in front. If so, the Bellagio gunman is one of the seven assailants reportedly shot dead outdoors.
The hidden role of the USAF commandos raises other questions. Was that Air Force Special Forces team earlier involved in flying their ISIS trainees out of the Syria-Iraq theater to Nevada? Did the camaraderie established during fighting the Assad regime influence the Air Force to allow leave for its ISIS troopers to party in Vegas under the presumably (and wrongly) watchful of Saudi military attaches?
One Las Vegas local explained to Jeff Rense that the ISIS gunmen and other team members could have been easily extracted from the Mandalay and other shooting venues via the Air Force Janet Air facility, located adjacent to the Harvest Festival a little over a couple blocks South across Las Vegas boulevard.  A private jet (Saudi?) could have been idling and ready when the killers made their way on foot to the extraction point.

Why Not Inflict Maximum Casualties?

The attackers were not wild-eyed fanatic youths driving onto sidewalks, they were soldiers with combat experience trained by the U.S. Special Forces. On that fateful night, many tens of thousands of visitors to Vegas made for easy targets, so why did the terrorists not shoot at guests in the cluster of hotels near the Bellagio, or detonate explosives and set fires during a hostage crisis as in the 2008 Mumbai Taj Hotel siege? Why was the expensive property left undamaged?
The answer to that question comes across clearly: Las Vegas was merely a warning. If our American allies so much as harm a hair on the head of any of our ISIS fighters now in your care, we will take 10 eyes for an eye because you've already betrayed our trust in you and you must make it up to us. The CIA, Pentagon and NSA are being treated like whipping boys, and like in “Lawrence of Arabia” we just saw what comes next. Some of you boys might actually like it. What can be garnered from these coded messages is that soon you might be meeting a new neighbor, a nice quiet fellow from the Middle East who wouldn't hurt a fly...
Judging from police radio chatter so far, only two gunman inside hotels were killed (one fleeing from the NYNY into the Excalibur) and one seriously injured (found inside the Paris Casino Hotel). An estimated 7 more shooters were shot dead outdoors, most of them along the airport perimeter and behind the Tropicana.

One of the witness accounts came from a young couple who had escaped the Harvest killing field and explained how they made it along with swarms of others to the Tropicana. Once inside, they and everyone else were being ordered to go into the casino.  The young man immediately rejected that idea…he had no desire to take his lady into an enclosed room, no matter how large it was.  So, he said 'No' and resisted the instructions which were most immediately being issued by a clean-shaven man with Latino or MidEastern olive skin, wearing a suit.  He was carrying a case large enough for a sub-machine gun.  The young man felt this man and his briefcase didn't 'look right' and he demanded that the suit tell him what was in the briefcase.  The suit just grinned at the young man and repeated that everyone needed to move on into the casino.  Meanwhile, another concert survivor heard the commotion and joined in demanding that the suit show them what was in his case.  The grinning man then said, "You want to see what's in the case?" and bent down and began to open it up. At that very moment, the young man says gunfire broke out in the casino and the suit picked up his case and moved very quickly toward the sound of the shooting.  Was the suit hotel security? Was he an arab shooter trying to heard as many as possible into the casino for another massacre?  It’s hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, the theme of this essay.
Ocean’s Eleven and Other Nearly Perfect Crimes
So about half of the ISIS assault team were killed, most of them by Air Force commandos or hotel security men, meaning the remaining gunners managed to escape. Evasion and escape by car is technically impossible in the south sector of Las Vegas, due to its limited number of roads and the fast-response system for City and Clark County police to block all outgoing routes (due to the constant threat of armed robberies or burglaries at casinos, as famously depicted in Ocean’s Eleven, starring Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, and the remakes with George Clooney, Brad Pitt and other blind mice).
Las Vegas is airtight, and therefore any left-behind gunmen or accessories who could not reach LV McCarran and did not fly off from the area of the Janet Air facility went into hiding inside the hotels, probably those owned by major investors from the Middle East, including the Saudi-controlled Four Seasons, which occupies the 5 floors atop the Mandalay, and the Dubai-dominated MGM group (Mandalay, Luxor, NYNY, Excalibur, Bellagio and 7 other Vegas hotels.).
The alternative evasion option, for those who missed the flight from the Area 51 commuter facility, is to remain inside a hotel.  A insider source told Jeff Rense that the Mandalay alone, as mentioned earlier, has at least 120 Muslim workers, most of them Arabic speakers. There is no need to risk a high-speed chase when all a terrorist has to do is slip on a waiter’s coat or busboy jacket to disappear in plain sight. Any officers in the commando operation could simply take the elevator up to the Four Seasons for a massage to relax the sore muscles, enjoy a glass of single-malt Scotch whiskey and email a joke off to friends before dozing away on fluffy pillows. There was no fear of arrest because the Arabs are more untouchable for the FBI than Al Capone was in Chicago before Eliot Ness arrived. As for cultural similarities between swarthy Mediterranean, Arabs and Sicilians (and Israelis) prefer Tommy guns for carnage and blonde bombshells with cleavage. Lucky Luciano just never went out of style.
Whatever the method used to make a getaway, the ISIS gunmen will never face trial or be found guilty in a court of law, and the lack of interest from law enforcement in making an arrest defeats the Constitution’s guarantees of writ of habeas corpus and right to a fair trial. With ISIS gunmen still on the loose and coddled by the CIA-FBI, the best security policy could well be to buy a firearm before the Second Amendment is abolished.
American Spirit not FBI Chicanery

Nevada is a corner of the Wild West, where lawmen like Pat Garrett, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Reason McConnell and Bill Tilghman are legendary. So now Sheriff Joe Lombardo and his deputies join the gunfighter hall of fame. In the life-and-death struggle for the frontier, any outlaws from the Arabian Desert who ride in to shoot up the town, well, they’d better be prepared to die like a dog in the dust or be hanged high from a noose. That is the tradition by which desperadoes meet their gruesome end in a lawless land. If there is one outstanding character trait of Americans, it’s that they are fearless in a shootout. And now Congress wants gun control. Why not just give the jihadists title to the land and the keys to your daughter’s bedroom?
What ever happened to America...the free and the brave? By contrast to icons like Clint Eastwood in “Rawhide” or Steve McQueen in “Wanted Dead or Alive”, the FBI stiffs are paper shufflers, data compilers and political wet wipes. There is no conceivable rationale for suppressing the facts in this blatant case of mayhem and mass murder, which to the contrary demands publicity of as much witness testimony as possible, for example releasing photo collections of the violence and pasting Wanted posters on every telephone pole, supermarket and police station. American lawmen and bounty hunters should just hunt down the wicked, even if it takes a posse.
When law enforcement crumples and goes into silent mode, the only possible explanation is that the nation’s most-powerful domestic law-enforcement agency, the FBI, is acting as a Fifth Column protecting the Arab sponsors of jihadist terrorism. The Feds and the politicians are bought, lock, stock and gun barrel. Stephen Paddock never had a chance because he must have been betrayed from within the FBI-CIA.
Subversion and Sedition from The Black House

There’s no ifs, buts or maybes about an official cover-up of the Vegas fatwa fiesta, and so the first challenge is to expose and remove the Fifth Column so as to get at Terror Inc. The mass murders at the Orlando Pulse nightclub and the Route 91 Harvest Festival were the direct result of a political “time bomb” left behind by the pro-Islamist President Barack Obama, who was likely born to a Kenyan Salafist Muslim clan (or sired by American Communist Frank Marshall Davis) and raised by an Indonesian military officer who was involved in planning and arming the jihadist massacres of 2 million non-believers in the 1960s. The Indonesian fanatics are still killing Christians over there, without any objections from the State Department.
Following his departure from the White House, Obama set up his headquarters for subversion in a sprawling mansion in the Kalorama “embassy row” district of Washington D.C., which can now be dubbed The Black House, black being the color of the ISIS flag. To raise the morale of his army of obedient drones and NFL kneelers, Obama dispenses millions of dollars accepted from Wall Street bankers, Indonesian crooks, Arab sheikhs and Afghan heroin traffickers to finance a campaign of “resistance” and sedition in what’s fast-evolving into either regime change or a Second Civil War.
One of Obama’s paid-off henchmen, who pushed a disinformation scare known as Russiagate against the incoming Trump team, is former FBI Director James Comey. Today, he’s a sore thumb, being a white faculty member at Howard University, which prides itself as a black college and the “premier educational center for Islamic banking”. Lured, sold and delivered by their Arab captors, slavery is being reinvented as global finance. The campus is located only a few short blocks from the street where DNC whistle-blower Seth Rich was murdered.
From his perch at Howard, seated in a chair professorship funded by an affirmative-action editor at the Amazon-owned Washington Post, that shameless CIA mouthpiece, Comey remains a watchdog protecting the Islamist campaign to subjugate the USA and sabotage Trump’s agenda to revive industry, create jobs and achieve energy independence. Orlando and Vegas are the opening shots in a guerrilla war against the American people. Therefore it is time to read the entire passage from the Second Amendment as ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson: ‘’A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”
Now that we know the FBI and CIA have turned coat and joined the invasion force, it’s become high time to set up a militia for defense of democracy and sovereignty.
Pizza Delivery Man
Special Agent Aaron C. Rouse is the head of the FBI Field Office in Las Vegas. The 20-years-plus veteran was transferred from FBI headquarters in Washington D.C. to Vegas last year. Just18 days before Director James Comey announced the reassignment of Rouse to Vegas, Seth Rich was killed on July 10, 2016, in an unsolved gun incident pinned to a “botched robbery”, as if lifting a wallet and watch from a dead body on an empty street at 4 a.m. is so impossibly difficult.
Next, prior to Rouse’s arrival in Las Vegas on September 12, several other mysterious murders occurred in his zone, including the gunshot “suicide” of Victor Thorn (Makufka) who had exposed the Jerry Sandusky pedophile case at Penn State and linked it to the Lincoln, Nebraska, boy prostitute scandal; and inside a bathtub the death of lawyer Shawn Lucas, who had just initiated a lawsuit against the Democratic National Committee following the nomination of Hillary Clinton. Again, there was no proper investigation into what the online media suggested were politically motivated homicides.
After those irksome problems were out of the way, Rouse flew to Vegas, where he implemented a rapid response strategy for child abductions under a human-trafficking program. The latter was obviously a belated reaction, a propaganda ploy, in reaction to the negative publicity over the Pizzagate pedophile scandal back in his former bailiwick.
Is Rouse just your average FBI agent merely carrying out his orders? Hardly so, judging from a line in his very short official biography: “In April 2007, Mr. Rouse was selected as the senior liaison to the newly established Community HUMINT (human intelligence aka spies) Coordination Center at CIA Headquarters. In this position he de-conflicted HUMINT enabled operations worldwide for not only the FBI, but for all federal agencies regarding Counterintelligence, Counterterrorism and Criminal matters.”
De-conflicting means that Rouse was in charge putting law-enforcement agencies and police-intelligence units under the baton of the CIA, transforming that lawless spy agency into a Global Gestapo. Community HUMINT or human intelligence coordination meant that snitching from informers in a neighborhood in Timbuctoo goes directly to the Agency database via the NSA. Rouse is an architect of worldwide surveillance .That was in 2007, six yeas after the 911 demolition of the World Trade Center. As for the WTC demolition, is it a coincidence that Rouse is a former New York State trooper?
His law-enforcement career started as a state trooper until 1996 when he joined the FBI at its Washington Field Office. That was three years after the 1993 truck bombing of the World Trade Center pinned on blind cleric Omar Abdul Rahman. Rouse is always the man on the spot.
In Las Vegas, Rouse also launched an FBI training program for hotel security, capped with an award ceremony for the Aria Casino and Resort Security Department. After investing so much personal capital in the protection of Vegas’s flock of golden geese, the veteran spy chief would hardly besmirch his unbroken record of success with a false flag operation staged by crisis actors, which would wreck the credibility of his hotel security network.
His one slip-up was to allow the perfectionist Stephen Paddock to run a solo gun transfer to the Arab terrorists. Rouse, an Easterner, was not in Vegas long enough to realize the impact of refugee resettlement in an environment that resembles the Arabian Peninsula. In the inter-mountain region with its traditon of close-knit polygamous Mormon clans, the Muslims could rapidly established their own separate identity by constructing mosques with funding from the Saudi state and an Islamic academy or a madrassa, a training ground for jihad, in the heart of America. There was never a chance for cultural assimilation or social integration of Arabs, except for an occasional lone free-thinker. With a high-demand religion, values inimical to American tolerance of individual choice (which includes worldly pleasures), and extreme patriarchy, why then are the liberals supporting Muslim immigration? There are many other people who want to join the American experiment, including Europeans fleeing the invasion of rapists and murderers from the Middle East.  And let's not forget the four million whites facing imminent genocide from 40 million blacks in their homeland of South Africa.
Separatism, especially of Muslims in the social context of nation founded upon a Christian ethos, should not be deemed “diversity” or “pluralism”. It is exclusive communalism based on religious restrictions, as practiced in many districts in Britain posted with signs that read: “White People who enter here after nightfall will be killed.” Multi-generational Americans should not be subjugated as sex slaves and third-class citizens like Palestinians in their own land, and of course likewise for American Indians. Those whose ancestors came before new arrivals should be regarded with respect and their customs honored and even adopted because the U.S. can be a kind and generous host nation and new immigrants should act as grateful guests. Targeting a country music festival goes beyond ingratitude against the host population, which greeted refugees from the Middle East with openness, but that welcome mat must now be rolled up. The solution for those who cannot overcome their hatred of Americans is not violence but simply to leave and never come back. You are fee to go, nobody’s stopping you.
Islamization of the American Nation

Before signing off, something must be said about Islamization, the massively financed worldwide campaign of proselytizing, conversion, agitation against perceived persecution, and jihadism involving armed attacks against “infidels”. The petrodollar system of exchanging energy resources for investments in the U.S. economy breeds a special class of collaborators involved in the pro-jihad Fifth Column among Muslim-”Americans” and law enforcement officials at FBI, CIA and Defense Intelligence.
Apologists for Islamization will argue that one should distinguish between religious belief and political ideology, a point well argued and accepted, with a rejoinder that it would nice if the fanatic gunmen agreed to this separation of issues. American politicians and law enforcement officials are bending over backwards not to swipe the Muslim community with a broad brush, but their caution has swung too far toward leniency when some 100 citizens have been mowed down by merciless gunfire in Orlando and Vegas, and now with San Francisco scheduled for the next slaughter. If this coddling of terrorism continues, no one should be shocked by a stunning rise of vigilantism to defend American communities because it will be entirely the fault of lax law enforcement and media censorship.
At the root of Orlando and Vegas is the absurd notion of obligation and charity among the Arabist wing of the CIA who “feel for” its murderous ISIS killers recruited from the dregs of the Middle East. The CIA trained and armed these murderous monsters and rapists, but now the intelligence chiefs want American communities to accept them and treat them like little pets. Over the past decades, more than enough murderers, drug dealers and crooks have been encouraged to resettle in the United States with the costs of housing and support paid by taxpayers. This burden of antisocial behavior and criminality in California neighborhoods became so heavy that Cambodian youths had to be pulled out of prison and deported to a homeland that doesn’t want them and cannot stand their ghetto hiphop and basketball and dope habit.
If you like the ISIS boys so much, invite them home to Kalorama, Mr. Obama and introduce them to your daughters. As for the NFL players and Black Lives Matter, why did you not draft a statement in sympathy and support for the Vegas victims? The only sure way to end racism is to quit being a racist yourself. These hard words of mine are not out of hatred but arise from tough love, and I do have many good Arab friends who agree with this hard assessment of the pit of self-righteousness that we’ve all fallen into in different ways.  There are Arabs who've adjusted to American society, but they have a hard time on visits to their parents in the Old World. Becoming American is not the easiet path in this life cause it's less stressful just drifting along as a home boy.
Meanwhile, if Howard University wants to restore its role as a guiding light for American society, that traitor Comey should be fired yesterday, the Islamic banking program canceled along with a message to the Arab slave traders to take back their filthy haram money, and education for the students  needs to be introduced to understand the history and principles that make the United States great as a multiracial democracy.
 The new FBI Director Chris Wray has an awful mess to clean out at the Bureau following the Pizzagate murders and now the Vegas cover-up. Vegas is the place to start the internal affairs investigation and gain the cooperation of local residents in reconstructing the crime. It’s time for America to clean house and begin anew.