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By Jim Kirwan


Notice that the former states on this huge chunk of property are almost invisible: Because the US Department of the Interior in cooperation with Harry Reid, Barry Soweto, Diane Feinstein and the congress the DHS, IRS, BLM, BIA, FBI, and all other federal agencies of what used to be this country have finally decided to sell the lands and mineral rights, irrespective of the former rights of any of the states of this nation, to anyone, so long as they don’t claim to be Americans. See the links in the article attached.

The LBGT government of the USSA Incorporated has been ‘at this” since Hank Paulson (former Goldman Sachs head) put a gun to the head of congress back in 2008. Paulson blackmailed the United States into shelling out $700 billion to bail-out the criminal banks, or face a US financial collapse.

Since that criminal act, six years ago, which was never prosecuted, the US has been configuring ways to sell-out the lands and natural resources of the nation to China and other foreign states, just to keep those foreign states from calling-in what we owe them for the loans we can’t paid back. What’s happening in Nevada, California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and other places is in direct response to the original hijacking of this nation back in 2008.

The grazing rights are only an excuse to hand the Bundy’s property-rights over to Harry Reid’s family. Chinese Solar Power Companies have been gobbling up properties in the area of Las Vegas for ‘$500 an acre or less ­ when it was classified as excess land. And now to complete the tracts they’ve already acquired, they are using the classic take-away by using fees and intimidation by the government. Literally using armored vehicles, helicopters, snipers and thugs to try and steal what they have never had any right to in the first place.’

Compare the response from inside Ukraine to the attempted theft of land and property there; to what’s happening here inside the US.

While this outlaw-government is trying to hold this criminal sale of US mineral rights and physical properties, to foreign nations, without the permission of the people who live on that land: In Ukraine the people who live there are confronting tanks in their streets, while demanding that they be left alone to decide who will run their country. Meanwhile here, because this is cattle-country, there are not so many people but still both the neighbors of the Bundy’s and the militias from around the nation showed up to do the same thing here ­ except that now the feds are planning round two, in which they plan to slaughter the current resistance in order to finish the illegal sales they have already finalized with China, among other states.

The UN is monitoring events in Ukraine. However, since the UN and NATO are among those criminal forces behind the illegal-sales of land and mineral rights here: There’s a media-blackout here on events in Nevada and other places, in order to keep this story from being disseminated widely to the entire nation.

Maybe RT and Press-TV might want to cover the American Southwest as well as Ukraine, Syria and Iran, because otherwise far too many people here will simply not be aware of what’s happening inside this country—which would clearly show the world just how criminal the US has become in dealing with the people here.

Ultimately of course this is all just another part of the Israeli push to expand their borders to create the Greater State of Israel. Very recently they have been able to very quietly add Egypt to their territories while they continue to work on adding Lebanon, Syria, Libya and Iran to their list of conquered territories, with the total and irreplaceable co-operation of the USSA. Of course their massive blackmail of the politicians in the USSA is never mentioned.

In this country Israel has used the LBGT outlaws to steal the nation for national debauchery, sexual deviations, child abuse and slavery, along with pedophilia to finish off whatever was left of the society that once clung to trying to save our own way of life to live as we sought fit. But with Zero Tolerance and intensified interest in their global Political-Correctness to the point of total insanity—there really isn’t much left of America ‘to hang on to’. Included in their unholy mix of rights denied is the critical “right to self-defense’ coupled with the second amendment right to keep and bear (carry) arms!

All of this, both here and in the Middle East, has also been made possible by Israel’s intensified determination to use nuclear weapons to continue to threaten the entire world with total destruction if the cancerous parasite calling herself a nation, doesn’t get her way immediately.

The world doesn’t care if we finally get what’s coming to us for hundreds of years of despicable behavior on the global stage: But it there really are enough Americans out there, who have had enough of all of this—then maybe the moment to make our voices and our determination clear to anyone that might still care to fight; for the so-called freedom that so many claim they still possess?

Time will tell. In the meantime: What will you choose to do about any of this, in the remains of the life you’re living now?


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