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Forced Muslim Resettlement In Dutchess County NY

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - This is ridiculous!  Now Muslims are being brought into Poughkeepsie NY by a Christian Church organization!  Are these Christians totally nuts?  They are bringing in people, Muslims, who want all Christians to die or convert.  Makes no sense that a Christian group would bring in the very people who call for demise of Christianity.

Now this church group plans to set up a RESETTLEMENT  office in Dutchess County for the purpose of bringing in more Muslims. I have heard that the plan is for 8,000 of these red eyed devils.

The Church bypassed the planning with the County Executives office. The Dutchess coounty government was told the Muslims are coming and when.  No one asked permission of the government or the people.  It is we, the people, who will be the victims of these Muslim rapists.  The church assures us these Muslims will get jobs.  Yeah, right.  They are getting or I should say the first 80 that came Monday got $2,000 for just stepping off the plane.  No wonder these Muslims want to come here.   

There is all sorts of new building going up all over Poughkeepsie with a big new development of 8 story apartments overlooking the Hudson River. Looks like that development is big enough to take all 8,000 Muslims.

Obama is getting these people off the plane and into our cities and towns at an alarming rate knowing it will be harder for Donald Trump to get them out.  Obama and Soros should be held on criminal charges of treason.

For the story on the church

My question is why bring in these people who hate us.  As for the statement at the end of the article that these refugees are fully vetted, how can they make that statement. What did they ask them if they are Muslim and when the answer came back yes that meant they are fully vetted.  I notice that the Muslims will take advantage o9f our Hospitals while they are here.  As the article says they are not dangerous.  Says the Church.  They carry Leishmaniasis and TB as well as other diseases and resistant parasites etc etc.  They are Muslim and hate Americans and many are ISIS.  So, how are they not dangerous.


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