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Force In The Art Of War

By Jim Kirwan


The Global-War we are in is taking place on three fronts,

much like the three monkey's above.

The headlines today on RT

A news source that reaches 700 million around the world, breaks down

these conflicts around the world from inside Syria to the

European politics that are undergoing a colossal shift

that was totally unexpected, because most of

Europe's been living in a bubble

until now.

RT- News November 28 2016 (1700 MSK)

Meanwhile: Americans are just beginning to understand

how critical it is that we all begin to track

all the crimes related to the just completed 'selection',

as that knowledge begins to be translated into serious prosecutions

throughout the government and across this land.

Chapter 5, The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Making the armies take on opponents without being defeated is a matter of unorthodox and orthodox methods.

In battle, confrontation is done, directly. Victory is gained by surprise.

Therefore those skilled at the unorthodox

are infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as the great rivers.

When they come to an end they begin again

like the days and months; they die and are reborn like the four seasons.

There are only two kinds of charge in battle

the unorthodox surprise attack and the orthodox direct attack,

but variations of the unorthodox and the orthodox are endless.

The unorthodox and the orthodox give rise to each other,

like a beginningless circle—who could exhaust them?”

At the moment the world is besieged by global-outlaws that seek nothing less than the total destruction of humanity, by any and all means necessary. They began the current fight, in the exact same way they began all the previous wars throughout recorded history, with a series of False-Flag attacks to 'justify' each new war in their pathetic global plan for global conquest.

What the public is just now beginning to see is that our truly unorthodox warriors have forced these global-enemies to drop their preferred method of attack - because as everyone now knows their ownership of the global-media has led them to believe they can lie about everything without fear of ever being caught: Yet that's exactly what's happened to their supposed dominance of their Main-Stream-Media, that's been very forcefully damaged by huge numbers of awakening people the world over.

The consequence of this very public death of 'False-Flag Events' has forced the enemy to fall back on what they're claiming is just “Fake-News” - forgetting that we already know that “FAKE-NEWS” has always been one of their preferred deceptions, which they have always 'owned', but until now ­ they've never had to rely upon, because we have now successfully murdered their beloved False-Flags, that were oh so convenient before we outed them.

The awakening public around the world has done this, along with the growing number of rebels, so that instead of remaining intimidated by the Fake World Order (FWO) ­ we're all beginning to move on into their deeper darker-plans that we are now threatening to expose: With renewed unorthodox plans of our own, while the enemy is still spinning from their most recent defeat in their prescripted American selection of 2016 - which they collectively managed to lose. Consequently a whole new plan is already taking root, so that as Sun Tzu infers ­ 'the unorthodox method can sometimes totally reverse momentum'.

Pizza NUKE By Christmas? Soros BOMB Ticking!

12min 34sec VIDEO


The third part of this WAR which consists of when we will finally start arresting people, for the very massive and very real crimes that have been going on for over three decades which has yet to be addressed.

The Clinton Foundation is a massive criminal enterprise and has been from the beginning. And since government seems to be reluctant to go after these criminals, the public must mount their own set of demands before the new president takes office.

The criminal behavior of most of the members of the criminal government and the courts-system, the entire Department of Just-Us which has yet to be investigated, are also a huge part of all of this. All of these creatures along with everyone in the CFR the Federal Reserve are also filthy and most of them belong in the Swamp.

The entire scandal surrounding the pedophilia, pay-to-play, sex-trafficking, Pizzagate and the Satanic Cults along with everything in the occult realm that's been hiding in governments and churches around the world for centuries, must be confronted and it's practitioners unmasked and expunged from society. Because we didn't admit to the existence of these kinds of crimes for over three decades ­ events like this one are still growing around the world.

15 years Old Girl Survive Pizzagate Satanic Rituals Abuse

From 60 Minutes in Australia

17min 33sec VIDEO

If the world is to survive at all ­ these things must be attacked

and permanently ended



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