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Forcefully Drawing Your Blood

By Jim Kirwan


Police in Virginia have begun a ‘new’ policy at sobriety-checkpoints in their ‘state’. Police at their checkpoints are demanding that people submit to blood-tests to prove or disprove illegal alcohol levels in drivers. The goal is to collect blood and to intimidate as many drivers as possible ­ which brings in big-bucks for the courts and the state.

What needs to be remembered here is that drinking is not a crime in itself. Drinking while driving apparently is whenever it is done in such an infinitesimal amount as to be ridiculous.

Drinking is legal because “PROHIBITION’ was repealed. This amounts to re-repealing the right to drink any alcohol at all, under the guise of finding drunk-drivers at any cost, especially when someone has not even had a drink. (1)

The bizarre part of the tape shows us that whenever a driver, stopped at a checkpoint, refuses to allow the cops to take his or her blood ­ that person is forcefully put on a gurney, by five officers, then physically and forcefully restrained, while blood is forcefully withdrawn from what has now become THE SUSPECT.

The STATE forces people to give up the right to say no to an alcohol test, if you want to have car-insurance in Virginia. That is illegal because no state can require you to give up your rights, jut to be able to drive a car.

No person can be allowed to refuse to allow officers to TAKE their blood ­ which is massively invasive and is patently illegal according to the US Constitution. But the police commander has decided that this is how he will treat the public.

I have questions: First, the Commander of the Virginia State Police needs to publicly test, by drawing the blood of every uniformed officer in the State once a day, in public, and the results of those tests should be made available for everyone to see. This should be done before this “practice” forces another person from the public to undergo this primitive procedure.

These “legally’ required blood tests of all uniformed officers, must if they reflect the presence of drugs, steroids or alcohol must result in serious punishment. If anything is found the officer needs to be fired and must be sentenced to at least a year in prison (not the local jail).

If driving-drunk is “DANGEROUS” then being a cop with deadly weapons on your body is a hundred times more deadly, than just driving drunk! Police have a record of killing people, about 5,000 a year now: That involves intentional use of their weapons. Deadly weapons that were issued to them to protect the public—not to kill members of the public with!

Since the public in Virginia must now be forcefully restrained in this way then probably every police-officer must also be forcefully-restrained and physically detained while his or her blood is being taken as well? Since this is now “legal”, according to the clown in charge of these rent-a-cops, he should not mind: In fact the commanding officer should be glad to have this inconsistency pointed out.

If the public must be above suspicion at all times, then so-should every cop that’s assigned to arrest, interrogate and restrain the public ­ each and every day!

Drunk drivers can and do kill people, of that there is no question. However these illegal checkpoints have no place anywhere in this country. They are only there because of “Mothers Against Drunk Drivers”, who turned the crime of driving while drunk, into a crime that is akin to being burned at the stake for witchcraft. No one needs to be drunk to behave erratically enough to become a danger to themselves or to others—but to criminalize drinking to the degree that is currently popular is flat-out obscene.

To criminalize ever subject that they strap down to the gurney, is a crime all by itself! And as for the supposed need to do this while forcefully antagonizing every subject is right out of Gitmo!

According to the Sheriff the law says that people have to be given a choice, as to whether or not they will give their blood. But according to his laws, every person will be forced to give their blood no matter what you say ­ and he’s fine with that!

.08 is the legal limit for alcohol in the blood system before anyone is considered to be “legally- impaired”. Apparently the law is blind to anything else that could cause a far more serious impairment of a driver’s ability to control their driving ­ which is simply not true.

For instance watch any of the thousands of driver-cam videos of roid cops literally enraged with strangers they have stopped for no reason at all ­ and jut watch how many of them chose to yank people out of their cars and either taser or beat people unmercifully, - just because the cop is “temporarily” insane? And it is noticeable that cops don’t need to be driving to be totally “out-of-control” whenever they attack members of the public just because they feel like it!

How many of you know someone

That has been the victim of an out-of-control cop?

Also if this level of invasiveness is allowed to stand then every damned cop in America must be beyond reproach 24-7 of each and every day in the year, or they cannot be allowed to wear a uniform or carry a weapon of any kind.

Where does it say that cops are immune from doing the same things the general public does? And why should cops be immune to the same crimes they routinely arrest others for? Let’s take these uniformed-criminals to the wall and send them back to hell for this blatant disregard of the public’s right to be secure from their routinely abusive and illegal practices, for which the cops have QUOTAS, WITH OVERTIME PAY! Today Quotas are called “Activity Goals.”

Oh yes and then there’s that matter of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution ­ which the Police Commander in Virginia has forgotten all about. His practices have violated the fourth amendment rights of hundreds of people who ought to bring suit against him, his police-forces and the state of Virginia for willfully ignoring the Constitutional rights of the citizens of the State of Virginia, and of the United States as well!

1) Man in VA Expecting Armed Home Invasion After Refusing Roadside Blood test. ­ 14min 56 sec VIDEO



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