` A Footnote For History
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A Footnote For History

By Jim Kirwan


On September eleventh 2001, an international crime was committed against the people of the United States. That crime was classified as a WAR-CRIME without consultation with any actual authority. Within fifteen-minutes of the commission of the first part of that crime this government was already calling this a military-ATTACK upon the United States by some people from a cave inside Afghanistan. The declaration was assumed to be true without any corroboration from anyone in authority on that day. Later we learned that the bombing of Afghanistan had been planned for over two years, to support an oil-pipeline that needed protection.

Immediately after ‘the attack’ the surviving family members of those killed on 911 were paid off in cash to reduce the number of people who wanted answers for the events of that day—the paymaster was a Zionist who followed the same “plan” as was used the first time the towers were attacked.

Kenneth Feinberg was appointed by Attorney General John Ashcroft to be Special Master of the fund. He worked for 33 months pro bono. He developed the regulations governing the administration of the fund and administered all aspects of the program.

Feinberg was responsible for making the decisions on how much each family of a victim would receive. Feinberg had to estimate how much each victim would have earned in a full lifetime. If a family accepted the offer, it was not possible to appeal. Families unhappy with the offer were able to appeal in a non-adversarial, Official Fund website (archived) informal hearing to present their case however they wanted. Feinberg personally presided over more than 900 of the 1,600 hearings. At the end of the process $7 billion was awarded to 97% of the families; the average payout was $1.8 million. A non-negotiable clause in the acceptance papers for the settlements was that the families were to never file suit against the airlines for any lack of security or otherwise unsafe procedures. (1)

This footnote is to remind people that we, as a nation, have virtually lost everything we ever cared about, because of the events of 911. We have lost our liberty, totally. We have lost our representative government, most people have lost their privacy, their freedoms, their property and their money, or they soon will if that has not yet happened to them. We have lost any claim that anyone might have thought they had on the right to have a future of any kind, beyond a prison camp of the government’s choosing.

The USA claims only 237 years of our supposed history: But there was an additional 400 years which preceded the 237 years. During those 400 years we savagely liquidated the native population, while we used, abused and profited massively from slavery as a huge part of our global-commercial-world. Technically the U.S. has been doing what it does for over 637 years—and that’s a fact.

Personally thousands now lose their lives daily, either through arrest, intimidation, torture, or capture—because they are judged to be guilty of being law-abiding American citizens that choose to challenge the illegal government. Even “thought” is now classified as a crime, along with hundreds of other minor infractions that have been elevated to chargeable offenses. Because of a perceived threat to Homeland Security the entire world in America has been turned upside down.

Every man woman and child has been spied on since February of 2001, seven months before 911 happened.

During this entire period of time, throughout all the violent crimes and pretended attacks upon the public, including literally hundreds of our citizens that have been routinely tortured and murdered by police of all types under very different circumstances, with only the murder of individuals as the common denominator. Most of those who did the shooting the rapes the tortures or the murders were operating totally beyond any standards that were ever in practice before 911.

The New Millennium brought the End of Empire for the USA

This country has been politically dead

For over 63 years, since JFK

Was murdered.

NO ONE inside the upper echelons of the military, the government, police, the congress or the courts have been charged with any of the crimes committed against the public either on 911 or thereafter.

The government chose to pass the blame for everything on to the American public. No one big has ever gone to jail for any of these massive crimes against the nation and its people. How was that possible?

The same man, who headed the FBI on that day, is still the director today. There were many promotions but no questions were seriously asked of anyone who was supposedly in-charge on 911. We’ve had three or four Attorney’s General all of whom committed grave crimes from that office and none of them, or their superiors were ever even questioned.

The FBI, also returned over 200 Israeli spies and members of Mossad, back to Israel, by order of the FBI, about 45 days after 911 happened ~ no charges were ever filed against any of them either, despite the fact that they were caught in a rented truck full of explosives with a mural of the crash of the first plane into the towers displayed on the whole exterior of the truck ­ but were questioned and released by the FBI.

Numerous members of congress routinely demand that we alter our national policies to appease Israel, and no one ever questions this blatantly traitorous sell-out of this country to a foreign power. Neither Bush, nor Obama has been officially charged with anything ­ yet the entire nation has lost almost everything we ever had before 911. How is it that we have not chosen to arrest the people that have taken this country away form us?

Now the same people that were behind 911 are in the process of stealing what’s left of our money, our medical care, our retirement funds and anything else of any value which the government can now seize at will—in the name of National Security, of course.

Our military and our police are trained in Israel, our Congress and our politicians now report directly to Israel. Our government agencies including the Department of Defense and State now answer to either Israel or the United Nations but not to the public of the United States of America. Worst of all Americans are not challenging this bunch of traitors that have totally taken over all the functions of congress, the courts and the puppet-show that is the White House. With every passing day this situation worsens.

The murder of the USA was a protracted version of the Death of Caesar. That ancient-event was carried our by the Senate of Rome. This murder was carried out by the entire government in service to Israel but they have spent almost the entire time which they’ve supposedly existed as a ‘nation” to overthrow the United States of America…

Oh ­ and by the way the public has been forced to finance every bit of the treason and treachery being practiced every single day by their government under heavy penalties on all sides, if they should even think about resisting…

What would “history” say about all this, if there is a history left to talk about; when these crimes have finished with their evil and tyrannical course? The public for their part has remained blissfully-ignorant of almost everything—or at least they were until USI switched from killing foreigners to killing Americans, just last year. 72 million more people have purchased guns since Obama took over, and that number has to be added to all the guns already available here.

Now twelve years further on from that star-crossed day in 2001, still the public refuses to demand real answers, nor justice from those that did these crimes and have made trillions in the deal? This was never-before equaled in the history of the planet—and they are not done yet!

There’s a new-piece in this quagmire that will provide the game-changer that no one will be able to endure. It’s the totally malignant and completely twisted financial rulings that are meant to rearrange the relationship between people and the institutions we call “the banks.” Below is Frustration ~ Satisfaction, and it’s what the government is using to steal everything you had!

I challenge anyone to prove me wrong that confiscation of bank deposits is daylight robbery. Bank depositors in the UK or the USA may think that their bank deposits may not be confiscated, as they are insured, and no government would dare embark on such a drastic action, but…” (2)

This however is the key that this government is about to use, to implement the shutdown of this nation. Once this begins the money held by those with real-money will no longer be able to keep their businesses up and running; so jobs will disappear overnight. The rest of us who will try to get our money out of the banks (during the run the government will create), will find that everything they believed in will suddenly no longer exist.

This nightmare will trigger what no one has thought much about. The end of jobs for millions of wage-slaves that will have no where to go, and no way to challenge what will happen ­ think about that! The vast number of people who are Armed-Americans will immediately be able to see why they have those weapons, and millions will use them.

Until now there was no-way to use the weapons they keep for self-defense and as a hedge against this very kind of government over-reach. The public that will be left will be without options. Millions of armed-Americans will act to avenge this massive government-money-grab! Americans will do what they can to avenge their losses and their freedom, which will clearly have gone up in smoke along with their cash, their retirement, their property and their savings: No one in “authority” at that time is expected to survive, either the Backlash or the PAYBACK—that will have been loosed upon the USA. (3)

Until now the Americans who are armed have remained hesitant because everyone knows that once their weapons are drawn or used against the OUTLAWS: There can be no going back, to where we are now. But once the banks make this financial-grab none of that will matter anymore! When criminal-intent is made clear behind the ‘authorities’ in charge (Throughout the world): Then everyone behind this global-crime will suddenly be NAKED for everyone-else to see ­ and there will be a bloodbath, but not the one the government planned on!

Can anyone imagine a world with no banks; once the banks are replaced with predators being slaughtered, by those that had once been their prey? This will make the crash of ’29 look like a picnic in the park…

Will this ever change?

Perhaps that’s something that only time

And History will get to see

But does it matter?

Who will be here to comment, after this nightmare ends,

Because it will be a time when the living

Might even envy the dead,

Given what we collectively have NOT done

To change anything at all…

Some of us will fight for freedom,

What the rest of you choose to do is inconsequential:

To yourselves or to the history that you also have failed to correct


  1. September 11th Victim Compensation Fund


2) Money Confiscation Legal? Keep YOUR Money OUT of the Banks!! ­ 15 min VIDEO http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-WnHd-eK56o

3) CONSEQUENCES & PAYBACK http://rense.com/general95/CONSEQUENCES.html





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