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Forgotten Victories
In the Global Wars Against us All

By Jim Kirwan

Last night I watched “Charlie Wilson’s War”. The film was based on a true story about how the Afghan’s acquired Stinger Missiles to end the USSR’s invasion of that country: That fact sent my memory-banks back to 1959-60 and what routinely happened on American military-bases in French Morocco, and elsewhere. American’s had their own version of this throughout WWII, that enabled virtually anything to be acquired—despite the blood-bath being waged on both sides of the world. Whether it was premium booze, critically needed morphine or any of thousands of “protected-items”: If you asked the right people you could get almost anything, if the price was right.

The Afghani forces who were then fighting the USSR, during Charlie’s War, managed to “acquire” Stinger Missiles, by stealing them both politically and physically. That gave me an idea that apparently our vaunted DHS has not even considered!

When the draft was still in effect for American’s, the world had its military hell-holes that produced a lot of unusual events. I was on Guam, a minor hell-hole compared with Morocco, but we learned from those who had been there, about ‘military-life in Morocco’. Because of the extreme poverty in both that country and among the people there; virtually nothing on the bases was immune to theft. Telephone wires that connected everything were routinely stolen for the copper. The barracks in supposedly secure SAC bases were robbed repeatedly ­ as if they were 7-11 stores for the local-population. The military tried to stop it but they were unable to have much of an effect.

Given the conditions which Homeland-Insecurity is trying to create here ­ I got a flash-image last night of why the last “TERROR-THREAT” did not happen on the 14th to the 15th of November, 2013.

The reason is simple: The traitors can’t be certain that something like what happed to the old USSR just might happen to “The HOMELAND”—if they try to use the supposed-forces that they’ve been buying and deploying to take over America?

Despite all the hype and all their threats, somewhere deep down these traitors know that “stuff-happens” just like some of our nuclear bombs and missiles have been disappearing from US bases and one or two managed to vanish from Strategic-Air-Commands’, B-52 bombers: That’s just the stuff we know about. Strange things have been happening to U.S. nuclear weapons since Israel took over management of the entire U.S. inventory of our nuclear-weapons. But that’s only part of what the public managed to hear about. The truth is probably far-uglier than it’s possible to imagine.

The Russians in the late 1980’s sent over 500,000 troops to defeat the insufficiently armed Afghans and they were “winning” in a country that was tiny compared to the continental USA. But once the Afghan’s managed to acquire the weapons they needed to shoot down the Russian gunships. They were also able to destroy the Russian-tanks and MIG fighter-bombers: The Afghans were able to use the modern weapons of that day to fight and defeat the then Russian-Superpower.

Obama and DHS have promised the people of the U.S. that he already has a civilian-military twice the size of the US Military. As proof Obama and DHS continue to point to the number of bullets and weapons purchased, the amount of protective gear that would make Obama’s private-army bullet-proof—but still they have chosen not to nakedly attack the American people—why is that?

What would happen in America today if the resistance here were to do something similar to what happened in Afghanistan, but on a nationwide scale, inside America?

American hunters already have over 300 million weapons and they know how to use them. We also have a great many ex-military, ex-government people that did not come back damaged from their tours of duty—and many of them can do much more than just think.

Part of the reason that the traitors in this government have not attacked us openly, is that they have no idea about what they will no-doubt unleash. Add to that what might already be ‘in-the-works’ in various parts of this country, where those people that will act now live and wait for the government’s “use-by-date” to expire.

One of the reasons for the Attack-on-the-Pentagon (on 911) was to destroy the U.S. Naval Investigation division that was housed in that particular section of the Pentagon. That entire division of the U.S. military was dedicated to exposing what Poppy & his treasonous fiends were planning that was wiped-out with that attack on 911—against the people that were about to blow the whistle on the whole damned thing.

More recently Obama has been firing members of the General-Staff of the U.S. Military (25 generals so far) to avert what his owners believe might be a mutiny in the military: Against the Obama-Stalinist-style Communism they want to use to capture this nation outright. Their hand was tipped when the Jew-agent for Mossad, Lindsay Graham, began screaming about a nuclear attack on South Carolina. Emergency rations were purchased and alerts went out but the bomb ended up being dropped into the Atlantic and two more U.S. military generals were unceremoniously fired.

There are obviously many ‘secrets’ in the pipeline but still these traitors should be confident enough to go ahead: Unless they’re worried that something “BIG” is still here and growing among the quiet-ones that are just waiting for their moment to respond.

Why else do the traitors need their quagmire that’s being poured over the people of the USA each and every day—on the edge of the all too real-oblivion in which we’re still surviving.

Think about it. Could this public be preparing something from the history of French-Morocco and Afghanistan to change the balance of these self-appointed-criminal-controllers that could end this War on America without having to totally destroy the nation or the planet in that process?

History does have a way of repeating itself—especially when those who are on the global-stage refuse to learn from their previous mistakes. The whole-world already knows that U.S. Incorporated has been making all the same mistakes since the loss of Vietnam went into the history books. Iraq and Libya just underscore the truth!

What remains unexplained is the why and how of the 65 year long war that we supported, despite the colossal collapse of America: To keep the rabid-outlaw state of Israel alive.

At first we tried to claim that Israel was the only “Democracy” in the Middle-East. Now it’s clear that Israel is a Military-Apartheid-Fascist-State and is definitely not a Democracy at all. That place is a giant military enclave, in which everyone except a very few all serve in the military. So Israeli’s are either active or retired military which means there are really no civilians except perhaps the children inside that many-walled state that keeps right on stealing and murdering their way toward taking the last scraps of land from the Palestinian’s whose lands they stole initially.

They have exactly the same kind of plan for the United States. If you doubt this then read about the current TTP and their plans to end any and all Nation States by making the national laws of every nation submit to Corporate-Nationhood that will replace the nation-states of the world, which they have been trying to kill since the end of WWII. (1)

You might also want to have a closer look at the ‘Implied Finality’ behind the threat to end public control over all police functions inside the U.S. and to turn everything over to criminally-feral occupation forces, that will finally begin to charge everyone with crimes related to their invisible-terrorism which they say is “out-of-control” in the United States.

U.S. Policy on these questions reads like a comic-book. There is no TERROR-THREAT inside the USA, except for the very real threats coming directly from Israel & USI, against the people of this country. (2)

The only reason that anyone even listens to anything they say is because of the last forty-to fifty years of psy-ops through the paid-for media and everything that Jewish-owned-Hollywood continues to produce day after day, despite the facts.

They have “seen-it” on television, they read about it in the lying media, and this has gotten to the point where most people think they KNOW that there “are terrorists-everywhere” in this country. All of that is nothing but a pack of god-damned lies!

That’s why the government’s public invasion of Boston was done and why the cowardly public didn’t just blow away the heavily-armed thugs when they stormed their homes, on television ­ illegally. The whole damned edifice of this government is nothing more than one giant disinformation-machine. What exactly all that the disinformation is producing is summed up in the image above. Sadly the public fails to let the real facts’ register in their forever-failing worlds.

If this doesn’t change then soon there will definitely be no-country here: Or at least what will be here soon will not be anything that anyone will ever be able to identify as a nation who once claimed that they were “FREE”!

1) Ending Nation States

2) Implied Finality



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