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Four Tribes Vying For Supremacy In 21st Century America - Pt 3
The African-American Tribe, Black Lives Matter,
75% Of Black Children Born Out Of Wedlock,
Joblessness, Welfare, Violence, Chicago

By Frosty Wooldridge
Exclusive To

African-Americans arrived in America, not as hopeful immigrants, but bound in chains. Christian preachers sought to save their souls while white slave-owners beat, raped and lynched them. Owners ripped their cultures, languages and families to smithereens.

If you can stomach it, watch the movie “12 Years a Slave” to provide you with an idea of the whites’ brutality against the Negro race in America. On TV, you may see “Underground” as a continuing series showing the trials and tribulations of the Black Tribe in America back in the 1800s.

It took forced integration into the military during WWII before African-Americans enjoyed some semblance of equality. It took Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King back in 1955—to force Caucasian-Americans to share their seats on the bus and tables at the restaurant. It took Selma, Alabama’s march led by King to allow African-Americans the ability to eat at any restaurant, watch movies among whites, drink at the same fountains and rent motels.

History watched Jackie Robinson break the baseball color barrier. Louis Armstrong’s music finally allowed him to dine at the same hotels where he entertained millions.

As you can imagine, the Black Man in America struggled against horrific odds less than 60 years ago in a country where our founding fathers promised every human being the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness….”

During the 1960s, I attended Michigan State University. While Bubba Smith played for the Spartans for a national championship, blacks rioted in Detroit. Racial differences festered with a guy named Sam Riddle whom I confronted at East Holden Hall when his brothers and he tried to break through the exit door of the cafeteria for a free meal. As a staff member, I stopped him, so he threatened to kill me. At the next dinner, he brought 80 of his brothers into the dining hall, lined up at one end, and drove everyone out of the hall by tipping their plates and pouring milk on their heads. If I had been in the dinning room, his buddies would have killed me.

Blacks let the whites know that the “same ole same ole” wouldn’t cut it any longer.

With the voter rights and equal rights bills signed into law by Lyndon Baines Johnson, he gave power to Black America. At the same time, Johnson—who proved himself a raging racist—said (to a trusted staff member) after signing the bills, “With those bills I signed, we (democrats) will have the ni**ers’ votes for the next 100 years.”

I watched history up close and personal. But 50 years later, racism continues in this country both black against white and white against black. It’s sad beyond measure, and it proves one thing: ethnic tribes shun integration. You see it as you watch weekly racial confrontations on the national news.

Yes, millions of Black Americans enjoy reasonable lives with jobs and homes. Millions of African-Americans live far better than virtually all their forefathers back in Africa—where killings, diseases, tribal wars, overpopulation, lack of clean water, religious wars, and worse, continue with a stranglehold on that continent.

But for millions of African-Americans living in the projects in Chicago, Detroit or New York City, life reveals illiteracy, poverty, lack of personal will to learn or lack of intellectual horsepower, and lack of jobs for specific educational levels or intellectual abilities. The black family unit disintegrates into chaos and violence. In its wake, angry young men and millions of illegitimate babies explode upon the American landscape.

An astounding 73 percent of African-American children arrive out of wedlock and suffer without fathers as their single mothers subsist on welfare---with no end in sight. They live with drug-addicted mothers, broken homes, violence, endless TV and lack intellectual curiosity to succeed in school. Millions of blacks reach 18 without the ability to read, write or perform simple math.

Blacks protest police shootings, yet black on black murders exceed 6,100 annually. That means they kill themselves with guns and knives at a rate far greater than police officers. For example: Michael Brown’s attack on a police officer that led to the Ferguson, Missouri riots. The same happened in Baltimore when a black man fought with police officers and died in the struggle.

Ironically, when police back off because of racial reasons, crimes skyrocket because black youth see an opening to “Smash and Grab” in big cities where anarchy reigns. Blacks kill for sport with “Knockoff Games”. As the blacks overwhelm the law in cities, whites flee. Detroit, Michigan dropped from one of America’s most successful cities of 1.85 million down to its 648,000 today—all because of black violence on the streets, car-jacking’s at stop lights, graffiti, violence at schools and endless welfare and babies. The Detroit riots of 1968, which I witnessed, terrified the whites into fleeing.

The official U-6 category of unemployment has shown explosive rates for young adults aged 18 through 29.
Those unemployment rates for workers who want a full-time job but can't find one:
30% -- for all persons in the U.S. aged 18-29 without college
35% -- for Hispanic Americans in that group
40% -- for Black Americans in that group

Ironically, the Black Caucus in Congress and this black president did nothing to change those figures in the past seven years. Instead, both entities promoted unsecured borders for endless illegal immigration and continued importing 1.2 million legal immigrants every year for the past seven years---decisions that ensured millions of African-Americans languishing in unemployment lines.

Obviously, this column barely touches the surface of the boiling caldron of despair and anger of African-Americans. Their families suffer from unemployment. Their youth suffer in the projects with no solutions in sight.

Of note, “Black Lives Matter” forms a whole new violent tribal group that incorporates angry black youths to murder, rob and commit anarchy against the American flag and the people of America. You can’t get much more tribal than that. When you add it to the Muslim Louis Farrakhan, who preaches for the killing of whites, our boiling caldron of black anger may explode before our eyes.

At some point, the president of the United States must engage a panel of the finest educators, business people and entrepreneurs to create an entirely new “educational-jobs dynamic” in America to provide a living wage and suitable work for the capacities of African-Americans. Should that not occur, we face horrific civil unrest and flag-stomping demonstrations across America where black poverty, crime and hopelessness dominate. Thus, we lose the cohesiveness and talents of black Americans. Fact: like the passengers on the Titanic, we’re all in this together, so we must work it out.

Part 4: 15 million illegal Mexicans within America, changing English to Spanish, cultural flux, slums, trash, lawlessness. Jobless Americans because of endless immigration.

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