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Free Speech Zones

By Jim Kirwan


Inside & Outside the Conventions?

During the 1968 Democratic Convention, in Chicago, there were riots both inside and outside the convention ­ fueled by Mayor Daley's hired thugs and augmented by LBJ & the out of control Chicago Police.


1968 With Tom Brokaw:

One hour 30min VIDEO


The hotly contested political candidacy's are coming to a boil in Cincinnati Ohio, where the local police may not be willing to protect the 'Republican National Convention' from radically-violent interruptions or riots, this year.

I was thinking about what I heard yesterday about the how and why the Dallas police decided to “blow-up” the supposed, now officially proclaimed “lone-shooter” in Dallas, Texas. Did no one even want to question him ­ about anything?

The theory as stated by the police, was that the person they were “negotiating with” (unseen and inside a building), was so dangerous that they felt it was necessary to send in a robot to blow him up. Of course it was then announced that 'there was absolutely nothing left of the man to identify' ­ thus saving the police the embarrassment of explaining anything more about him, or his mysterious existence.

But what if there was indeed “no one” that the police were supposedly 'negotiating with'? What if instead they were having a conversation with a radio transmitter & receiver, controlled from somewhere else? I don't think anyone has yet questioned that possibility.

If true, there would not be a body, or body parts to explain ­ but as yet I haven't heard any more statements about the 'remains' of the terrorist.

Once the bomb went off (because the cops wanted there to be no recognizable remains to examine): That's why this unusual choice of methods was chosen, to eliminate the supposed threats coming from the voice behind the wall. At the time we were being told that there were four snipers. Clearly this killing was done to silence the public's questions about who the actual perpetrators were ­ which is why, the FEDS, probably employed this dodge, to silence the public inquiry from going further.

That was probably necessary, in their minds, to shut down any allegations of yet another 'false-flag' (which has already happened).

But the twist this time must come from the people using the feds' own toys against them: Paid for by private corporate funding, but this time the weapons would be used to protect the public and the real free-speech zones that were once what having political-conventions was really all about.

This year the Republican Convention should have free-speech-zones both inside and outside their convention site: Protected by privately financed robots and very capable human screeners to keep the crisis-actors from ever getting inside the Convention itself.

Just imagine how different this “convention” could be from all those others between '68 and today; where anyone with a different viewpoint is now physically confined in special steel-cages at least a mile from the convention centers: Conventions that were supposed to be where people came to discuss and disagree with each other - in order to come to consensus. We haven't seen that concept in American-politics since 1967

What remains to be seen is whether or not the Republicans can break with their criminal past and give us back our freedom of speech at least in our political conventions. ­ because the political parties in “America” have become afraid of the people - ever since the political disaster of 1968.

And when '68 fell apart the political-rules had to be changed to block any and all heated discussions' inside the conventions in order to present the illusion of total agreement. For that to happen the politicians now ban any differing opinions from inside the halls ­ which is how the political parties became so hostile to the opinions of ordinary people in the first place.

If robots were used to substitute for the non-existent “Cincinnati police”outside the building ­ that could throw a real monkey-wrench into whatever they've planned on using at the moment. The only people that might be injured would be those trying to disrupt the convention from the outside ­ which the robots could handle without most of the dangers to other people, if “human-security” had to be used?

If this idea were to be discussed well before the convention, that might make any violence that is planned there, much harder to use, because the element of surprise will have been destroyed.

We need some way to get back to sanity and away from the idea that any political view that disagrees with the New World Order must die ­ in brief we must shatter that mold that was artificially created when JFK was assassinated.

There is now enough time for the nation's militia's and patriots to go to Cincinnati, Ohio; ready willing and able to defend the right of this nation to hear free-speech, as a critical part of supposedly electing the next 'resident' of the oval office.

A few of you showed up at the Bundy Ranch and were able to prevent that crime, but only for two years: Now it has continued into Harney County in Oregon and you failed to go there, with sufficient strength, to confront the government:

Now there's this confrontation that is in need of everyone's full attention, if anyone is ever going to have “free-speech” again. We've lost damn near everything, in case you might have missed that - in the 48 years between '68 and now. Elections are almost a thing of the past in as much as they've been rigged, stolen and lied about for at least 40 years ­ but the blood of patriots is still out there, in places, to confront the gutlessness of traitors everywhere: I believe this is one time that we have to rise up and go to Cincinnati to end the tyranny, this time: Because we are not going to be able to “elect” our way out of this because we've lost too much already.

Go to Cincinnati bring your licensed arms, if you can, and stand for your freedom of speech while there's still a chance to break these chains forever...


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