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Freedom Of Speech Is On The Chopping Block

From Charlotte Iserbyt

This is madness.  We are not even allowed to TALK about preserving our nation, our culture and our European heritage.

 He should have refused the money and sued for $100 million.

Maine Town Mgr Fired For Trying To Protect White Culture

 Trump’s treason and betrayal is off the map now and he is allowing the flying of illegals on commercial airlines at night and dispersing them all over the country.

Trump Allowing Seeding Of Illegals All Over US Via Commercial Airline Flights

 This is more treason…we are far beyond just broken campaign promise issues.

 Furthermore, many feel Melania should file for divorce.

 Comment from  Charlotte...  

 Jeff Rense, a former public high school history teacher,  was a strong supporter of President Trump for many, many months.  His present honesty about is to be admired and encouraged by all of us.   

 To whom or to what do we  owe our allegiance, after our primary allegiance, to God Almighty? ... a person (President or not) OR our nation and our Constitution?  

 In my very, very humble opinion, which may well be off target,   we cannot allow the confusion, deliberately created by those implementing the New World Order (neoconservatives as well as leftists) to affect our judgment at this crucial time in our nation's history.  Skinnerian/Pavlovian brain-changing computer technology, and the media, are the vehicles being used to alter our perceptions of truth and reality.

 From my Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America, page 382…

 "Opinions diverge in part because research on the brain is still so sketchy, and computers are so new, that the effect of computers on the brain remains a great mystery.

 “I don’t think we know anything about it,” Harry Chugani, a pediatric neurobiologist at Wayne State University, told me. This very ignorance makes skeptics wary. “Nobody knows how kids’ [or adults, cti] internal wiring works,” Clifford Stoll wrote in Silicon Snake Oil, “but anyone who’s directed away from social interactions [due to Facebook, Twitter, emails, etc., cti] has a head start on turning out weird.... No computer can teach what a walk through a pine forest feels like.  Sensation has no substitute.”...

 In Silicon Snake Oil Michael Fellows, a computer scientist at the University of Victoria,in British Columbia, was even blunter. “Most schools [and adults constantly on computer, Facebook, etc.] would probably be better off if they threw their computers into the Dumpster.” ... The problem is that technology leaders rarely include these or other warnings in their recommendations. When I asked Dyson why the Clinton task force proceeded with such fervor, despite the classroom computer’s shortcomings, she said, “It’s so clear the world is changing.”

 Maine town manager fired for white separatist comments

   Listen to the Rense-Charlotte Interview Thursday, January 25, 2018, 10:00 p.m. est -11:00 p.m. est. regarding the firing of the Town Manager in Jackman, Maine due to his politically incorrect comments.

Maine Town Mgr Fired For Trying To Protect White Culture

                         - Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt

 The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America, 1999


 Coexistence on this tightly knit earth should be viewed as an existence not only without wars… but also without [the government] telling us how to live, what to say, what to think, what to know, and what not to know.

 —Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, from a speech given September 11, 1973

 Where are all the so-called conservative tax-exempt organizations and so-called liberal-left tax-exempt organizations dedicated to preserving and supporting Americans' Constitutional rights?

 It appears they have ALL gone underground.

 Our free speech rights under the Constitution are guaranteed for ALL American Citizens - Indians, blacks, whites, gays, atheists, Christians, communists, fascists, conservatives, lunatics...ALL.    If I forgot a group, please, no offense intended.